Saturday, February 11, 2012

Color Burst

I wore this super-cheerful, happy-color, bright ensemble for Chinese New Year family gathering a while back, and then totally forgot to post it. I'm such a lousy blogger. But anyway, better late than never, rite. Haha!

What I mean family here, are my aunties, uncles and cousins. Every year, an auntie host this annual gathering for all relatives who live in Jakarta or nearby towns and suburbs.

These are some rules that I live by when visiting, including visiting my own relatives:

Wear something nice and proper, depend on the occassion

Show respect for those who will have to see you and look at you. When I was younger, I thought I could get away with wearing anything and doing anything I want by saying: "I am just being myself!". Now I realized that being myself with no caring of hurting or annoying others is just plain childish and selfish. Yes, stay true to yourself, but anyone who refuse down pat to consider other people's feelings and needs altogether, would better live alone in the jungle!

The color red is very significant for Chinese New Year. It is considered bad luck to wear gloomy or dark colors on this auspicious day. Thus, I always opt for bright, happy colors to wear for this annual celebration.

Also, I know there would be little children attending - nieces and nephews -, so I avoid clothes that are too short (Little children have low eye level, you don't want them to see what's under auntie's micro mini!), or too tight, or made of too sheer fabric. Children nowadays are exposed to too many shows and entertainment which I don't consider good role models, such as Keeping Up with You-Know-Who, so I don't think myself as their auntie need to add another bad example on top of that by wearing immodest clothing right in front their faces! Of course, modesty really depends on culture and where you live. For example, some cultures and religions see pants as immodest on women. For others, pants are okay. My own rule for modesty is quite simple: be attractive, NOT attract-ing!

Arrive on time, early, or late, depends on your tradition and culture

In the US, it is considered rude to arrive more than 10 minutes late. But here in Indonesia, 15 to 30-minute late is considered normal, even proper for large informal gatherings like this one. The invitation says 12 noon, so I depart from my house at 12 o'clock sharp so I could arrive at my auntie's house around 12.30-ish. Of course, it's not applicable for formal or business meetings or when you are meeting friends at the mall!

Bring a hostess gift or contribute something to the party

I notice that my cousins brought dishes last year, and an auntie always brings fresh fruit every year. So for this year, knowing there will be little nieces and nephews running wild around the house, I brought ice creams! I bought them from nearby supermarket, in little cups with plastic spoona, so the hostess won't need to wash too many bowls and spoons. Yeah, yeah, I am pro green living, but for this kind of events, I think it's OK to use plastic utensils for convenience.

Another auntie brought disposable paper cups, which are great because with so many guests sitting and drinking together, it's easy to get your glass mixed up with others'. With disposable cups you feel free to use a new cup without feeling you add a burden to wash those additional glasses to the hostess. Or to the hostess' maid(s).

Try to be a good guest

Just the usual ettiquette every child above 2 years old should know. Engage in conversation, be polite, be cheerful, say thank you. Help the hostess to keep away dirty plates. Don't put on a sour face. Don't critize the food. Again, have respect for your host or hostess, and for other guests. Don't you want other people to have respect for you, as well?

Don't leave too early or stay too long!

What are your rules to be a good guest?
Red dress: unbranded. Necklace and earrings: unbranded child's accessories! (I got inpired by this post at Clothed Much blog) Mustard backpack: Zara. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Wedges: Ana Eslie.

By the way, these platform wedges are new. They are gift from a friend. Aren't they pretty? It's just that I'm not used wearing shoes with arch that high, even platform wedges, and need some getting used to. I wish they were an inch shorter so the arch won't be that high.


Lorena said...

What a cheerful outfit !
AND your tips are right on :)
I usually arrive on time and help clean up - most important never arrive empty handed. Even if it's just flowers.

Ly said...

I love love your shoes. Wow 30mins late is normal? lol. I ridic punctual and when people are late it drives me mad.

ChinaDoll said...

I love your top! It has a fun and cheerful color which is perfect for the occasion and it even matched your wedges :)

Fashionable Memories said...

Your shoes is so cute fresh and pretty :)

Audrey Masitsa said...

I love this outfit. It's so colourful and cheery. The combination of colours is daring but fun.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!!!


Girlie Blogger said...

These are great rules and certainly ones I follow.

Your outfit is brilliant and your necklace is gorgeous. Bet your relatives loved seeing you.

Girlie Blog Seattle - Beauty Tips, Makeup How To, Seattle Lifestyle

Helena Natanael said...

I agree with your thoughts, sometimes I think like that too :)

your wedges is pretty! I adore it <3
dan waktu aku memperhatikan foto terakhirnya, nail art kamu keren kak, seperti ada glitternya gitu kan? ehehe....

have a great weekend, Miss LeeAnne!

Gabrielle said...

I love the bright colors on your outfit!

Konayachi-nyan said...

Don't worry! ^_^ I hope you do your work well :)
Internship? Can you tell me more about it~? ^^
I should try to have one! :D And that's the best part. When we learn more and we get paid! ^^ Thanks for the suggestion, :))

Hope you have a great day! xx

By the way, you look great with bright colors! :DD

Diana said...

I like your colorful outfit!! you look so striking for head to toe! :D

Jenny said...

I totally agree with your rules! And I love all of the bright colors in the outfit!
Modern Modest Beauty

Leticia Oliveira said...

Loovely colors!!!

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy New Year Leanne! I mean it was a few weeks ago but it's never too late to see these outfit posts. And I agree, always dress nicely for the occasion and bring a hostess gift.

Jade said...

I love the colours and playfullness of this outfit! And great tips for being a good guest xx

Cathy said...

I LOVE all the colors, especially your shoes!!

Follow me back? (:

Rosie said...

so jealous you get spring and summer all year long!!!
LOVING the bright colors!

p.s. thanks for your comment. now following,hope you can follow back!


Melaina25 said...

What a fun outfit! Hope you'll enter my HYY legging giveaway :)

Bethany Reine' said...

love all the color!! i am super southern, so my number 1 rule of being a good guest is to help clear the table/do dishes. somehow, i always end up in the kitchen :)

Jill said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours so far! Love the color. That necklace is so fun!

Daisy said...

All that color is so nice! That necklace is really cute.

Kassie said...

So bright and fun!

That necklace is great!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love, love, love that necklace and the sandals. The red dress creates the perfect backdrop.
Visiting from What I Wore Wednesday.

Shannon Olson said...

I love all the color! Great look =)

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Your necklace is so fun! Love this colorful outfit.

Anonymous said...

Love that necklace and those wedges! Amazing pops of color! Thanks for sharing! xo

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