Monday, August 19, 2013

Flower Color Power

This is the second part of my mini vacation getaway post. I went with my husband before my pregnancy, and it was such a serene holiday. Basically all we did was cuddling up, sleeping, eating, and having a bath in the private hot spring pool right in front of our very room door. 

Wearing solid color without a little bit of "sprinkles" can be boring, especially for daytime activities. Yep, even with such extra-bright color like this yellow. Paired with cut-off blue jeans, the outfit turned out OK but so-so. Soooo here comes the happy cobalt blue and grass green scarf tied non-chalant-ly around the neck. Grab the red patent bag and I'm ready! The scarf was thrifted many years ago from Florida, I think, during my US years, and I had no idea what to do with it when I bought it, because it's such a vibrant colored piece. Yet, it turned out to be extremely versatile.

You cannot see in the picture, but the red bag is no longer in top condition. It's already got torn and shredded in several different places. I almost threw it away once, and boy, am I glad I didn't!

Can't resist having my picture taken with these pretty blooming hortensias. Aaaah, the joy of dressing easy and comfy! It's almost as easey-breezy as the fresh air at this mountain resort.
Ow, and these are what I have for my three-course dinner.
Some appetizers: cold salad and chicken cream soup with a small piece of garlic bread.
Then came the main course: chicken cordon blue with some veggies and william potatoes. I have no idea why it's called william potatoes since it's shaped like a pear. This is the first time I have william potatoes. Basically they're just minced potatoes, fried and covered with batter.

And finally some fruits and pudding for dessert. Check the beautiful shapes of the puddings! Star, airplane, fish... So cute!

These are some puddings served as our dessert menu on the second day. The tiny mugs are just so cute I wish I could bring them home with me. I think using pretty dining utensils for everyday life is a marvelous habit. You don't need to keep them locked up in the cupboard, saved only for those special occasions. Besides, each day of our lives IS indeed special!

And I'm thankful for it. I'm thankful for getaways like this. But I don't live just for vacations. I also am thankful for my work, my husband, my baby, my little family, and all the mundane and ordinary things in my daily life. Life is like a song. This kind of vacation is the high notes. But a song is not a song when only built on high notes.

The restaurant floor tiles have some butterfly shapes scattered around. Aren't they pretty!

This is another way I styled this baggy yellow T-shirt, in this post here. 

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Marla Robinson said...

Such pretty pictures. Looks like you're having a wonderful time.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You look SO cute in yellow! :)

JTWisdom said...

Glad you had a great vacation. The food looks delicious.

Hazel Moon said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation with us here at "Tell Me a Story." Your colors mix and match so well and your pictures are awesome.

StyleKikay said...

I never liked yellow on me but I do like it on other people esp on you. You look so bright and fresh! :)


Beth said...

Very cute! I love the many ways you've shown to wear your shirt, scarf and belt. I don't know that I would've thought to do that kind of accessorizing and it always looks so good on other women. And it looks like you had a great vacation too. Thanks for giving us a peek into the beauty and fun, my friend. And I think this may be your first time to link up at Wedded Wed. So welcome and I hope you keep coming back!

Angel Allen said...

Looks wonderful.
Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
Angel @

Also new follower via Bloglovin and GFC.

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

I love the wash on your jeans. Hi I'm #26 at Favorite Fashion Friday.

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Great post!

Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

Lauren xx

Anita said...

Wonderful to know you had a lovely time away :)

Thanks for linking up at Scattering the Stones.

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