Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year: One Downtown Sunday

Happy New Year, everyone! This post was actually written a loooong time ago, just at the very beginning of my pregnancy. Somehow I decided not to post it, until now. ^__^

“ ‘Girls, I’m sorry, but I won’t have time for you anymore. I’m married now.’ LeeAnne, if you ever, ever even imply that to us your friends, I’m going to kill you!”

That’s what a friend said to me when she found out I was engaged.
Have you ever felt like your married friends imply those sentences to you? I have. Not only from married friends, but also from girlfriends who just got into a new relationship.  An older unmarried girlfriend in her 40s also told me the same thing. An unmarried auntie in her 50s said that she got her “girls” back only many many years later, when all their children are grown up and their houses become empty. Not all married women are like that, of course. But I have some who are.
Having been recently married, now I’m in the position to understand that even now, when the children have not yet arrived, a husband occupies a lot of my time. He needs care, he needs attention, he needs ears to listen, he wants me to be constantly by his side.  But, I believe that a healthy marriage doesn’t equal being cooped up. It involves a lot than just me and him: parents, extended family, friends, community, and of course God. Each of them has a place in my priority list.
“I’m too busy for you” basically just means “You’re not in my priority list.”
Being married, my husband is on a higher position of my list of priority, compared to my friends. Of course, and I hope I am too, in his. BUT, my friends ARE on my priority list. Therefore, I make time for them. Because what is more precious gift I could give to my friends than time? Time, afterall, is what makes life.
Today I’m meeting a friend, Dian, for lunch. Dian is a yoga lover, so we arranged to meet for lunch at her favorite restaurant near her gym, at Oakwood, downtown Mega Kuningan. My husband kindly gave me a ride, then he waited at Loewy, reading book and had a cup of coffee.  We planned to attend mass at a nearby Church afterwards. He has had a huge brunch at home, thus he could just skip lunch altogether. I’m  very thankful for that, because Dian and I would have had less fun having our little girltalk and chit chat if the husband were present! Thank you, Hubby!
I really like this rather edgy, electric blue sequinned purse. It's not my usual feminine style, but I love to cross the border once in a while.
This is what Mega Kuningan looks like on the weekends. During weekdays, it's a traffic jam nightmare, but when it's empty like this, the area is actually quite nice and tranquil.

Dian is a yoga lover, healthy eating freak, jewelry maker, and researcher. I've done some part-time research work for her before. And she helped me to fix to this bracelet I got online. It was broken when the package arrived, and Dian came to the rescue. I'm so glad since the necklace is so cute with the flower, sea shell and stuffs.
We met at Penang Bistro restaurant, Dian's favorite restaurant at Oakwood.
I had 'ayam goreng blacan' or spicy friend chicken.
And today I'm just wearing these red flats instead of heels since, well, since I just found out that I was pregnant, of course!

Overall, it was a nice, lovely Sunday.

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