Monday, January 2, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around, Baby

Happy New Year 2012, Friends! Sorry for the long hiatus. I was spending Christmas holiday with my parents then had a little trip to Penang, Malaysia to celebrate New Year's Eve there. Anyway, I know this is a new year, a new beginning, yada yada... but it doesn't mean everything in our closet has to be new! In fact, I'm wearing an old top and carrying a very old satchel in this post.

How do you like my red Nina Ricci bag? It was my Mom’s from her younger years. She has this amazing collection of branded goods in her closet, which I adore. Years ago, this kind of satchel purses with long straps were very popular, but over the years, fashion changed to tote bags and shorter straps, so this particular style was considered a passé. But the wheel of fashion always rolls in circular motion, and now they’re back with a vengeance, and looking better than before!

I take a good measure to taking care of my stuff, so prior to its re-debut, I aired the inside and gave the whole surface a good swipe with baby oil that brings forth the lovely sheen. The material is of such excellent quality, it still looks fantastic after all these years. So, thanks Mom, for transferring this gorgeous satchel purse to me. I love!
Luv the bag's subtle lovely sheen! Amazing what a lil' bit of baby oil can do to bring back the lustre!
And the red color matches the wedges just lovely.
(Though it doesn't suit my silver toe nail polish, haha!)
 I love!
Business casual vs strictly professional look.

Business-casual look:
Flower-patterned chiffon top: Escrava. Pink cardi: Marks & Spencer. Black slacks: The Limited (USA). Wedges: Mon Cher by Lolly. Earrings: old collection.
Stictly-professional look:
Black blazer: tailored.

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Catherine Au Jong said...

highlight: the wedges. I love red and the stripes on the wedges!
happy new year, leeanne

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

I love your outfit its vey nice & You look pretty! nice combo..Happy new year!

Helena Natanael said...

gosh i like your black blazer! it looks classy but still pretty :) would you like to follow each other?

Jill said...

You always look so pretty. Great bag and I love the striped wedges! Happy New Year.

Squeeze the Pug said...

Dear LeeAnne,

Im so sorry that I have been terribly rude and haven't replied your nearly one month message until now. I have been away on long vacation during the festive season and have been completely off the cyber world.

I personally would like to say thank you to you for leaving a very sweet and heartfelt comment on my blog page. Again very sorry, this reply is awfully long due.

I agree with you, a lot of things that we desire and would love to portray are not necessarily suitable or fit in our work place and a blog spot is a perfect way to channel those thoughts.

Anyways, I would also like to comment that how brilliant is your red nina ricci bag. I think it is even more special the fact that you have inherited with from your mother. It is in an impeccable condition too.

Squeeze The Pug @ Peh Sun

Shana said...

Love the color of that bag!!! so pretty! Thank you so much for linking up! love seeing all of your colors and thrifty finds ;o)


Regina said...

Simply gorgeous!

Happy Pink!

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