Monday, April 28, 2014

The Purple Unicorn

A reader, Victoria, asked about the links below my post and how I liked up with the bloggers I mention. Well, I guess I need to explain that I'm no way related to any bloggers, but I do link up with their link parties! ^__^ Hello, Victoria! I hope I have answered your question.

Also, the most annoying thing had happened last week! You might notice that many pictures on this blog suddenly disappeared into a grey box with some announcement from Photobucket. I'm fixing it, but it takes time and the pictures should be back (crossing my fingers) on May 7. Sorry for the inconvinience!

Hello, Friends!

In a previous post I mentioned how my Mom, Hubby, and actually some coworkers have encouraged me to do some shopping, since I have not bought any new dresses since 2011. Well, I did finally purchase some new things, though not dresses. One weekend I decided to do a small project: reorganize my shoe closet and throw away all the shoes that were too worn out to survive another season. I think I rid of six to eight pairs. All of them were beyond repair, the material had peeled off, the color had faded, or the soles had become too thin they're no longer comfortable. I always try to wear out things that I like before throwing them away. Sometimes I even repurpose them. Of course, sometimes I buy the "wrong thing" and ended up regretting it. For those particular cases, I usually choose to give them to someone else, donate them, or sell them. I don't like shoving unloved things to the back of my closet!

The most rewarding thing about doing a small project like this is the feeling of accomplishment. It's also very rewarding to see the empty spaces in my shoe closet and knowing that now I only have shoes that I love and will actually wear instead of worn out, disintegrated ones!

After the cleaning, I decided to treat myself with some shoes. I ended up with three pairs of these super cute wedges. They're all very colorful, very girlie, all bows and flowers and cheerful colors in shocking pink, bright red and electric blue, and most important of all: they're comfortable!

I even indulged myself and shopped online for some new accessories. I got these J. Crew-inspired bubble necklace, replica of course, and much cheaper than the real ones, and a pair of flower studs. I have been wanting this bluish mint bubble necklace for over a year, since the first time I saw it on various fashion blogs. I hunted all over ebay but could not one find one that I really like and sure about, or the seller doesn't ship to Indonesia. So when I stumbled upon this on an Instagram online store, I snatched it. I ended up buying in two colors because they have minimum order. One in bluish mint, the other in coral pink. I'm not really into the pink one, and when my order came, it looked more bright, tacky pink than coral, but surprisingly, it went well with a lot of clothes combinations! You can expect to see more of these necklaces in upcoming posts! I'm so glad I waited so long to get my hands on the bubble necklace trend. I've been getting compliments like crazy each time I wore either one of these lovely bubbles. They are really statement necklaces! You wear one, and you can skip all other accessories.

Because of the minimum order policy, I also order these adorable flower stud earrings. I am not into studs, I prefer big dangly earrings, but I watched AprilAthena7 vlog titled Dinner Party and I fell in love with her white, sunflower-inspired studs that stand out beautifully againts her jet black hair and tanned skin. They are so dainty and pretty, and not too small for my taste because I tend to prefer big earrings.


I wore this ensemble for Good Friday 3 pm mass. The heat was unbearable and during Easter weekend, the Church is always always full packed with fellow Churchgoers, so I dressed in this thin Unicorn top and batik skirt. I chose the lavender and purple combination, because in Catholic Church, Lent is signified with the color purple. I didn't want to wear bright colors on Good Friday, in respect of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that some people, including my Mom, consider that it is tacky for a mid-thirty mother like me carrying a glittery Hello Kitty purse. It looks like it belongs to a five-year-old, isn't it? Nevertheless, Hello Kitty makes me happy, she is the only cat that I love (I'm more a dog person) and thankfully, Hubby doesn't mind her wife still have a penchant for girlish, childish things like this. (Thank you, Hubby!!!) They make me happy! Well, I guess elegance is not my fashion middle name. I'm more into fun than classy. ^__^

In terms of life, nothing much has happened in the past week, but I'm glad to say that it's been a productive week. I finished a lot of small projects such as family budget and spending recap, wrapping one birthday gift, one baby shower gift, one care package, and one wedding gift for our friends. Hubby had the chance to visit an old friend who came from Holland. She brought her baby with her, and I hope I also will get the chance to see her and her baby one of these days. The care packaged I mentioned was for a friend of Hubby's who is ill and is in hospital right now.

Thease are some cute cupcakes a coworker gave me for her birthday. You can tell that she, too, loves Hello Kitty!

I decided to start sharing my weekly task list with you. I got inspired by Mandy of Biblical Homemaking. Hopefully, posting my weekly to-do list on this blog will motivate me to actually doing it. Hopefully! Of course, I won't share about work related list, for obvious reason.

Personal to-do list of the week:
  • Update our family insurance.
  • Read, learn and contemplate on The Book of James.
  • Prepare bank requirements to apply visa for my and Hubby's upcoming holiday.
  • Prepare transportation plan for the aforementioned holiday.
  • Meet architect to talk about renovation project.
  • Reorganize the linen closet.
  • Read one chapter of Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and one chapter of Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".
I will share with you next week whether or not I can stick to this list. ^__^

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Look at all of your amazing finds over the weekend! It's great to spoil yourself sometimes, I am glad you indulged. Love your necklaces, "Bubble" kinds are my favorite. That is quite the to-do list this week, I hope it all goes well. I think listing things on my blog helps keep me more motivated!

Anonymous said...

Too much Fashion fun! SO glad you have family to encourage you to take care of yourself.

Hazel Moon said...

I love your Hello Kitty purse and you are NOT too old to enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder to get rid of some old shoes I no longer can wear. As always, thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

Rebekah Bradford said...

I just reorganized my shoe closet too! I like having a lot of shoes, but it is so much nicer to only have shoes you're gonna wear!

Janice C. Johnson said...

I have to say, I simply LOVE your shoes!
--Jan (visiting from Soli Deo Gloria)

Antionette Blake said...

I love your choice of color combinations - so bright and cheery! Stopped by from Whitney's link up. said...

It's fun to see your whimsical love of fashion. The Hello Kitty bag is's a allowed. Blessings.

Carylee said...

The floral wedges are fun with the pop of cobalt! Thanks so much for linking up! Carylee |

Nicole Feliciano said...

Those necklaces are amazing!

Marie said...

love that unicorn shirt!

Marie @
In Our Happy Place

Melaina25 said...

It's great to have a clear out now and then!

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

Shea Coleman said...

I think you look awesome!! I can't believe you haven't purchased dresses in three years. I need your will power!! Loving all the new shoes you purchased. They are all fabulous!!

Whitney James said...

NICE shoes and accessories. I need to come borrow that 1st necklace! ;-) Very cute and fun look! Thanks for linking up...XO!


L A Chhay said...

Loving those cobal blue and floral wedges!
Cheers and following,
. RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

Laura Lane said...

You found some nice things.

Anna Fitfunner said...

Looks like you found some bright and wonderful combinations to add joy to your life. Have a great weekend!

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