Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classic Back to Basics

Every girl has one of these days when she just want to look fresh, crisp, clean, and classic. For me, this is one of those days.

What do you think of all these basics?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Celebration of Movement

When I was a little girl, I took ballet and dreamed of becoming a ballerina. As I got older, I moved from the stage to the audience as a ballet lover instead of ballet dancer. (Just a spoonful of sugary reality helps the medicine go down!) Tonite I'm going to a ballet show called A Celebration of Movement at Taman Ismail Marzuki art center, and this is what I'm wearing.
Don't you just love weekends? You can experiment and wear anything you want. For me, the name of the game is accessories.
And actually it's not today, it's last week, but it IS today's post. ^__^

This is the only picture where I look somewhat ok without smiling, so I just have to upload it, hehe...

I've had these wedges for almost a year, and tonite it's the first time I'm wearing them! They're so comfortable and not heavy at all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunny Orange

No, no, no... This is not what I'm wearing today. I wish it were, because it will mean I'm taking a day off, but I'm not! The pictures in today's post were taken last Saturday when I hung out at the poolside of Novotel then had a hefty breakfast. I wasn't traveling or anything, just decided to eat some real breakfast for once instead of my usual instant noodle!
I just bought the orange dress the day before, at an outlet store. It has a deep V-neck, so I layered with a black tank top. The white top is an old crocheted thing I got a long time ago. I also have them in pink, black and blue, because trust me, they really come in handy for layering.
One thing I hate about buying a dress then wearing it straight on? Finding your twin wearing the exact same thing, a random stranger! That happened to me. Ouch!

The Novotel breakfast room was really packed.

My favorite breakfast menu: bacon, omelette, orange juice, toast, fried rice, sausages, hashbrown, and chocolate muffin. I wish everyday's breakfast could be like this!
Ow, if you think the bag looks familiar, you're right! This is the bag for DIY project from this post. I decided to add some cherries on the last minute. Check out the final result. Well, I might even decide to add even more drawings on it. It's an old bag, anyway.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Checked Crossed Striped, N Mango Summer Sale

Before I ramble about what I'm wearing today, I've got a bit of news if you live in Jakarta: Mango is having their much-coveted summer sale! Many gorgeous pieces for 50% off, so grab your purse and run to the nearest store, Ladies! This pic was taken at Mango Plaza Indonesia.
People go to work for many reasons: pay the bills, self-actualization, sharing your gift with others, etc. For me, eventhough it's not all about the dough, a very big reason of why I drag myself from my comfy bed every morning and get off to the office is so that I can spend that hard-earned rupiah, dollar, whatever on something just the opposite of work, namely: play.

So I thought, why not trying to incorporate a little bit of the play part to the office? After all, I spend 8 hours a day over there, which like, one-third of my 24-hour day, which is a lot.

This is the knitted polo shirt which I wore on a previous post, which by itself is not at all an appropriate outfit for a formal office like mine. However, paired with the right combination, it turns out to be amazing.
Yes, you can mix striped top with checked skirt. The shocking pink belt sort of pulls everything together. And it's not even a store-bought belt. It's just a piece of leftover piece of fabric, sewed like a wide obi with buttons as clasps.
And yes, you can definitely wear gold high heels to the office! And pair some stockings with open-toe sandals, too!
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Huge Necklace, Blue Sandals, N Jakarta Great Sale 2011

Jakarta Great Sale 2011 has finally arrived! I've been waiting for this month-long shopping festival to do my usual twice-a-year shopping marathon. I conduct my shopping trip like a professional buyer: doing the major splurging only twice a year, during the mid year sale and end year sale. Well, though of course, I still steal some little splurges here and there along the year...
I'm also meeting a guy friend for lunch. I've known him since college, he got married six months ago, and today he's going to introduce me to his wife, so I'm pretty excited!

How do you like my new necklace? It's such an eye-catching, attention-grabbing piece, isn't it. Just got it yesterday. I usually avoid big necklaces, but this one looks so gorgeous on the store display, I just had to have it! They come in three colors: red, blue and white. I picked white because it doesn't look as flashy as the other two colors.

The most wonderful thing about dressing up for weekends is this: you can take risk you won't take when you dress up for work. If you end up looking funny or weird, who cares? People whom you meet on the weekends can take your eccentricity.

Love the orange embroidery work on the back pocket. The skirt is made over from an old pair of jeans that has become too small for me. And since I took modesty more seriously, I've been trying to avoid wearing skin-tight jeans or skin-tight anything (except a bathing suit or dancing leotard, haha!), so turn them over into almost-knee-length skirt seemed to be a logical option. Recycle! Go green!

And what about my new sandals? They're also new, and only IDR 25,000 or USD 2,5! I looooove sale!

Ready, set, go!

Mark your calendar, Jakarta Ladies!
This a picture of the 'damage' done after a straight eight-hour shopping excursion... Considering that I only do major shopping marathon like this twice a year, I think it is acceptable to come home with these so many things, right. *self-justification dot com*

So, Jakarta Ladies, what are you waiting for? Grab your purse, get some girl friends to go with you, and dash out to the nearest mall! Embrace the summer with Jakarta Great Sale 2011!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Red Bricks In Front Of The Cupboard

Meet Dina and Anissa. Both girls work in my office, they are cute, they are noisy chatterboxes, and they are twins. From different parents. Ok, I lied. But in these brick red batik prints, they look like sisters, aren't they?

Actually when Anissa wears this, she gets a lot of this question: "Why are you wearing a night gown to the office?" That's because batik is a popular fabric for sleeping wears, especially for older women. Ha-ha!

Notice how she smartly cinches the waist with this wide belt, so the batik dress has a lovely shape. Also, the dress has a high slit at the front, which she sewed up for modesty. An office is definitely not the place to show up those tighs, no matter how confident you are of your legs!

Anissa pairs her ensemble with a pair of brand new gold and black heels, only IDR 120,000 (about USD 12) from Centro Hot Sale at MOI Kelapa Gading. For Jakarta sale info, click here.

Now let's take a look at what Dina wears. It's a pretty batik top with a lot of embelishments.

You can basically fit the top to your size and level of comfort. Cinch it you like it to be a bit more fitted, or just let it loose. Clever, huh. I wonder why they don't create more dresses and tops with this nice trick at the back.

Friday is two days away and it's Batik Day! If you are an Indonesian, what kind of batik are you going to wear?

And if you are from other countries, why not blending some culture into your daily wardrobe?

It's stylish, it's patriotic, it's fun fun fun!
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