Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bucketlist 2016

The things I want to do, buy, or achieve in 2016:

1. Tryihg out one new (to us) fancy restaurant.
2. Go to one non-mall, non-neighborhood-park/restaurant outing with Michael, every quarter.
3. Afternoon tea in a nice establishment.
4. Take evening walk around the neighborhood after dinner with Hubby, once a week.
5. Attend a cultural event or visit a cultural place, once every quarter.
6. Cook one home-made dessert type of food for Hubby, once every quarter.
7. Pack lunch for work for me and Hubby four days a week (Monday-Thursday).
8. Buy a new pair of sneakers to replace the old, tattered ones.
9. Buy one new fashionable jacket for plane and traveling.
10. Family prayer time every evening with Hubby and Michael.
11. Purge 6 old purses, 4 old shoes, and 10 clothing items.
12. Purge one box of stuff, once every quarter.
13. Close one unused insurance.
14. Go to bed 22.30 every night during weekdays.
15. Investment target.
16. Close one unused bank account.
17. One overseas travel.
18. Get pictures of our family with extended families (parents and in laws)
19. Attend one holy mass overseas.
20. Meet up with friend.

And no, it doesn't have to be January to start a bucketlist. What's YOUR bucketlist?
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