Monday, June 9, 2014

Candyland! Candyland!

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman

Camel jacket (find similar here, here, herringbone version here)
Lemon full skirt (find similar ihere, here, here)
Candy striped polo shirt (find similar in pastel here, sequin striped (fabulous!) here, multicolor here)
Gold kitten heels (find similar gold metallic here, wedges here, glam version here)
Coral pink quilted purse (find similar here, here, tote version here)
Pink flower earrings (find it here, here, here)

How would I compare being a single woman to being a wife and mother? Well, both have its own highlights and moments and challenges. I cannot say one is harder or easier than the other, they are just different.

I was a busy gal when I was single and lived alone. I climbed up the corporate ladder with much more ambition that I do now, I socialized, I went to parties like there's no tomorrow, I went clubbing, I sat in coffee shops with my laptop and write, I cleaned my apartment , I attended trainings and workshops on a regular basis to better myself, I went to the bookstore and read, I went to evening CFA classes, I shopped, I called my parents, I traveled. Well, that sounds an awful lot, isn't it?

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman

Let's compare to how my life is nowadays. I still climb the corporate ladder, but it's no longer at the top of my priority list. I make pretty much good money with excellent benefits, and since I have proven my capabilities during my single years, now I'm at the position with higher responsibility but also higher flexibilities. Whenever my team needs to work until late, I leave the office at five and guide my team from home via telephone and internet chats. I play with my son, feed him, prepare dinner, and wait for Hubby to come home. He usually comes home around seven, then we'll have dinner while our son usually play around the dining table within our sight. Then both me and Hubby play with our son, I prepare formula bottles, prepare him for bed, story time, and I tuck him in at eight. Then usually my Hubby will want to tell me more about his day, bath time, I do my before bedtime ritual like praying, writing my gratitude journal and such, then we go to bed at eleven. In between, I sneak some time for myself: watching YouTube, read, blogwalking, etc. I have very limited me time nowadays, so I really take advantage of it to recharge and keep myself sane. ^__^
Hmmm.... Sounds much simpler and less complicated than my single years, no? Yes. But let me tell you one thing that makes a huge difference: now I have a husband and a son to take of. I mean, I do have PEOPLE who really needs me to take care of them, on a DAILY basis.

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman
I have a grown up man who needs my attention and my listening to him, and hug him and kiss him, and prepare his dinner, and eat with him, and greet him at the door, and shop for his toiletries, etc. A grown up man who needs his wife as a person, as a woman, as a partner, AND for his wife to make a home for him where he can unwind and relax.
I also have a little man who needs not just mental attention but also physical attention. He needs Mommy to play with him, he needs constant changing, bath, feeding, milk, lots of hugs and kisses. He is growing and learning and getting bigger and naughtier 24/7, and as parents we have responsibility to guard this little boy to grow up into the man that God wants him to be. Of course, Daddy has a lot of share in raising a son. Yet when the son is still so little, Mommy holds the bigger role.

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman

As a single woman I had different responsibilities and tasks. Yet, I found out that even if I let the apartment fall apart around me, it would still be OK. Not feeding a toddler is not OK. I can skip a day or two of CFA class and catch up on the material later on. I cannot skip a day or two worth of nutritious meals for a toddler, because I know full well his brain is developing and his body is growing and needs fuel. Your TV can wait. Your friends can wait. The doorbell can wait. A toddler can wait, yes, waiting while screaming at the top of his lungs and then as result he'll throw up and you'll have to feed him and clean him all over again. It's different because now it involves a small, defenseless, living, breathing human being that desperately needs you.
I used to have a dog. It's like having a child, yes. It depends on you and needs a lot of tender, love and care. But it's different. A dog will always be a pet, no matter how old it becomes. A child will grow up to be a man. That thought made me feel responsible that the toddler wobbling around the house right now will turn out to be a godly man. ^__^

It's like what my Hubby said one time. "As a single man, I am like a horse who loves prancing around and run wild and free in the green meadow, with no cares in the world. This horse love to try out new things, so sometimes he purposely goes down the valley and into the jungle, cross the muddy river or even the flooded one, galloping down a waterfall like a man horse, just for the sake of adrenaline. Being reckless makes you fell alive. Now the horse has a princess and a little baby on his back. He can still run wild and free and jump like a mad horse, but he chose not to, because he wants the princess and the baby on this back to be safe and enjoy the ride. Sometimes the princess and the baby will get down on the grass to have a picnic, THEN the horse will have some time to run wild again. But after several hours, after letting out some steam, the horse will go back to the princess and the baby, and be tame and sweet again. And all three of them will galloping again happily to the beautiful, green meadow, where all of them can rest, and rejoice, and be merry, together. That place is called HOME."

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman

stylish mom, fashionista mom, what i wore to work, working mom, career woman
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Whitney James said...

Love the colors! Springtime perfect - thanks for linking up! XO


CynthiaJSwenson said...

I think these are great thoughts! The outfit is so lovely ,as well! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

JL said...

Such a pretty yellow skirt! It looks terrific with your colorful striped top and neutral jacket. Very nice look!


Kelli Woodford said...

A lovely reflection on the different seasons of life. Thanks for linking with Unforced Rhythms.

Dawn Lucy said...

Super pretty skirt!

Claire said...

I love the colors, so summer!

God bless,
XO, Claire

Melaina25 said...

Very summery!

☆Transatlantic Blonde☆

Victoria Mason said...

Very spring/summer! Cute!

Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

Sandy a la Mode said...

pretty colors!!

Sandy a la Mode

Heather Buen said...

I love the story from your husband. it's so sweet and so accurate.

Marie said...

I scaled back at work for the kids. I don't always love where I work like I used to,but I am typing from home today and that's what counts.
Cute post,
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Megan Dacus said...

The color of your midi skirt is amazing and the length is great! Totally love this outfit!

Catty Fashion

Christina Morley said...

Cute earrings and the outfit is prettier without the brown jacket. I can see the detail of the top better and it's very pretty. Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More, on my weekend blog hop!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up. Cute skirt. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma

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