Monday, October 13, 2014

Simple N Organized Life: Get Rid of 10 Items Challenge

Hello, Friends!

Some time ago, I wrote in A Simple Gal's Journal aka Week in Recap that I was, well, I am, in the process of editing my wardrobe. In means: getting rid of clothes, shoes, and purses that are no longer suitable for me. Yes, clothes AND shoes AND purses, too. Now I'm thinking of editing my accessory collection, as well.  Getting rid means either throw away, donate, sell, or give away.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to emulate the classic French Girl's Guide to Perfect Wardrobe, living only with the essentials, fewer things, the basics, the neutrals, buy only quality instead of quantity, etc. I love my kitsch items too much that staples-only in my wardrobe will not make me happy! I can never live with minimalist wardrobe. But I do try not to blow it out of proportion. It's not because I shop too much, mind you, it's because I take such a good care of my clothing items, that they last practically forever. Then I keep buying new items twice a year, so they piled up.

I realized that a girl CAN have TOO many clothes when I saw this...

This picture was taken when I was having new bedroom set and furniture installed, including a new wardrobe, and I had to take out all of my clothes until the technicians finished with the installation. I piled them all on a twin bed in the other bedroom, and I thought to myself: "How come that I have this many clothes?"

The problem with it, is, I have so many things that I forget I had them in the first place. So many things were buried and hidden under piles of other things, they kept staying there, year after year, unworn, unused, and forgotten. What a waste.

In the process of editing my wardrobe, minus the accessories, I got rid of:

8 10 pairs of shoes
6 7 purses
49 52 pieces of clothing
7 belts.

In total, 70 76 items were out, and I still end up with a substantial sized wardrobe!

Note: I also managed to edit a bunch of broken old accessories that I don't care to wear.

I even edited my son's dresser drawer and got rid of

9 12 shirts
7 19 shorts
3 receiving blankets
9 11 cloth diapers
2 burp clothes
3 6 pajama tops
1 2 pairs of shoes.

Note: I bought him new pairs of shorts, pajamas, shirts and shoes, since he has outgrown them.

In total, 34 64 items were out because they are now too dirty or shabby. I believe in using up baby's clothes until they wear out, so many things cannot be worn anymore. Some clothings that are still in good condition I keep for future baby, because if God's willing, we want to have another child. Michael is still not in preschool age, so most of his clothes are house clothes. He doesn't have a massive wardrobe collection, compared to Mommy!

Now I'm moving to the process of editing my accessory collection. Later on, I want to expand to other things in my home. Have you ever seen a house full from floor to ceiling with stuff accumulated over the years? I don't want that to happen to my home!

Now, I challenge you, dear Friends, what about getting rid of TEN items from your wardrobe this week? Only 10. It sounds an awful lot, even to me, but look at how many I finally managed to edit out! More than SEVENTY as shown in the picture below. And this is not all of them!

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Alexandra B. said...

I've already gotten rid of 10 clothing items this week, alas they were already in the "sell, donate, swap" pile, so they really don't count, do they?

Let's see if I can come up with 10 new items to move to that pile ;-)

Alex - Funky Jungle - Facebook

Kathryn Shirey said...

I did this over the summer - took a car load to the local resale store! My rule - if I haven't worn it in the past year or it doesn't fit exactly right (right now), throw it out. Don't hang on to the 'maybe one day' clothes or the 'used to look good' clothes - just keep the 'yes, I really like to wear this now' clothes. Felt amazing to clear out the closet - and best of all, I can actually see all my clothes now because there's so much space freed up in my closet!

Stasia said...

Stopping by from Serving Joyfully. We have been getting rid of things left and right! It is actually freeing to not be bound to so much stuff!

V Mozzer said...

Wow, that is some serious wardrobe pruning! Go you! It's not easy to get rid of old things. Even if you haven't worn them for a long time. I still have an attachment to a lot of old things.

I recently wrote a post about my closet and how to do a thorough cleaning.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Patti said...

Wow, great job! You got rid of as many pieces as I own! : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

Julie said...

I just did the same thing over the weekend! I have a whole garbage bag full of my stuff that I am getting rid of and also a full bag of baby clothes! I have way too much stuff! As I took some things out of the closet I completely forgot that I even had it!!

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