Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coral Splash

The knowledge that I'll have a date right after work gave me the needed boost to dress-up a little bit girlie today. So let's welcome the pretty and feminine color of coral!

The quality of the picture is not that good since I didn't bring my faithful pocket camera with me. (Well, even if I DID bring it along, it's such an old camera, the result would be just the same or worse). But anyway, I'd like to record the ensemble, not myself, so this should be sufficient.

Coral is such a happy and feminine color, and it's a great alternative to the all-girl-color pink. I've had this knitted coral sweater and lace camisole for like, years, but never thought that both will make such a lovely combination. Well, not until today, that is.

Since I'm on a date, I took off my brown blazer and just hang it around my copper-color bag as seen on the picture. Blazers are for work. This is a date, not work, so begone formal-looking blazer!

Actually blazer is a life-saver for me since I dislike wearing formal shirt-suit combination, prefer to build my own fun combination instead, something that can serve me well DURING office hour and AFTER office hours. Blazer hides my after-hours look under its professional-looking disguise.

For now, my pizza (and my date) is waiting at La Porchetta, Grand Indonesia. So, off me go!

1 comment:

Sophie A. said...

Hope this date transformed into a boyfriend :)

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