Monday, December 2, 2013

Helloooo December! Hello Kitty!

Note: I finally succumb to the temptation and open an Instagram account! I know, I know, I'm so late, but better late than never, rite. Haha! The thing is, I usually don't have good internet or wifi connection, so uploading pictures on Instagram takes waaaayyyyy too long! But wifi is a little bit better now! If you'd like to know what's going on in my daily life, please find @stylenseason on Instagram. ^__^

Happy December! Can't you believe that it's almost Christmas?

A while back, I read a post by one of my very young favorite fashion blogger named Vern, who wrote how fashion bloggers are often seen as just a hobby and not as serious profession as doctors, accountants, or lawyers. Many people were amazed, she said, when she told them she wants to be an ambassador one day. To many people, she's just a college girl who loves to dress up, and therefore, doesn't need to be taken seriously. This is a young blogger who has numerous national advertising campaigns in her native country Philippines, with lots of press coverage, part time stylist jobs, has started her own clothing line, and often receive many perks and benefits and freebies from many companies for being a very popular blogger. If she were in medical or law blogging instead of fashion, it might have been different.

Now, I won't call myself a fashion blogger or a fashionista. And to me, blogging IS a hobby and a way to channel my thoughts, since I'm better to express myself in writing than in verbal form. It makes me some pocket money to buy some cheap stuff on Ebay from time to time, yes, but not even enough to buy me lunch, and by no way I can be classified as a professional or even very serious blogger. But I do love fashion.

I love accessories and reading (not wearing) about beauty products. I love collecting pink lipsticks, lipgloss and colorful eyeshadow pallettes. I have a closetful of purses. I love anything pretty. I love anything pink and girlie and cute. I am basically an ordinary girl with an extraordinaty love for all things ultra feminine. But, I don't take it all too seriously. I know that fashion itself is a SERIOUS business worth billions of dollars, but since I'm not in the industry, let's just say that I can enjoy it without thinking about it too much. To me, fashion is just one of the many fun things I'm grateful for in life.

Still, does my fashion - or my love of fashion and beauty - make people take me less seriously, like Vern? Yes and no. Especially in the corporate world, where I spend about eight straight hours a day, five days a week. I just want to stress here, that in this imperfect world, we do tend to pass judgement and make opinions and stereotypes about other people. It's just human nature, very normal and perfectly acceptable, as long as we keep it in proportion. What's your opinion about it, Friends?

Now, having said all those, let's change the subject before I got you all bored. Today I'd like to share with you the Hello Kitty haul that I just bought! Yayyy!!!

Before that, let me share with you some "grown up" Hello Kitty purses I found online that I'm practically drooling over!

I love Hello Kitty, but I always very careful not to overdo it or wear anything too childish. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many cute Hello Kitty goods manufactured for grown up women as continuation of their love  to this cute Sanrio character since childhood. I lost my shopping appetite since I got pregnant, but somehow sometime during my third month of pregnancy, after having dinner alone at a nearby mall, I got bored and decided to wander around. Well, fate stepped in and I found myself walking inside a store called Missy 7, where I stumbled upon these lovely, pretty, super cute Hello Kitty bags. I'm so excited to share these finds with you Friends!

No, no, no, this is not the bag that I bought, this is just the shopping bag from the store. I didn't throw it out since it's just so cute! I can always reuse it as a gift bag.

This is the first purse that I got. It's huge and I can put many things inside. The color is... oh well, I don't know how to call it. Deep, rich rose? Burgundy? Golden pink? It's a perfect color, size and style for me, since it's not the traditional baby pink Hello Kitty color, not too colorful, not flashy, the Hello Kitty design is subtle, and therefore the bag looks proper and mature enough to carry everyday for work. The material is thick and of good quality and covered with glittery mesh fabric. I don't think you can see the glitters in the picture, though.
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
The Hello Kitty design is a gold hard-plated design with rhinestones on the little heart-shaped "puffy pillow" chain thing on the bag handle. It's subtle and looks cute and girlie, but still classy and grown up.
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters

hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
I love feminine detail, and I absolutely thrilled to see that the manufacturer put as much thought on the inside of the bag as well as on the outside. The lining is made of baby pink satin fabric with cute Hello Kitty bow patterns scattered around. So adorable!
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
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I'm glad that the Hello Kitty embroidery at the outside of the bag is in black, with deep ruby red heart rhinestones, so the color doesn't look ostentatious. It comes with a tiny purse inside, which I will use separately either as a makeup bag or a cell phone carrier.
See the tissue paper that comes with the bag? It has pink Hello Kitty patterns, too! I love!
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
It has such a pretty baby pink satin lining, too, with Hello Kitty bows and faces all around.
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
This is my other acquisition. A baby pink, glittery, Hello Kitty satchel box-shaped bag. It's huge for a satchel, with a lot of room to carry my "mini market". If not I wouldn't have purchased it! One thing that I don't like about this bag: the long, crossbody strap is made of baby pink plastic/vynil material which look cheap and tacky, so I wouldn't use it and just carry the bag by the handle like a clutch.
Of course, this one I can not use for work. It's just too bubble-gummy and cute-sy for office environment. But I can carry it to the mall with casual jeans or even with a little black dress for a dinner date with my husband! He approves on my love for all things feminine, since he likes feminine women himself, and he knows that beautiful things make me happy! ^_^
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters

hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
I just love love love this gold rimmed, hardplated Hello Kitty head with red apple and rhinestones!
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters
And of course, with similar cute lining! I'm obsessed with this baby satin lining! It's a very nice detail, though people won't be able to see it. I absolutely love!
hello kitty bag, hello kitty purse, hello kitty pink, glitters

And now I want a pink Hello Kitty wallet, like this..

So, would you say that fashion and beauty is as serious profession as medical or law? Personally for me, it depends. If I were sick, I'd see that a doctor is a much more serious profession than fashion stylist and lawyer. If I were suing someone, I'd say that lawyer is. If I were planning a big event and needs fashion advice, of course I'd say that fashion stylist is! Haha! And what if I were hungry? A chef, of course, is the most serious profession! And I would of course, say, that being a wife, and a mother, are the two most serious professions that I would ever consider for myself, ever! ^____^

What do you say, Friends?


kileen valenzuela said...

hooray for joining Instagram! it's seriously addicting. :)

and the hello kitty bag is so fun!

cute & little

Charlene@APinchofJoy said...

Fashion is fun -- but also a way of presenting ourselves to the world and to others and as such it deserves serious attention. Enjoyed reading your thoughts -- and looove the Hello Kitty hand bags!

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