Friday, November 30, 2012

Big N Beautiful Butterfly

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Thanksgiving has passed, November is almost over, December is coming very soon, which means, we're welcoming the most wonderful time of the year, and my favorite holiday season of all. Yep, Friends, Christmas Season has finally started!!

These are pictures taken when I was 17 weeks pregnant, the very first week I got back to work after a three-week bedrest. I still have lots of pictures from pre marriage period that I will be posting, so it won’t be maternity-wear pictures and pregnancy stories every week.  Don’t want to bore my single or non pregnant Friends who read my blog, rite. ^_^
Now, here’s a story. If you have followed Style N Season for a while, you would know that I was not a woman who had strong desire to get married. And if I ever got married, I had no strong desire to have children, either. Don’t get me wrong. I was not, am not, against marriage or having children. But, my standing was, if God should bless me with marriage,  that would be wonderful. If not, I would be perfectly content being single.  Same with children.
Before getting married, I had a serious talk with my then fiancĂ© (now husband) about having children. We have witnessed many couples who have gone years of various medical treatments to have children. Some couple suceeded after two years, some after waiting for eight years. Some with no avail whatsoever. I also watched TV reality show, Giuliana And Bill, about infertility and their heartbreaking journey in trying to get pregnant, which finally resulted in miscarriage and breast cancer. (I heard they finally had a son with surrogate mother)  It was very touching and looked very difficult for the marriage.
Again, my standing in this case was simple: if God grants us children, that would be wonderful. If not, that would be OK. My husband, on the other hand, really really really wants to have children.  So I asked him, what if we don’t have children? Or let’s say it this way: what if I were the one who cannot have children? I asked because even though I cannot say I’m an old woman, I’m no longer in prime age to have my first child. In fact, I’m older than my husband, and the main reason he insisted on not delaying our marriage was simply because of my age.  He said that if I were younger, we could have had the option of waiting.
That’s why we wanted to make sure that we were in the same page before we got married. We both agreed that children are gifts of God, and we will let Him taking care of the matter.  Meaning, we won’t be panicky and seeking medication or treatment to have children,  we will not use calendar system or anything,  nor will we put pressure on ourselves or on our marriage, we will just trust the Lord and let Him decides whether or not He will bless our family with children.
So, imagine our surprise when we found out that we were pregnant right during our honeymoon! My husband was over the moon, and I was happy and thankful that God was being so generous and gives us His gift of pregnancy so soon!
Some people laughed and said that it’s a pity that we got pregnant so soon after getting married. “After pregnancy and children, the honeymoon period is over. It’s all duty and responsibility and short of time, money and sleep afterward.  Poor you!”  they said.
My husband and I only smiled at the comments, but we don’t agree. Not one bit. We fully realized, that once we got married, there’s always a possibility that we might have children, and we must be prepared to accept that reality. We also fully realized, that marriage is, and will be, hard work. Perhaps we didn’t know how hard or difficult it would be, but we were mentally prepared for it and didn’t expect honey and roses, rainbow and sunshine everyday. We understood that marriage will not solve our problems. It will add to them. We saw real examples in our parents' long lasting marriages.
And we walked into it knowingly and willingly, if rather clumsily, hand in hand, together.

And walking it with thanks and gratitude, if I may say, which is very apt for welcoming the holiday season.

Here's a trick on how I maintain to keep wearing some of my skirts during pregnancy: I simply opened up the front seams! Right there on the front waist part, where the elastic is, so the skirts will stretch out a bit to give room for my growing belly. 

Skirt: Marks & Spencer (refashioned to cater to my growing belly). Shoes: Yongki Komaladi. Top: XXX. Jacket: tailor made. Purse: Les Catino. Accessories: old collection.

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