Monday, January 30, 2012

Penang Delights (Part 3): The Peranakan Town

Have been crazily busy these past few weeks and the upcoming weeks. I'm sorry I haven't got a chance to reply to comments. I haven't even got time to blogwalk as I usually do! And thank God for scheduled posts! Sooooo, please be understanding with my lack of responses, and I'll get back to it once I have the chance to... well, to breath... properly... Haha!

Here are some pictures of me strolling around Georgetown, Penang. If you plan to visit to this place one day, I hope you'll get an idea of what you can do and see there. Also, that you can basically cover everything just by walking, if you wear comfy shoes or sneakers, of course. Enjoy!

Striped tank top and skinny gold belt: unbranded. Blue shirt and butterfly earrings: Bugis Junction, Singapore. Sunnies: Oakley. Clover necklace: Warna (MKG). Turquoise beaded necklace: DIY project. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Sneakers: Nike. Mint green purse: Les Catino.
Scarf tied to the purse: thrifted from Miami, USA.

Even just walking around, you'd stumble upon interesting buildings, like this Chinese temple here.
Government offices are located in these beautiful European-style buildings. The city is so quaint and lovely we met many couples who were taking their pre wed pictures around these places.

The Peranakan Mansion, which used to be home to a wealthy Chinese family, now open for public. Peranakan is a culture blend of overseas Chinese living in South East Asia who have adopted the local culture - and even some European influence, as well -  and mix it into their own Chinese culture. Not just the architecture and interior, but also the clothing, food, etc. We have Peranakan culture too in Indonesia. You might notice it in my batik posts where I wore the traditional Indonesian batik which has been infused with Chinese patterns or colors.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Theoritically Overdone: Zebra N Red

Rummaging through my closet last night, I stumbled upon this fire engine red wedges I haven't worn for quite some time. For me, they are difficult to match with anything since the color already 'screams' by itself. A coworker even said that she remembered me on her day of interview because at that time I was wearing these flashy babies!
However, I took it as a challenge and match the wedges with another bold pieces of fashion statement: the zebra print bag with red piping across the sides, and the strong geometrical. Missoni-inspired patterned top, also worn in this post here.
Hence, the formula is:
Yeah, yeah, I know the experts always say: don't overdo it, just let one piece shine by itself, bla bla bla. But I have to say, this is how I ended up look like, it's not my usual style, and I rather like it! So, let the experts dress the models, and let me dress moi, haha!
Missoni-inspired tank: H&M. Fuschia lacy tank top: unbranded. Black blazer: Brooks Brothers Woman. Black slacks: office uniform by Invio. Zebra bag: Debenhams. Red sandals: Little India, Singapore. Earrings: Pretty, MKG.

Also, I got my first thrift-find feature at It's a blog by a resourceful and creative lady whose name is Erica, who believes that “Fashion doesn't have to cost the earth, financially or environmentally.”
Cannot agree more! Thank you, Erica, for featuring my post among soooo many other wonderful linkups!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Penang Delights (Part 2): Welcoming The Year of The Magical Water Dragon

Gong xi fa cai! Happy Chinese New Year!
This pictures were from New Year Eve celebration in Penang, but since today is also a New Year - in Lunar Chinese Year - , I think it's just apt, haha!

Penang is famous for its culinary delights. Even common pork and wonton noodles bought at street food seller tasted good! Careful when you order iced tea, here iced tea means "teh tarik" or tea with milk and sugar. I had to repeatedly say: "No milk, no sugar, please!"

Since our hotel is so picturesque in itself, we decided to celebrate just at the front cafe. It felet very international, though, since we met tourists from all over the world celebrating together. And I do mean from all over the world: America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa!

Top: SportMax. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Fuschia purse: Palomino. Mint green purse: Les Catino. Sneakers: Nike. Gold gladiator sandals: Debenhams. Earrings: just bought in Penang.

This is what I had for New Year's Eve dinner. Not bad, but I had had better steak. Never mind. The feeling of peace, happiness, prosperity, international, and contentment in the environment was unbeatable.

What is New Year's Eve without firework? Bye-bye 2011! Hello 2012!
Wanna know a secret?
2011 has been fabulous...

However, 2012 is gonna be even better...

2012 is gonna be a great year!
Bye-bye, Mr. Golden Rabbit! Hello, Mr. Water Dragon!
In welcoming the new year, allow me to say:

GONG XI FA CAI, Everyone!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Gipsy in My Soul

"As much as I love my job, office can look boring and dreary sometimes. Or even most of the time. That's why, in respect for my Creator and myself and my colleagues, I try to wear something cheerful to the office. As much as I can discipline myself to do it, that is."
LeeAnne, Style N Season
Some time ago peasant skirts and peasant style were all the rage. It just so happened that I've been having several pieces of those in my wardrobe for like forever, so I didn't need to buy anything to join the trend. Well, I guess now the trend has passed, but I still like the rather whimsical yet adorable patchwork skirts, so I decided to cut the skirt from ankle length to knee length so I have more options to wear them either on weekdays for work or on weekends to play.
Btw, I didn't realize that I lost a button on the ruffle white shirt. Luckily I always layer so there's nothing shown but the white tank top underneath! Also, even luckier, I managed to find the missing button, so I can just sew it on later!
At first I planned to combine the navy and white ensemble with 'safe' white bag and earrings, but then I thought: "Think pink!" and ended up with this look.
What do you think of the rather stark bold color combo of navy and shocking pink? Hoovering! Peasant skirt: old, cut off from ankle length to knee length. White ruffle shirt: Victoria's Secret (USA). Navy blazer: Anne Klein (USA). Bag: Guchi Collection. Earrings: Aldo. White sandals: Aily (Malaysia). Bracelets: from Jerusalem and Plaza Semanggi.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello, Zebra! Ain't Time Funny?

