Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ladies Luncheon

I'm at Plaza Indonesia and I see this "artwork" on the wall. Suddenly, I'm getting inspired to:

  1. Have a lovely lunch with my girlfriends at a nice cafe, have a nice chat, wearing nice clothes, and eating nice food. Men are wonderful, but girls need to gather together with their own from time to time, doing a bit of girl-time classics: catching up, gossiping, comparing each other clothes & make-up, work & partner, giving & getting beauty tips & tricks, shopping for new shoes, etc.

  2. Combining the colors black, white and grey in my wardrobe, spiced up with fire-engine red.

  3. Wearing a fedora hat.

  4. Hanging artwork on my wall. (Even a simple one does make a difference!)

  5. Buying some of those gorgeous champagne flutes and use them at home. Who says I can only use champagne flutes to drink champagne? I plan to use them anytime I want to add a feel of fabulousness and luxury to my daily life. Even drinking iced water from champagne flute would make a girl feel grand. So ladylike. So classy. Even if the girl lives in a tiny rented-room and only eat rice & beans for dinner. So why don't I? I definitely would!

Why don't you?

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