Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Quick Update

Once he was only a tiny bundle that I could carry easily with just one hand, and with a blink of an eye, Michael turned into a three-year-old little boy. This is just a picture of Michael's birthday in January. I knooooowwww.... I'm a terrible blogger. I've been having so much trouble uploading pictures to blogspot, and since I don't earn a living from my blog, I am too lazy to research on how I should cope with the technical difficulties. Usually I just upload from my Facebook pictures' URL, but for some reason, it didn't work anymore for blogspot. Anyone knows how to fix this?

We are not the kind of people who like to throw big, elaborate birthday parties. I admire, well, perhaps a little bit jealous, of those Pinterest mommies whose talent rival Martha Stewart in DIYs, cooking, baking, and don't get crazy planning such beautiful themed parties for their children; but as much as I love entertaining, I gravitate more into casual, informal entertaining. No fuss, no theme, just some family members and friends gather together to eat from mismatched diningware! Good food, good company and good conversation. Not very Pinterest worthy, but it seems like the guests (and the hostess) are quite happy with my limitation and lack of creativity!


So many things happened after that: my husband's sister got married, my father in law's birthday, my parents got sick, changes at work place where Hubby and I were both assigned more responsibilities, then all of us got sick in the family.

Hopping to last Sunday, which was Easter Sunday. It was the first time after several weeks that we as a family was able to worship together, after long illness, so it was really special to us.

Meanwhile, the Lord had continued to use every comings and goings in our lives to teach us something. Many things. I read somewhere, that in the Lord's economics, nothing is going to waste. Absolutely right!

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