Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine or Champagne?

Style N Season mengucapkan selamat hari raya Idul Fitri bagi semua rekan yang beragama Muslim.
Style N Season would like to say happy Idul Fitri to all my Moslem friends.
Are you a sophisticated lady, say, a wine connoisseur? Well, I'm not. Eventhough I take a lot of pictures at wine cellars or wine shops, I actually don't drink. I'm a hick who basically only drink water, iced tea (no sugar), chocolate milk, and orange juice. I don't drink coffee, softdrink, nor alcohol beverages. And not for the reason that you might think. I just don't care for the taste, that's all. However, I do love to hangout at places that serve wine. I like the calm and cozy ambiance of these posh establishments.
Anyways. What do you think of my dress? At first, I was going to wear a matching black lacy tank top underneath, but then I thought, why not showing a bit of color? So I end up with this electric pink tank, instead, and totally love the result. Well, I guess the word "elegant" will never define my style...

Dress: Macy's New York. Pink tank top: unbranded (ITC Kuningan). White bag: Cole. Pearl necklace: gift from friend. Silver sandals: Mom brought them from Spain, forgot the brand. Bracelets: old collection.
This evening it's dinner at The Cellar, at Four Seasons Hotel.
Behind me are the Italian wine collection.
We sit at The Library Lounge in front of The Cellar, but order the food from The Steak House, a restaurant also inside of Four Seasons. I order BBQ lamb chop with mashed potatoes. Notice the cashew nuts and green olives platter at the center.

Cool pictures, rite. If I didn't tell you, you would think I know so much about wine, haha...
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Red, White, n Something in Between

Wearing this simple combo during a weekend getaway to Singapore some time ago. "Negeri Singa" Singapore is a perfect short getaway for Jakarta people, because it's so conveniently close - only 1,5-hour flight - and with so many budget airlines available, getting there is becoming more and more affordable. No wonder I met Indonesians everywhere that it was like: "Is this Singapore or Bandung (a town in Indonesia)?" Lol.
We had a good deal on airfare, so we can splurge to spend the two-night-stay at a nice four-star hotel on Orchard. And this time we don't want to explore the city or do shopping or anything. We just want to hang out and eat and have a good time, so Orchard Road is perfect.
Aaaah... the beautiful art of just relaxing and doing nothing...

Pink top: Carolyn Taylor (USA). Peasant white skirt: unbranded (Mangga Dua). Pink sandals: from Makati, Philippines. Gold and white bangle: birthday gift from friend. Red heart-shaped earrings: I think I got them either at Target or Claire or Walmart's Valentine's Day display, forgot. Red bag: Bellezza. Necklace: gift from Holland.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chill Out N Have Some Lemonade

Note: I'll be on vacation from August 24 until September 5 with no access to internet, so please forgive me for not responding to your comments or emails during those dates. Meanwhile, please enjoy some scheduled posts that I have prepared. Where am I going? Uh-uh, can't tell you now, but I'll be blogging about it when I get back. ^_^v

Call it the multiplier effect.

The funny thing about money.
When you don’t have any, just the smallest amount to provide food on the table will make you happy. But once you have a little bit more, then you just want more and more.

If you're already a happy person with sweet disposition, money will make you happier and more cheerful. But if you're already a sad, miserable person, money will increase that misery to an even higher level.

So, I agree with the saying “Money can't buy you happiness.”

But it can do wonders to increase what’s already yours.

So it's not the money.

It's the person.

On a random note, this is a delish kuetiao dish for lunch today!

Canary yellow top: bYSI (Singapore). Yellow tank top underneath (for modesty reason, of course!): unbranded. Black slacks: Invio (office uniform, so it's free!). Teal n silver sandals: Voir (Malaysia). Tosca blue bag: Stradivarius. Turquoise blue earrings, pendant and necklace: gifted by friend, from Bangkok. Tosca blue bracelet: from Shanghai.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank You (Not) Very Matched!

I have to admit, I've been going a liiiittle bit overvoard with this add-some-color-sprinkling thing. See what I'm wearing for work today. It's the classic stipes and black and white, yes, but with a looooot of edges right and left, top and bottom. Nevertheless, I'm having fun, even if almost everything here is un-matched!

