Thursday, July 11, 2013


I called this ensemble my mommyform! Haha! 

I started this blog to spread the message of modern and fashionable modesty. Yet, after a while, this blog has played a huge factor in motivating me to look pulled together everyday. Not always fashionable, but at least presentable and I'm having such fun to put a decent looking outfit together in a very short time. Like, I learned to literally throw some things together and go on with my life.

One thing about mommyform is: it doesn't need to be dowdy!

As for me, basically all I need is just a comfortable ensemble of practical items:

A cute top

Don't just wear boring v-necks and basic blacks. Incorporate some cheerful patterns like flowers, or butterflies, hearts, or cute polkadots. Or add some pizzazz to plain basic T-shirts with happy colors: turquoise, hot pink fuschia, lavender purple, sky blue, aquamarine, leaf green, coral, sunshine yellow.

A basic skinny jeans or jeans skirt or cropped pants

I don't mean flowery skirt won't do, but solid bottoms are so much easier to mix and match.

A pair of fashionable comfy flats or wedges

I love heels, but even so, it's often too much work to wear stilettos when carrying a seven month old! Well, unless if you are Kimors Lee Simmons! ^__^

A pair of pretty stud earrings

As much as I love my big, dangling earrings, studs are much safer for Mommy and Baby. No risk of Baby pulling out the earrings and makes Mommy's ears bleed. Ouch.
Besides, there are many beautiful stud earrings out there. The ones with rhinestones, pearls, alloy, you name it, they've got it.

An eye catching, fun purse
A fancy purse can really spice up even the most basic (I don't say dowdiest) ensemble. Wear black tee with a pair of jeans and white sneakers, carry a hot pink tote, and suddenly you look fashionable. Also, if your purse is big enough, it can double as a diaper bag for short, one to two hour outings like doctor's appointment!

And last but not least: a scrunchie (or a big hair clip, or even bandana) and pink lipstick!

Who have time to blowdry with a baby in tow? I basically just tie my hair back so I'll look neat and fresh. And when I don't have much time to put on a full make up, a little bit of pink lips going on will make me look like I DO make an effort to look nice. 

Layering item like this jeans jacket is optional if you tend to jump from hot outdoor to super cold airconditioned places.

Before we got married, I promised my husband that I will always make an effort to look at least I care about how I look, no matter how old I am, no matter how many children God would grant us. I will not disrespect him by looking like an unkempt wife! This blog, is a chronicle that I still try to keep that promise. Not a glamorous Mommy or anything like that, but not a sloppy Mommy either!

And my husband just loves and appreciates that I DO keep that promise. ^__^

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Marla Robinson said...

Wow, you look adorable. I love your bag.

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

I am loving floral on you!!

Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

Lauren xx

hsmominmo said...

Great style tips! and you do look adorable :) it's worth the extra little effort to keep your hubby happy!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a cute and casual outfit - thanks for sharing.

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