Monday, September 19, 2016

What Are You Focus On?

There you go again! You want that newest glittery, shiny, sparkly object that you don’t have. How marvelous it would be to have that small addition into our lives! Surely it would beautify us, makes us feel like a million bucks, attractive, successful, wonderful, luscious, in love with life! How can you not have that!

Uh oh. Sounds too familiar, isn’t it?

That new shiny-sparkly-glittery object could be a new eyeshadow palette, on sale on Sephora. It could be that brand new oh-so-lovely rose-colored lipstick that hold a thousand promises to bring glamour to our look, and therefore, excitements to our lives! Perhaps it’s the new knick-knack from Dollar Tree, a colorful glass ornament, a new planner, new stickers for our projects that might get us to be more… crafty. Or, on a more dangerous path, it could be a dazzling smile of another man. A man who is not our boring, selfish, unattentive husband. A man who is willing to listen, flatter us and say we look beautiful, shower us with attention. A man who is already married. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Now let’s shift our focus a little bit. Look inside your drawer. You have, what, five eyeshadow palettes that you have not touched for months, because you are already comfortable with the one neutral palette that you keep using every single day. Instead of torturing yourself thinking about THAT one palette that you simply MUST buy, why don’t you think about what are you going to do with the five palettes already stashed in your own drawer? Watch some tutorial videos on YouTube and think how fun it would be to play with those five palettes?
Mix two tones of lipsticks that have been kept idly in your stash and see how it would come out. You can create your own, unique, custom-made-especially-for-you, shade of lipstick. You can even name it to whatever it is your heart desire! Coral Frost. That’s what I came up with mixing two a pale frost shade that is too pale for me, with a matte warm coral shade. Coral on the bottom, frost on the top layer. I got even a better surprise when I mixed the same shades but changed the layers: frost first, coral on top. It came out satiny instead of frosty! I felt a bit like LeeAnne Lauder or LeeAnne Revlon. Or maybe not. But you know what I mean.

What about finally really get down to it and create craft from your mountainous amount of craft supplies in the basement? Invite the neighborhood kids if you feel like feeding your inner Peter Pan and spend an hour or two being creative in your own Never Neverland! You will forget about shopping for new stickers on Etsy if your hands are busy having fun.

If you think that THAT man is much more charming and understanding than your own husband, well, change your focus to what you’ve already had. Yes, Ladies. The man who will be coming home to you tonite may not be very exciting, but he is yours and yours only. Focus on what he has done for you all these years. Think of what he has not done for you all these years: he has not let his eyes and heart wandered to other women, for example. And think about all the wonderful things you would want to do with him, for him, and for both of you that would make your marriage felt alive again. Want a picnic in the park but he never initiates it? Why don’t you prepare the picnic basket, wear a nice autumn dress and invite him along with you? You cannot suddenly kiss the random handsome guy you saw at the grocery store, but you can do so to your dear husband. You can even tickle him a bit and have a laugh!

Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Focus on what you have, and suddenly you will realize that what you’ve already had is nice and wonderful, just as well!

For today’s look, instead of coveting a new dress, I had a bit of fun by giving this old dress a new, fresher look with some layering. Check it out and let me know which look you like best: the original look, or the layered look.

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