Monday, October 24, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 6): Jerusalem The Beautiful, The White City Up The Hill

I did tell you that I'm not a professional blogger, so please be understanding, Friends, if I just posted this Holyland series now instead of two or three weeks ago! I think I still have two more posts, so bear with me!

Are you a fan of Lord of The Rings? If yes, and if you watched the movie, you’d know that in the 3rd installment there was a scene with a gorgeous animation of Gondor, The White City, in all its magnificence.
Now, as much as I adore the beautiful story, I know full well that Gondor only exists in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, not on our Earth. But, if Earth has a Gondor, then it must look like Jerusalem.

We reached Jerusalem very late at night and went straight to the hotel. After hours of bus ride across the Sinai desert, we were dead tired, hence didn’t pay any attention to the surroundings. Not to mention that it was already dark. So in the morning, after a good night sleep, a satisfying breakfast, and feeding our soul with a Holy Mass, we hopped onto the bus and headed to the city, ready for a day of spiritual adventure. And my my my…


The city I’ve heard so much about in the Bible and on the news. Amidst the early morning golden rays of sunshine, she came to life right before our very eyes, with all her splendor, grace and beauty.
Seeing this magnificent white city on the hill, my heart leaped with joy and gratefulness that God gave me, us, the opportunity to be there and then. I was not the only feeling that way, I suppose, since the whole bus suddenly sprang in impromptu manner and sang joyfully:

“Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Open your gates and sing!
Hosana, in the highest! Hosana to your King!”

It’s so sad that such beautiful and historical city became a neverending source of conflict. I pray with all my heart that whatever the conflict is about, it will be resolved in peace. Amen.

See what I mean by 'the white city'? All buildings are built of limestone.
And the city is kinda hilly, so there are lots of streets going up and down.

I've heard about Mount Zion a lot in songs and books since I was a little girl, and now I'm going to see the real one. We're going to the walled city Old Jerusalem. So excited!!!!

Jeans: old GAP jeans. Sneakers: Nike. Hat: from Korea. Baby doll: from Malaysia. Nude cropped cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger (USA). Dangling earrings: Claire (USA). Red patent bag: from Philippines.


laura said...

Jerusalem is one of those places that I totally want to go to! These are awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Hallie said...

beautiful views, and love the last picture:D

Lilith said...

You look lovely, amazing photos


dina vanessa mercado said...

WOW!!! jerusalem, the holy land.. what did you feel when you explored the place?... it really looks so historical and magical... i really would want to go there too.. you seemed to have a nice time in your trip and you looked gorgeous!!! loved your blog... following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.... kissess!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh i am so ENVIOUS of your trip LeeAnne! THanks for posting your pics and your fashion selections... dreaming of visiting jerusalem one day too!

Diana said...

Wow the place you went to looks amazing! :D

ღ jenwoonani said...

Lol, I loveeee that you compared it to Gondor! And this is a very cultural and beautiful post, my dear! You described everything so vividly and the pictures look amazing. I hope one day I can travel arous and visit such monumental places!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow, great photos! Looks like such a beautiful place!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thank you for all your sweet notes, Friends!
Actually I planned to visit Jerusalem sometime when I'm "older", because I imagine it would be a very spiritual journey, but I really really really wanted to fullfill my promise to take my parents there, so went I did after saving for a year for this trip!
And it was really fun! I've never been there, of course, but somehow it felt oddly familiar, perhaps because I've heard about the place so much from the news, books, and the Bible.
I hope you all can visit Jerusalem, too, one day. It really is beautiful!

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been SUCH an amazing experience! To walk where Jesus walked... Wow. I can't even imagine.

La Professionnelle said...

Great pics! Looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing these. I think your choice of the red purse was the perfect pop of color for this setting!!


creativefashionglee said...

Very lovely photos. You look so comfortable in jeans. :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing. This is on one of the top cities that I would love to visit. Even the stone walls look ancient and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

DaenelT said...

I would love to go to Jerusalem.

Love your outfit.

Sophie A. said...

love the outfit...ok i have to do you get to go all these places? :D do u have frequent flyer miles or something lol? :D

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

1. Saving some money so I can finance the Holyland trip (hahaha!). I saved for over a year for this trip since I made a promise that I would take my parents.
I love travelling, even to close, more affordable places. When I was in the US, I drove around a lot to visit small towns and had a blast for cheap. ^o^
2. How do I visit all those places in the 3 countries of Holyland? Mostly by tour bus, so I spent a lot of time viewing the landscape of Holyland. It was fun, and I never get bored because the landscape is so much different from my country.

LeeAnne, Style N Season

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