Friday, October 26, 2012

Flowery Pumpkin Patch

It's almost Halloween!

I wore this ensemble a while back, but delayed in publishing it, since I thought it would just be apt for Halloween. We don't celebrate Halloween here in Indonesia. Some clubs will have their own Halloween costume parties where glamorous people and partygoers go and drink themselves out, and the women wear very sexy costumes, but I'm not interested in those kinds of parties anymore. It's just too expensive, wild, artificial, and come to think of it, I was more concerned about impressing people with how I looked and how my pictures would turn out on social medias than really having a good time.

The best Halloween "party" I ever attended was when I was in college in Texas. It was actually just a very simple gathering, just some good friends having dinner and some fun in an apartment. The hostess decorated the living room with little Halloween knicks knacks that were festive yet not over the top nor devilish. We each brought some food and Halloween-themed treats to share: pumpkin pie, Jack-O-Lantern cookies (bought from the local department store), fried chicken, rice, chocolates, fruits and juice. Maybe some pizza and beer, too. Hot chocolate and tea and coffee in colorful, mismatch cups and saucers. Each guest wore costumes or masks or hats that are funky and funny but not outrageous. One friend wore a clown hat and nose. I braided my hair and carried a small basket with a small doll in it ala Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (it was a Teddy Bear doll, I didn't have a terrier dog doll like in the movie). Another girl dressed up as a Hawaiian tourist. Those who didn't wear costumes wore something with autumn theme: orange T-shirt or dresses.

We all sat on the floor, said a little prayer and read some verses from the Bible, ate, then carved Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins with knifes, talked, laughed, ate, watched old movies, and had fun. It was such a warm and fuzzy feelings while the weather was starting to get cold outside. The comforting feeling of friendship and togetherness that I will treasure forever in my memory. Moments that are so precious a price cannot be named.

Perhaps one day I will enliven those simple yet oh-so-merry Halloween dinners again. Keeping my fingers crossed...

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."
(Matthew 18:20)

This skirt I found during a sale at Neiman Marcus Dallas. Now, high end department stores are not usually my shopping destination, but it was heavily discounted, so I got a very good deal on it. Besides, it's just such a unique, high quality skirt that will last for years.

This necklace I found at a thriftstore, hidden amidst lots and lots of dusty, broken vintage jewelry pieces in a huge trunk. It's a jewel, I love it! The picture doesn't do it justice. In reality it's like black marbles with shiny 3D colorful sparks embedded within, like amber stones.
The bracelet I got as a gift from Mom many years ago, from one of her trips to China. A friend has once asked me if it was from Paris, since it looks European style, and I was amazed at her question. ^_^
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