Black & white striped top: Bebe. Black slacks: Ann Taylor LOFT. Blue wedges: Voir. Turquoise beaded necklace: DIY project. Turquoise earrings: art market at Sydney. Mustard yellow bag: Sogo. Bracelet: Naughty MKG.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flowers In A Candy Shop, Or Vice Versa

Busy day ahead! I have so many things to do today: going to church, a lunch date, going to money changer, buying some travel supplies, packing, picking up my parents at the airport, going shopping with my Mom, etc-etc.

Anyway, I can't decide whether I should call this look "flower in a candy shop" or "candies in a flower shop". Hence the undecisive post title. It's so bright, and cheerful and colorful, it just makes me smile.

With so much going on, the burst of happy colors, the flowers, the lace, the layers, I keep everything else in neutral color: white. The sandals, the bag, the accessories. I decided to wear this yellow skinny belt, though. Fashion expert says, take off one thing before going out the door. For me, I add something before heading out the door! Hey, those experts can make rules, so, even if I'm not an expert, why can't I make rules for myself, right.
This is how it looks without the chrocheted layer top. Still nice, I think. I have this thin, skinny body, so I layer not only for the sole purpose of modesty, but also to camouflage my paper-thin figure. The media is not being fair by screaming that weight problem and body image is an exclusive problem exclusive to the overweight. My friends have been making fun of my being a stick thin underweight since I was in kindergarten!
So, if sometimes you wish that you have more lustruous hair, smoother skin, slimmer body, more voluptuous curves, whatever, no need to feel bad, Ladies. It's what makes you human. It's what so deliciously makes you a woman. Loving oneself doesn't mean seeing oneself as perfect! Embracing oneself with all the flaws is much more exciting, because it gives room for self-improvement and creativity. As well as a little bit of vulnerability, which hints that je ne sais quoi that makes women even more mysterious, adorable, and completely human!

After Church, we crossed the street to have lunch at Pisa Cafe. Unfortunately I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of that heavenly Italian dishes and homemade ice cream! Well, maybe next time. Next, dashing off to Plaza Indonesia to money changer and FoodHall! See you next time!
Crocheted short-sleeved cardigan: Say What (JC Penney USA). Coral top: Catch My I (JC Penney USA). Yellow belt: unbranded. Flower skirt: Dorothy Perkins. White bag: Cole. Bracelets: Debenhams. White sandals: Aily (Malaysia).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red N White Flag Inspired

Note: This post is supposed to be published yesterday on August 17, but I got the schedule mixed up somehow to August 17, 2012! So today I'm publishing the post manually.

Today Indonesians around the world, whether they live in Indonesian or not, are celebrating Independence Day. So I thought I'd wear something that resembles our red and white national flag.
Here in Indonesia, of course it's a national holiday. (I wore this to work the day before) But I remember when I was basically a soujourner in a foreign land, me and other Indonesians from all kinds of ethnic and religious backgrounds gathered together at KBRI (Indonesian Consulate) to have a little bazaar. We would invite our American friends to feast on delicious Indonesian food, and for some reason, most of our non-Indonesian friends have this particular fondness for sate (kebab) and nasi goreng (fried rice), prepared and cooked Indonesian style with lots of spices!
Then on the Fourth of July, we took turns. Our American friends invited us to celebrate Independence Day with Amerian style BBQ. Lots of sausages, corn, and marinated meat!
Those are wonderful memories. If only the whole world could be filled with that kind of tolerance, friendship, and peace...
Anyway, dirgahayu Indonesia!
Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

PS: How come this outfit turns out to look more like nautical-stripes-inspired instead of my national flag inspired? Oh, well...

Red and white striped long sleeved top: unbranded (ITC Mangga Dua). I rolled up the sleeves and cinched the waist with a red, wide Mango belt. Black pants: Ann Taylor LOFT (USA). White bow earrings: from Hongkong. Taupe double-breasted jacket: Papaya (USA). Gold bag: Bellezza. Gold sandals: Yongki Komaladi.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Short N Sweet Life of Mr. Butterfly

I like butterflies not just because they resemble from ugly-to-beautiful metamorphosis. I like them because in their short lives, they spread joy, beauty, and happiness to anyone who happen to see them. All in their sweet and simple little ways.
Warning: this is a long post full with words, so if you don't want to read the whole thing, just scroll down and see the pictures instead. Enjoy! I also had it published under www.divinecaroline.com sometime last year.
"Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice!"
(Philippians 4:4)

Remember Pollyana?
I’m a firm believer that being happy is a good thing. It is my special way to show my love to God. Some people show their faith by reaching out, loving others, and doing good, like Mother Theresa. Some by doing little deeds with love, like St. Theresa, the Little Flower. Some, by contemplation and silence, like the monks. Other ways are by fasting, maintaining self-control, being an example to the young, praying, avoid greediness, going to Church, spiritual retreat, charity, loving your brothers and sisters, etc. All are good; all require hard work, good will, and perseverance to carry them out constantly.

