Monday, October 31, 2011

My Kind of Tropical Halloween

Well, what's so Halloween about this flimsy flowery top, you might ask. Well, just scroll down, Friends, and you'll see! ^__^

Actually, this is what I wore sometime in September, when I ran some errands for my parents. My Dad wanted some Chinese food for lunch, and Mom wanted to buy some croissants and rolls for breakfast. - she likes to eat bread for breakfast instead of Indonesian rice - , so I just drove them to the nearest mall. I kept the pictures for this Halloween post, because the capri is some kind of orange, though not really that vibrant pumpkin orange color associated with Halloween. Why tropical? Because of the lovely, colorful, handpainted, embroidered Balinese top, of course! Errr, I think it's supposed to be worn as a pajama top, but it's so cute I like to wear it outside the house!

I love Halloween. Well, actually I love all kinds of holidays and celebrations! I know some people in the religious circle say that we should not celebrate Halloween, because it's pagan or something like that. Still, I personally think that any excuse to gather with your family, friends and loved ones, eat simple good food, sweet cakes, put up some cute decorations, laugh, be merry, and celebrate, is good. Isn't life a celebration in itself? As long as we keep it in moderation, in the right perspective and without the excessive extravagance. So...

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Even the backside of this lovely top is handpainted in vibrant colors. I love!
The material is too thin and flimsy though, so I layered with a tank top underneath.
Look how lovely the handpainting and embroidery at the front!

Top: from Bali (it's a steal, only IDR 35k or USD 3.5!). Fuschia tank top: Express (USA). Orange capri pants: from Hongkong. Tosca blue purse: Stradivarius. Turquoise earrings: from Sydney. Turquoise bangle: from Shanghai. Blue sandals with bow: one of my summer haul from Plaza Semanggi, they're pretty, and better yet, they're super cheap!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheerful Fanta On A Gloomy Day

Helloooo grey season! You're here at last!

It's rainy season in the tropics, and the day could be so cloudy and gloomy especially for people who are used to blue sky and hot sun almost all year round. This morning when I woke up, all I wanted to do was crawling back under my thick, comfy, snuggly pink cover and fell back to sleep. But of course, I've got bills to pay, so I dragged my lazy bones to the shower, put some clothes and makeup on, then finally settled happily (OK, perhaps not too happily) at my tiny little corner in the office. Boo-hoo!

However, I refused to succumb to the dull overcast weather mood, hence the cheerful fanta colors came to play! Grey sky might make a good inspiration for my eyeshadow pallete, but not for my outfit. At least, not today when it's already cold and gloomy outside.

It's just so apt that I happened to wear this cheerful butterfly necklace that I wore at my happiness ala butterfly post a while back.

At first, I thought the fanta burts of colors would be too much for corporate look, so in the morning I came looking like this.
Black, fuschia/fanta pink, blue earrings, and happy dragonfly pendant! Ow, and Mom's vintage Philippe Chariol leather satchel in hunter green. Now that satchel is happening again, I cajoled her to give it to me, haha! Thanks, Mom!
This is how it looks without the blazer on. So eye-catching the color, don't you think?
But then I became so sleepy, also people around me (blame it on the weather!), I changed the blackie onto a minty! The contrast really woke me up... a bit.
Waddaya think, friends? Too bold? Or is it OK?
Corporate sleepy look:
Black blazer: tailored. Black pants: LOFT (USA). Fuschia/fanta pink top: Elle. Gold sandals: Yongki Komaladi. Earrings: old collection. Necklace: Naughty (Emporium Pluit), I lost the one I bought at Warna MKG, but I stumbled upon the same exact one a while back at another store. Hunter green satchel: Philippe Charriol Leather Collection.
Wake-up-call look:
Minty green cardigan: Marks & Spencer. (reduced price, I bought two, and they really are good investment! Thin but warm and not scratchy at all!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 6): Jerusalem The Beautiful, The White City Up The Hill

I did tell you that I'm not a professional blogger, so please be understanding, Friends, if I just posted this Holyland series now instead of two or three weeks ago! I think I still have two more posts, so bear with me!

Are you a fan of Lord of The Rings? If yes, and if you watched the movie, you’d know that in the 3rd installment there was a scene with a gorgeous animation of Gondor, The White City, in all its magnificence.
Now, as much as I adore the beautiful story, I know full well that Gondor only exists in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, not on our Earth. But, if Earth has a Gondor, then it must look like Jerusalem.

