Monday, November 18, 2013

My New Obsession: Instagram N Creating Your Own Comic!

For the past several weeks I've been obsessing with Instagram. I knoooooow.... So late, rite! I created an Instagram account @stylenseason a long time ago, but I didn't literally upload anything until lately. 

Aaaaand.... this is my kinda new obsession...

Creating my own version of baby comic of Baby Michael!

I love posting these comics on my personal social media like Path and Facebook and tag my husband, my parents and my brothers, so they will know Baby Michael's latest development. My parents live in another city, while my second brother lives in the US, so I'm very thankful for this kind of technology that enables us to be a little bit closer and the fact that we can easily get updates on each other's lives and connect with each other. 

Hubby, of course, see Baby Michael everyday, but he loves to read Baby Michael's comic when he's at work to brighten up his day. And I love creating them!

Some might say it's too narcissistic and self-centered. However, I think keeping a journal and documenting our lives in creative ways have values in itself. Some families have family blog. Some other create their own family newspaper. Some mothers record their family activities in beautiful scrapbooks and photo albums. Don't you think what they do is a lovely idea? At this point, my love to write and the available technology (read: smartphone apps) make it possible to create this kind of memories in my own way. 

And I have a feeling that years from now my husband, my son, his future wife and family, and myself will be happy that I'm doing this.  What do you think, Friends? ^__^

This one is titled "Overconfident Baby" Lol

And then here we're talking about giants.... Huh?

For this one, Baby Michael looooves Winnie The Pooh...

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Simple Gal's Journal: Roses Are Blue In October

Note: I finally succumb to the temptation and open an Instagram account! I know, I know, I'm so late, but better late than never, rite. Haha! The thing is, I usually don't have good internet or wifi connection, so uploading pictures on Instagram takes waaaayyyyy too long! But wifi is a little bit better now! If you'd like to know what's going on in my daily life, please find stylenseason on Instagram. ^__^

Hello, November!

Last week…

Last week was all about fighting nasty cold!

First my husband got the flu bug, coughing and sneezing all the time. Poor man, he couldn’t play with our baby as usual in the evening after work, for he was afraid Baby Michael will catch the virus. And poor me! Because we sleep in the same bed every night, definitely I caught the virus! However, neither of us gave up that easily! We drank our fruit and veggie smoothies every morning, took vitamin C three times a day instead of our usual once-a-day portion, slept a lot, drank a lot of water, did yoga every Saturday morning, basically everything to shoo away the flu bug. 

Boy, human body is amazing! With proper TLC, it fought the virus like crazy! None of us missed one day of work whatsoever, and we could still do our daily acitivities as usual. The only difference was, for about a week or so, we went to bed at nine o’clock sharp. Sleep is a very powerful medicine for any kind of disease, I believe. Heartbreak included. If you ever had a broken heart, you would know what I mean!

We’re still recovering from the not-so-sick limbo state to a truly-healthy state. Keep fighting!

Family time…

We celebrated Hubby’s birthday in October. Actually he asked for lunch at a Korean BBQ restaurant, but I reminded him that if we did so we wouldn’t be able to bring Baby Michael with us, and Hubby did want Baby Michael to present during his birthday lunch. So we changed direction and went to a very nice Chinese restaurant called Angke. The food is delicious but the restaurant is quite expensive, so we only go there for special occasion. Hubby’s birthday, of course, is a special occasion!

Unexpectedly, we received a very nice surprise when we were about to pay the bill. I’ve been having the restaurant loyalty card for a while, because the company that I work for often ordered from there. Our bill was about sixty dollars for two (Baby Michael, of course, didn’t eat restaurant food), and the waiter said that I got enough reward points in my card for fifty dollars, so we ended up paying only ten bucks for a lavish birthday lunch for two!!

More family time!

A week after Hubby’s birthday, his younger siblings came to visit us as well as having a belated mini birthday celebration. The three of us went out to lunch at a ramen shop not far from our house. Hubby’s younger brother is in college and lives at the dorm, so we don’t see him very often. We stopped by at a local mall afterwards, because Hubby wanted to buy some snorkeling goggles. It was an extremely hot day, so as a treat, we also stopped by at Starbucks for some cold frappucinos. Yum!

Praying time…

For Catholics, October is the month of Rosary, so we held a Rosary Prayer at home for our neighbors. There were about twenty people coming over to our house. We prepared extra chairs and snacks, and met new people. The event was held at 8 pm on Monday, so I took the easy route of ordering some savory and sweet snacks from a nearby bakery.
I always enjoy having people come to visit and entertain at home. For me, the point is about having good company and fun, not showcasing the perfection of my home or cooking skill, so eventhough I made a special effort to make sure my home is visitor ready, I don’t fret nor fuss to create a perfect setting and dishes. It has been working well, since guests always enjoy their visit to my home. I believe that if the hostess is calm and enjoying herself, she would be able to enjoy her guests as well, and make the quests to feel welcomed and enjoying their visit. I mean, if you go to visit someone, and the hostess is continually worry about the food, apologizing profusely for the imperfection of her home, and fuss, wouldn’t it feel a bit awkward and make you just want to leave?

Baby Michael…

has finished all his basic immunization shots! Hurray! So no need to go to the doctor until the beginning of next year. My husband and I are quite happy with Baby Michael’s development. We don’t rush him to master any new skils or anything like that. We just let him learn and explore on his own time. And we don’t compare him to other babies, if you know what I mean. He was potty trained since the age of five months, and his eyes could follow movements much earlier than our friends’ babies. But he learned to lift up his head at the age of three months, much later than our friends’ babies. We don’t really care, as long as his development is normal, we don’t worry.

And here's the man of the house as well as the man of 
that day! This is Hubby's first appearance on this blog! ^__^

The two of us.... I forgot to take pictures of my outfit that day, but it's a halter dress with vintage-y rose print. Hubby loved it!

And this is the boy ot the house!! Or the baby of the house? Well, Baby Michael is nine months old, so he's not that baby, baby anymore, rite! Haha! This is his first restaurant experience, and he loved it! He kept looking left and right, observing people, especially pretty ladies (I guess even babies are naturally attracted to attractive looking people LOL), and made funny little noises. He wore new outfit, too! I didn't buy him many clothes, since Baby Michael stays home most of the time anyway, but I bought special outfit for him for his father's birthday. 

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