Of course, I try to do all or a little bit of all the ways I know on how to show my love to God. But my special way, my special calling, my special mission, is by always striving to be happy.

Sounds fun and easy, right? It’s not like organizing charity ball, or giving alms to the poor, or teaching children under the bridge or praying rosary three times a day.

Well, think again.

Being happy, like any other ways to practice spirituality, is hard work.

It’s not easy to be happy when you’re lonely.
It’s not easy to be happy when the “love of your life” suddenly dumps you.
It’s not easy to be happy when you lose a job.
It’s not easy to be happy when you are in an abusive relationship.

It’s not easy to be happy and content when you have no money and you know for a fact that your nasty, bitchy, cheating, but beautiful co-worker can spends thousands on a LV bag because she has a rich “sugar-daddy-husband.”
It’s not easy to be happy when you’re being passed up for a salary increase or promotion.
It’s not easy to be happy when people around you are laughing merrily and you’re sitting in the corner feeling like an outcast.
It’s not easy to be happy when you feel that your career is going nowhere and your boss is a “devil wears prada.”

It’s not easy to be happy when your children are sick and your husband is out of a job. It’s not easy to be happy when the news constantly remind you how corrupt the politicians are, and how bleak the economic future will be, etc.
It’s not easy to be happy when the people around you, your family, friends, parents, spouses always put you down, being cynical, negative, pessimistic, and constantly criticize you—no matter how good their intention might be. (Sometimes, the one who can kill you fastest and with the most excruciating pain is the one whom you love most)

It’s not easy to be happy when you’re sick and alone and feel like no one cares whether you’re dead or alive.
It’s not easy to be happy when all you want to do is crawl under the cover and cry your heart out and then go to sleep and never wake up again because you feel so sad and alone and miserable and it seems like there’s no reason to live.
I am a Catholic, so I did a little research in Vatican’s Bible on-line, and found around 890-something verses in the Bible, in which God tells us to rejoice, to be glad, and to be happy. In my humble opinion, if the Almighty, Loving, and Magnificent God, who created Heaven and Earth and everything under the sun and the stars, took the trouble to say over 800 times that He wants His children to be happy, then He must really mean it!

God wants me to happy.
God wants me to strive to happy, in any circumstances.

Being happy in whatever circumstances He puts me in, meaning I trust Him wholeheartedly that He is my Father, Protector, Savior, and Provider. That He loves me and takes care of me. Even when I cannot feel His presence at all.

Being happy in whatever situation is being a light bearer in this world, being a testimony, a witness of God’s love, through the little and insignificant me.

Being happy no matter what is one of the most unselfish things I can do for people around me, because I don’t scatter poison of negativity nor complaints to my community. Because when I look happy even when I just want to roll out and die, people who love me won’t be sad for me nor worry about me, because they’ll think that I’m OK. Because by working hard to be happy, from time to time I find myself being an inspiration for others to also be happy.
And because you always look OK, people don’t offer to help you, instead they come to you for help because you look like you’re “free from the problems of the world”, when all you want to do is crying out loud “Help me! Please! Somebody, anybody, help me! I want to die!” And helping others is always good and make you feel better.

So, yes, you can show your love to God by being happy.
Yes, being happy is hard work.
Yes, being happy is an unselfish thing to do.

So I always strive to be happy. No matter what.
“I don’t buy in to the despair of this world.
I don’t see life as misery. No matter what.
So I celebrate. I celebrate God and His creation. I celebrate life.
And all the things it has to offer.”

Black top: unbranded. Black jacket: tailored. Butterfly skirt: Mark & Spencer. Shoes: Yongki Komaladi. Tosca blue bag: Stradivarius. Butterfly keychain: Warna MKG.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not The Biggest Fan of Harry Potter, But...