We reached Jerusalem very late at night and went straight to the hotel. After hours of bus ride across the Sinai desert, we were dead tired, hence didn’t pay any attention to the surroundings. Not to mention that it was already dark. So in the morning, after a good night sleep, a satisfying breakfast, and feeding our soul with a Holy Mass, we hopped onto the bus and headed to the city, ready for a day of spiritual adventure. And my my my…


The city I’ve heard so much about in the Bible and on the news. Amidst the early morning golden rays of sunshine, she came to life right before our very eyes, with all her splendor, grace and beauty.
Seeing this magnificent white city on the hill, my heart leaped with joy and gratefulness that God gave me, us, the opportunity to be there and then. I was not the only feeling that way, I suppose, since the whole bus suddenly sprang in impromptu manner and sang joyfully:

“Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Open your gates and sing!
Hosana, in the highest! Hosana to your King!”

It’s so sad that such beautiful and historical city became a neverending source of conflict. I pray with all my heart that whatever the conflict is about, it will be resolved in peace. Amen.

See what I mean by 'the white city'? All buildings are built of limestone.
And the city is kinda hilly, so there are lots of streets going up and down.

I've heard about Mount Zion a lot in songs and books since I was a little girl, and now I'm going to see the real one. We're going to the walled city Old Jerusalem. So excited!!!!

Jeans: old GAP jeans. Sneakers: Nike. Hat: from Korea. Baby doll: from Malaysia. Nude cropped cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger (USA). Dangling earrings: Claire (USA). Red patent bag: from Philippines.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moon Princess

I'm a self-confessed girlie-girl. I love anything pink, Hello Kitty, flowers, scented candles, sweet smelling soaps, lip gloss, nail polish, you know, all things cute and feminine. I was a tomboy through and through when I was little, and there was a phase when I avoided femininity at all cost, because I think it's weak and silly. Now that I have grown up and gained a little bit more wisdom and maturity, instead of rejecting the fact that God created me as a daughter of Eve, I embrace femininity and womanhood with all my heart, my soul, and my closet!

My friends and colleagues, even my boss, know that I have extraordinary love for cute and feminine little things, so I often receive them as gifts. Look at this pretty compact mirror! It's from an office colleague who just returned from a trip to China. He gives this similar gift for all of us girls at the office, only with different pictures. At first I received one with some animal pictures over yellow and gold background. Ungrateful me, being Miss Picky (and Pinky), asked him: "Don't you have anything pink?" He said no, but five minutes later he returned to my desk and exchanged the yellow mirror with this princess one. I think it's the prettiest of them all, and the only one with a princess picture on it! I feel soooooo special! Thank you, Om GusLuk! I love, love, love this! That's why I just have to share this with you friends!
Btw, it's the Chinese Moon Goddess character, Chang Er. The Chinese has a folklore about her and celebrate the Moon Cake Festival every year like I wrote in this post. I hope you don't think my rambling about a piece of compact mirror so excitedly too silly! ^_^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Can Get The Cookie N Eat It, Too!

"Cheerful colors are a feast to the eyes and delights to the soul.
Chocolate is a feast to the palate and a gift to your precious self."
LeeAnne, Style N Season
What do you think of this chocolate-colored carriage? Just add a glittery ballgown, and I'd feel like Cinderella! The carriage is part of the decoration of Magnum Cafe, at Grand Indonesia. Some time ago, the FMCG giant Unilever rebranded their Walls' Magnum ice cream and relaunched it to the masses to a huge success. They opened this hip cafe which received so much buzz on the internet, and finally today after work, I decide to treat myself with something delicious and something sweet, and make my first visit to the royal-themed cafe! (Not just the carriage, the server even called me 'my lady'!)
Aaaanyway, this is what I wore to the office before the happy-hour night out.
The colors of this top screams out so much, that I tone it down with lots of blacks. However, I still wear this funky striped red thick soles, just for the fun of it!
And these flower earrings!Afterhours, I keep the blacks in the drawer and came up with this casual, cheerful look. Yeah, as much as I love my daytime job, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, all I can think is: "Oooooh... I cannot wait until five o-clock and I can change into my cute ensemble and go to the mall and have some ice cream and see all those delighful accessories at Forever 21!"Office-hour look:
Black blazer: Brooks Brothers Woman (USA). Black pants: office uniform by Invio. Colorful top: Cop-Copine Paris (France). Wedges: Mon Cher by Lolly. Sky blue bag: Les Catino (Emporium Pluit). Bottom and top (owl) bangles: from Jerusalem. Middle bangle: from Plaza Semanggi. Flower earrings: Lotus Department Store.
After-office-hour look:
Jeans: old and rolled up. Pink cardigan: Marks & Spencer.Love the interior of Magnum Cafe! In my words, it's 'grown-up girlie' or 'grown-up princess style'. So instead of a heavy doze of pinks, they combine rich chocolate color, ecru, royal red and a lot of greens in the form of fake planters. It's like the inside of a dream castle, but in this case, grown-up dream castle! The menu consists of 30% main course and 70% dessert made of various yummy ingredients such as (of course!) Magnum ice cream, waffle, chocolate sauce, fruits, fondue, etc. I was hungry, so I ordered this fancy hotdog with lots of ginger mayo, melted cheese, and fried onions. And herb french fries on the side. They don't just call them hotdog and fries, of course, they have a much grander names, but unfortunately, I forgot what they were since they were too fancy and sophisticated sounding names!The dessert is huge! If you want to orde one of these sweet babies, I'd suggest you share it with a friend. Or even two friends so you have a space in your stomach to order something else. Leaving the restaurant and heading to Blitz Theater for a movie, I couldn't help not to pose with these super cute Magnum benches!
See? The benches's shape and color just represent the delicious ice cream itself!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Me? Really? Awww...

