Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Simple Gal's Journal: Busy Then Slow Weekend Recap

Good morning, Friends!
I'm in the mood for journaling lately, so I will share what's going on in my life. I enjoy reading posts like this on your blogs, and I'm enjoying more writing one!
Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday is supposed to be a relax day, but I found myself running around since early in the morning! We had an appointment with architect from out of town for a renovation project, whom we found online. We were a little hesitant to hire an architect whom we only met on the internet, but we were impressed with how quick and detailed they answered our emails, so we decided to give it a shot. The appointment was for 9 am, and the architect and his assistant knocked on our door on 8.45. Well, well, well, that's a good start! Especially since another architect whom I met before was always slow to answer email, didn't pick up my calls, and was almost an hour late for our appointment. Naturally I didn't hire THAT one! 

After the appointment, Hubby and I rushed to have a simple lunch, then we went straight to a Church in other part of the town. So yeah, it was a busy day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Actually Hubby wanted to take me and our son for a brunch at the mall, and I already laid out the outfit I was going to wear, the purse I was going to carry, etc. But I was not up to it. I had been nervous and tense and jumpy since Saturday, and I knew exactly why. I had been waiting for this weekend to come so I can stay home and charge my battery. I needed it. Especially since the long weekend before we were up and went places everyday, because Hubby loves going out and about. I am an extreme introvert. I NEED to stay home and have some me time to recharge my battery. Being around people all the time does not energize me at all, it sucks up all my energy. It's not that I don't like meeting people. I do. But an introvert needs to be alone to recharge. Only when I'm allowed to do that, can I bounce back the next day, lending a listening ear, sharing laughs, smile, kind words, giving out love and caring and tenderness to everyone around me. On Satuday night, when Hubby proposed yet another "fun", all-day activities to do and places to go for the next day, I was ready to have a nervous breakdown. I was tired from going out and being with people all the time. Mentally and physically. 

So I asked Hubby, do you mind if we just stay home today? I was afraid he will say I was exaggerating. I was afraid we were going to fight about it. Hubby is not an introvert, so naturally he could not understand, how could I be tired when all I needed to do was just sit in the car until we reach the destination? I wasn't even driving! 

Thankfully, he was being understanding and said yes. Hurray! 

So it was a slow, relaxing, fulfilling Sunday for me. I cooked breakfast of omelette for Hubby and me, with chopped green onions, garlic, shallot, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. I also warmed up some baked macaroni that my mother-in-law made for us the week before. As usual, we also had out morning portion of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies. Breakfast for the champions, indeed! Then I spent the rest of the day puttering around the house, cleaning, reading to my son, preparing clothes ensembles for the upcoming week, playing and taking a walk around the neighborhood with our toddler, doing my beauty treatment of yogurt face mask, reading the Bible, blogging. reading, watching YouTube videos. I was so happy to have this serene time.

But of course, by the end of the evening, it was Hubby's turn to become jittery! He just couldn't stay at home any longer, so we ended up going out to a nearby ramen shop for dinner. I was OK with that, because it was only five minutes drive away. Besides, marriage, and any relationship, is about take AND give. ^_^

These were what I ate for dinner: tonkatsu ramen with hot, rich, savory pork broth, with lots and lots of minced garlic, deep fried chicken and shrimp dumplings called gyoza, and cold green ocha tea. This might sounds yucky, but I had to brush my teeth like three times to get rid of the garlic smell from my mouth! I didn't know whether I had to laugh or scold when Hubby said "I still want to kiss you, I think you always smell nice, Honey!" No wonder I married this wonderful, loving man! ^_^

Later in the evening, we heard a shocking news that my brother and his wife, who lives in the US, was in a terrible car crash and his car had been totally wrecked. I called him right away, and almost cried with relief when he said he and his wife were OK, only shocked. Thank you, Lord. Please protect my loved ones. May God bless and watch out for them all. I was so scared because only a month or so earlier I had a nightmare about him having a car accident, and it really happened!

Allow me to share with you All what I wrote in my gratitude journal tonight:

I am blessed and thankful today for ...
  • I got to stay home and recharge my battery.
  • Cooking fulfilling breakfast for Hubby and me.
  • A good 30-minute nap in the afternoon.
  • Quality time driving around the neighborhood with Hubby and son.
  • My brother turned out to be safe and sound, spared from any harm from the horrible accident.
Thank you, Lord.

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