... still dragging myself to finally watch the latest and final installment of Harry Potter movie!

Ten years ago, I was a fan. I love to read more than anything, so I bought the first book and read it cover to cover. I thought it was really amazing. Then came out the second book. And the third. By the fourth book I stopped reading the series altogether, opting to just watch the movies instead. So the first Harpot is the only Harry Potter book that I own.

Don't get me wrong. I stop reading not because the books are too thick. I read Lord of The Rings and the whole Chronicles of Narnia series. I read ALL Little House the original and the additional series and combined together they're even more voluminous than Harry Potter books. I stopped reading because I no longer interested to read any further.

After reading the history of both Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, I think I understand why. Tolkien wrote the whole LoTR in the camps during The First World War. At that time, he just wanted to portray the ugliness of war and the reason to live, and since he was a literature professor, what better media he could express himself with than jotting the thoughts down on a piece of paper? He had no idea it would be a huge hit. That's why the whole story feels so genuine and beautiful to me.

Rowling wrote the first manuscript of Harry Potter when she was a poor single Mom slash waitress. The lady truly has amazing imagination, and for that I give her four thumbs ups (Yep, four, arms and legs, haha!) Then Harry Potter the first book became a hit. A HUGE hit. Rowling became the richest woman in England, richer even then the Queen, I heard. After that she wrote the second, third, and next volumes. So, with all the media and the success and the frenzy, I think somehow the story becomes more commercialized and is no longer as genuine as the first book. At least to me.

I realize I might put myself in jeopardy for writing this, so for all Harry Potter die-hard fans, please don't get mad at me! This is only my personal opinion! ^0^'v

However, I still want to know how the story ends and all. Not to mention that I loooove Emma Watson. (The girl has style!) So of course, I can not NOT watch the final movie. I purposedly waited until several weeks have passed after it hit the theater, so the queuing is no longer crazy. You know, Hollywood movie-lovers in Indonesia have been having a movie-fasting for about six months or so because the movie importer had some tax problem with the government. Since the beginning of the year most Hollywood box office like Pirates, X-Men, etc. couldn't get to Indonesian theaters. Some die-hard (and moneyed) movie-lovers even chose to book a ticket and fly to the nearest countries like Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand just to watch the latest box-office movies! So after the six-month ban, you can imagine the craziness when Harry Potter finally arrived in Jakarta cinemas!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the movie at Blitz Pacific Place.

I always wear an extra layer for the cinema because the AC is freezing cold!

Some funny art work at the mall lobby. The cheerful colors match my outfit, and the polkadot on my top and shoes, so I took a picture!

Yellow polkadot top: Abercrombie (gift, bought at an outlet in San Fransisco). Nude lacy tank top: unbranded (Mangga Dua). White crocheted long cardigan: unbranded (Plaza Semanggi). Bag: Esprit (gift, also from San Fransisco) Jeans: forgot the brand, they're old. Sandals: Orange (USA). Pearl necklace: gift from a friend. Bracelets: Debenhams. Earrings: Diva.

I love how the polkadot top matches the polkadots on the sandals. Even the heels got polkadot pattern!

A friend brought me the yellow Abercrombie top and Esprit bag for my birthday last year. At that time, he gave me a lot of pink stuffs because he knows I love anything pink, then he presented the top and the bag and said: "I know your favorite color is pink, and you prefer feminine look instead of sporty, but I saw these at an outlet in SF and thought you'll look great in them because they're so happy and fun and sunny and cheerful just like yourself!" Awwww! How sweet! He didn't need to say that, of course. What girl doesn't like birthday presents?

I love the yellow peekaboo under the flap.

Another pose at Pacific Place lobby.

Now you know why this mall is called PACIFIC Place. Can't you believe that I've been here like a hundred times and never took any pics with the miniature sailing boats before!

After brunch and movie (yep, we went for matinee show), we went to Kem Chick supermarket downstairs to buy some fruits, and look what I found. Cool huh! That's a saying dear to my heart, I carry my own reuseable plastic bag everywhere so I don't need to ask for store plastic bag to the cashier. I mean, do I really need to ask for plastic bag when I only buy a pack of chewing gum? Hello!

And as an end note for today's posting, the final Harry Potter movie is cool, but boy, I'm so glad that it's finally over!
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