Have you ever been in one of those days when you feel sooo good and like everything's going to turn out just fine?

I woke up this morning, fully expecting gloomy clouds and grey skies since the rainy season has begun in Indonesia.
Aaaaand... I woke up to... gorgeous rays of sunshine streaming through my window curtains!

It's gonna be a good day...

And turned out it has been! I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I sure am grateful for today! It's such a productive day, I did so many things, and it's quite easy to smile and be merry. Yep, by know I know that being happy consistently needs serious hard work. (Please check my thoughts on happiness here)

And then, Sophie from His Abundant Grace notified me, that she wrote a post in her blog titled Mix N'Match, and she featured... moi! It's so sweet of her! She took pictures from my BBCA (Blogger for Breast Cancer Awareness) all pinks ensemble, together with some outfit pictures of Kate Middleton. So, I was like: "Me? Really?" (hence the title) So, thank you Sophie, for featuring that outfit!

Friends, please check out Sophie's blog here, and the aforementionted post here.

On the last note, I like this quote on Sophie's header:

"God in His infinite wisdom, did not make me very wise.
So when my actions are stupid, they hardly take God by surprise."
 (Langston Hughes)

How true!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Miss(oni) You!

After gazzilions pictures taken at the exact same spot almost everyday (which is, in front of that ecru filing cabinet!), I try to look for other place to pose without attracting too much attention, and I end up taking snaps... in the office ladies room!Some time ago, I heard Missoni was creating a collection - limited edition collection, if I may say - for Target, a budget retail chain in the US. It supposed to be a one-time-only sale, which was sold out in a very short period of time (Do I read economic recession in the news?).

Still, I know that many celebrities cash in on their fame by selling affordable clothes, houseware, linen, perfume, basically everything "lifestyle" in coordination with major retail chains. Mary Kate and Ashley at Walmart. Kimora Lee Simmons at Macy's. Jackie Smith at K Mart.

Then came the major fashion designers, who are shrewd enough to realize that by creating a second or even third line available AND affordable to the masses, they could make some really serious money. The market is out there. And we, common people, who cannot afford original LV or Prada or Fendi or Lanvin with our modest income/salary, want to be fashionable, too! So there came Versus, Armani Exchange, Red Valentino, etc. Vera Wang even goes further, creating Simply Vera collections for Kohls. Talk about trickle down effect!

Anyway, back to Missoni. I remembered that I have a much cheaper "Missoni", this black and white Missoni inspired baggy tank that I never wore but for the beach or swimming pool, and decided to done it for work. Btw, it's an H&M, very apt since the famous budget retail chain just opened their store in the neighboring country Singapore. Black n white Missoni-inspired baggy tank: H&M (USA or Hongkong, forgot). Cinched with a red Mango belt. Black shirt: Accent old office uniform. Black slacks: LOFT (USA). Red espadrilles: from Little India, Singapore. Blazer: Brooks Brothers Woman (USA). Bag: Chanel (gift). Earrings: Diva. Bracelet: from Shanghai.

Ow, almost forgot! A colleague brought these really cute pens for us girls from Malaysia. He said I could pick one, either the sushi, or the croissant, or the hotdog, or the apple.So I picked the hotdog! See? It can be used as a fridge magnets too, which I'm so glad about, because I collect fridge magnets and I really love cute little things like these..... and here I use it as a pen! Thank you, Koko Bas! And if you're going to Boston, don't forget me, haha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 5): Ancient Petra, The City of Rose

Place Almost As Old As Time

Please meet the greatest artist of all time
We call him God
And the entire universe is His canvas

He spread out a feast of this magnificent splendor before me
My eyes marvel at the beauty of His creation
My heart sings praise of His generosity
While I was walking down this place almost as old as time

(A little poem by LeeAnne, Style N Season,
 of the ancient Petra, City of Roses, September 2011)

Jeans: old GAP. Sneakers: Nike. Hat: from Korea. Purple top: MK Klein. Checked shirt: Nevada. Scarf: from an art market at Sedona (how apt!). Sunnies: Oakley. Mother-of-pearl earrings: from Bali.

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