Time is funny.

Everybody has the same 24 hours a day. Whether you are a princess or a pauper, a CFO or an intern, a PhD or a high school student.
In business world, time is money. In real world, time is life. You cannot buy life. You can only live it. Therefore the most precious thing you can give is your time, because it’s a portion of your life.
You will always have time for things or people who matter to you. If you don’t, it means that person or thing is not high enough in your priority list.
If a friend says she’s too busy and doesn’t have time to see you, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the time. It means you are not high enough in her priority list for her to make herself available for you. Don’t be upset. She might be doing the right thing by putting her loved ones before you. Won't you also do the same thing?
If someone who claims to love you but never have time for you, it means you are not high enough in their priority list. And if so, what kind of love is that? Think about it when you heard “Sorry, I’m just so busy” from people who claim they love you. Think about it also when you are about to say “Sorry, I’m just so busy” to the people whom you claim you love.
Zebra asymmetrical top: Bebe. Black turtleneck: Lerner New York. Black slacks The Limited. White necklace and earrings: unbranded. White and gold bangle: birthday gift from friend. Gold sandals: Yongki Komaladi. Nude color handbag: gifted by a friend. (He jokingly said it's a "nude LV inspired bag at a fraction of the price". Well, I don't think I've ever seen any LV that would inspire that style, but still, what girl doesn't like a thoughtful gift, rite!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Penang Delights (Part 1): Heritage Charm

Note: this is a picture-heavy post. I've tried to narrow it down, but I really want to show you Friends this lovely place we stayed in during our New Year's mini vacation

If you read my previous posts, you might know that I spent Christmas vacation at my parents', then went for a four-day trip to Penang, Malaysia. Mind you, I didn't go to the newer part of Penang where all the skyscrapers and glam life are. I went exclusively to stroll around the old part of Georgetown, that is full of quaint buildings from 1800s or early 1900s from various cultures: Indian, Chinese, Peranakan and British. And the best part is, they are all scattered about at a relatively compact area, that you can just walk around everywhere! No wonder the place is annointed as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, just like Borobudur Temple in Indonesia. Those blocks of architectural diversity is a haven for photographers, and also for lovers of art, culture and history like myself!

I wanted to have a completely different experience on this trip, so I chose to stay in this quaint, small heritage boutique hotel called Yeng Keng. They only have 20 rooms, and are housed in a magnificent 19th century, Chinese-style building. It was a gamble, actually, since I had no idea what the hotel is really like, outside of pictures from the website, and I was afraid that an old hotel would be damp and everything. Not to mention that the price is not cheap (in fact, newer hotels are cheaper!). What encouraged me was the impressive reviews from guests from all over the world about this hotel at The guest list spans from German, Australia, France, USA, Singapore, etc. Very international. So I thought, why not take a chance? It might be interesting. Boy, I'm so glad I did!

Yeng Keng is an old building, yes, but has been restored to its original splendor, with magnificent Chinese-style entrance gate, road-side cafe, beautiful intricate details and carvings, lovely antique furnishings, and oh-so-cute colors! No wonder I took so many pictures of the hotel alone.

The room is very clean - which is very very important for me - and with modern amenities. The room is rather small, but it doesn't feel cramped at all. And the staff..  Goodness! I stayed in five-stars hotels before, with excellent yet rather mechanical service. At Yeng Keng, perhaps because they only have 20 rooms, the staff are not just strictly professional, they are genuinely helpful, attentive, friendly and proactive. For example, on the last evening, I told the receptionist that I'd need to check out very early the next morning at 5.30 to catch a flight. Without my mentioning anything, she kindly asked if I wanted a wake-up call, if she should order a cab for me, AND "Would you like to have some sandwich for breakfast? The restaurant is still closed at 5.30 but I can ask the kithen staff to prepare something for you to eat." And she did, and we got sandwiches with hams and butter and cheese, and some fruits, as well! How thoughtful!

AND the location of the hotel alone is well worth the money. Chulia Street is in the main artery of the multi-cultural heritage walk, situated only 15 minutes away from the furthest place of interest. We could walk to the nearest convenience store to buy bottled water, to the malls, and the souvenir shops. I didn't buy anything though, we were too busy sightseeing and taking pictures. This was not like my Singapore trip, solely dedicated to shopping. This one was about culture! ^__^

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and here are some pictures of the hotel.

 Part of the road-side bar at the front of the hotel. Note the ratan chairs.                             

The lobby is small and cute, with glass tile of Yeng Keng logo, representing the entrance gate.
The pool has an interesting stone-work background for picture taking! I love!

And these are the Chinese-style stoneworks...
Top: Connextion (Matahari Dept. Store). Skinny jeans: Forever 21 (Sommerset). Sneakers: Nike. Purse: Palomino (Sogo). Gold skinny belt: unbranded.

The second floor. The hotel has many sitting nooks and mews with antiques or new comfortable chairs. Guest can sit and read the magazines or play board games and cards provided by the hotels.

I so wanted to bring some of these furnitures home! They're gooooorgeous!

The breakfast room is painted in cobalt blue. Very pretty and different!

And every morning, in addition to continental-style breakfast, they also serve these local delicacies and cakes for the guests.

The back door leading to the backyard. Have you ever seen a back door sooo 'dressep-up' with such elaborate and intricate carvings and happy colors like this? I haven't! Not even in Las Vegas hotels!

Even this old-fashioned windows are just beautiful to take pictures! From the wide windows, I could see the buzzling of Chulia Street, the road-side cafe at the front of the hotel, and the Chinese-style entrance gate.

For more information, go to their website at or for reviews go to
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