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Week In Recap Part 2: Afterhours Glow

Hence all the highlights of my working hours. It was super fun!
Yet, nothing beats the feeling of going home to your loved ones. The best things in life are afterhours, and no I don't mean clubbing, hehehe...
We had a lazy weekend last week, my staying home and pampering myself. This is my favorite beauty treatment: face mask! I usually just put natural mask like honey, egg white and my favorite of all: plain yogurt. But I purchased some of these pearl sheet mask for travelling just the simplicity and practicality. I keep my face mask ingredients in the fridge, hence I always have one or two pot of yogurt ready, then lather them cold on my face. Very refreshing!

On Monday I rushed out of the office because I needed to do my grocery shopping. Usually Monday is a slow day at the grocery store, hence I always go on Mondays, but this Monday was an exception! Then I realize one thing: this week was the last week before Ramadhan fasting month, which is a big thing in Indonesia. Everybody goes grocery shopping! The prices of groceries has started to climb up, too!
I don't have a habit of taking pictures of my groceries, but on that particular day I was inclined to take a snap of what I was having in my grocery cart. I had to laugh at myself. Just not so long ago, when I was a single girl living alone, my grocery cart was filled to the brim with junk food, junk snacks, instant noodles, frozen food, and no produce at all, aka, no fruits, no vegetables. And look at my cart now! Celery, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, watermelon, apple, pear, romaine lettuce, whole wheat bread. You know, healthy stuff to feed my family!

I changed my lifestyle and eating habit since I carried this cute little guy here inside my tummy. And now I want to live longer and healthy so I can spend more time with him until my old age. And I want him to eat healthily, as well!
Remember when I wrote about trying out a new restaurant with my coworkers named The Golden Pigeon, and how I meant to invite Hubby there for dinner sometime? Well, we did went there last week on Tuesday for dinner. It was a good dinner, but the highlight was after dinner. We took a walk and decided to stop by at a local convenience store. And I bumped into these...


These were packages of sugar, just plain sugar, with annoyingly cute Hello Kitty packaging. I had seen them a lot in grocery store throughout the years and I never blinked an eye. I mean, I thought they're super cute, but I didn't want to pay extra money just for some cute packaging. Even for Hello Kitty packaging, and everyone knows I'm a crazy Hello Kitty lover, eventhough I'm over 35! But that evening, after having a nice dinner and a delightful conversation with Hubby, after taking a short walk in the neighborhood, holding hands, laughing, just like teenagers, I didn't know what got into me, I grabbed three different packs of the fancy sugar, and paid them. Yup. Three. It's so not me, the frugal gal. It was a complete impulse buy. But I do not regret it. Now they sit nicely on top of our wine corner, looking pretty and delightful. They stand there as a reminder of a lovely evening. Besides, Hubby does need sugar for his coffee! ^__^
As you can see here, the packaging shows Hello Kitty's face at the front and her behind from the back, with recipe on it. Adorable!

On Wednesday evening, I even tried out a whimsical dinner menu just for me! I got bored eating out every night, but Hubby was in the period of wanting to eating out instead having food delivered to our home or cooking, so I complied. On this particular evening, I proposed we ate at foodcourt so everyone could choose the menu to our own taste. Hubby ate fried chicken, and I ordered cheesy french fries and chocolate and nuts pancake!! Sounds weird, I know, Hubby rolled his eyes seeing my dinner, but the combination was surprisingly delicious! The pancake was dripping with butter and chocolate and sweet condensed milk goodness, it's so unhealthy, but so yummy! Oh well, one sinful dinner is allowed once in a while, rite!

To keep our commitment to eat one meatless dinner per week, as well as to assuage our guilt for the super unhealthy dinner the night before, on Thursday we ate salad. I planned to make romaine lettuce with spinach green salad, with some apple and tomato slices thrown in. Unfortunately, Michael has eaten all the spinach, so we ended up only with lots of lettuce. For protein, I chopped some boiled egg whites, leftover from Michael's food (he still only eats the egg yolks because the last time I gave him egg white, he had a rash). I sprinkled some fried shallots, as well, to taste. I also mixed a pinch of salt and pepper to the balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, so the salad won't taste so bland. For carb, I sauteed some boiled potatoes with a a very small amount of butter.

Here's the finished dish. It looks gorgeous and colorful, isn't it! Hubby said the salt and pepper improved the taste of the salad compared to the one I made before, but he doesn't like the idea of apple in his salad, so I would have to scratch that off next time. We also ate the potatoes with mayonaise, which might defeat the purpose of the salad for some people, but to us it's OK. We just want to eat more greens, you know, not lowering our calories intake or anything like that.
On Friday, I worked until late, so when I arrived at home, Hubby already tucked Michael in bed. I was a bit sad not be able to see him that night, but tomorrow is Saturday and I can be with him all day, so it's OK. Then when sitting down to our dinner, I noticed that on the table was this cute, rose pink, Hello Kitty thermal bottle!! It's a surprise present from Hubby. A "just because I love you" gift, for no particular reason at all! I am so spoiled! Thank you, Hubby! I love it! I love the fact but the thermos is pink, but not baby pink, it's like a grown-up version of pink color, so it's very suitable for this mommy because it doesn't look something that a ten-year-old girl would carry to school.
"I give you all my income, I only get monthly allowance, so now I can only buy you this kind of small gifts," Hubby explained sheepishly. "But I wanted to get you something to say thank you for being a wonderful wife and bear with me when I'm being a grumpy old bear." He said. I kept hugging him and kissing him and couldn't stop smiling! Not just because I got yet another Hello Kitty thing to add to my collection (everyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a crazy 36-year-old lady who still loves Hello Kitty), but also because of his sweet words.
Dear Hubby, I pray that I could be a wonderful wife to you for many many years to come. To bring you good, not evil, all the days of my life. To bring you light, when all other lights go out.

Last week's to do list:
  • Read Chapter 11 of Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle": Slow Food Nations.
  • Read and contemplate on the Book of Proverbs Chapter 3 Part 1: Confidence in God Leads to Prosperity.
  • Biweekly grocery shopping.
  • Meatless Tuesday dinner menu: mixed salad (romaine lettuce, spinach, boiled eggs, sliced apples, tomatoes, shallots) with some grilled potatoes.
  • Starting once-a-week weekend oatmeal breakfast in addition to once-a-week meatless dinner.
  • Looking up oatmeal recipes online: sweet recipes for Hubby, savory recipes for Michael and me.
  • Introducing new fruit and new oatmeal recipe snack for Michael. Melon & egg vermicelli.
  • Paying monthly bills.
  • Organize and file Michael's pictures from Hubby's DSLR camera.
  • Organize and file family financial records.
  • Organize and file family legal records online.
  • Taking pictures for post about my morning fruit and veggie smoothie routine.

This week's to do list:
  • Read Chapter 12 of Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle": Zucchini Larceny.
  • Read and contemplate on the Book of Proverbs Chapter 4.
  • Meatless Tuesday dinner menu: browned green beans with garlic and fried tofu.
  • Bring savory oatmeal pack and spices to work for healthy afternoon snacks.
  • Interview potential babysitter.
  • Declutter and organize dining table top.
  • Organize and file family legal records online.
  • Write post about my morning fruit and veggie smoothie routine.
  • Book and pay a deposit on local wine tour for our upcoming vacation.
  • Purchase museum and opera tickets for our vacation.
  • Purchase train and bus ticket for our vacation.
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