Friday, October 24, 2014

Week in Recap: Dreams N Family (Part 2)

Happy Friday, Friends!
I know, I know, my week in recap is supposed to be posted by Monday, but anyhoo...
Let's start by Monday. My previous Monday, that is. I started the week with a bounce in my walk and a song in my heart, and with this great quote above. So true, rite!
If other people started the day with a cup of coffee, I start mine with a cup of milk. Chocolate milk. And my trusted agenda. Eventhough I have calendar in my computer and cell phone, I still prefer the old-fashioned agenda. It keeps me organized and happy and productive. There are times when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I wanted to be bad, I didn't want to be organized, and most likely I would end up having a week passed without really doing anything meaningful and forgetting all the things that I should be doing.

Also, Monday was more cheery with this cherry necklace! I did tell you that I was going to try out my new necklaces one by one! I have the cherry earrings as well, but they are too big for office.

Remember in this post I wrote how my Mom ate the tiramisu cake that Hubby planned to eat after lunch? ^__^ Well, I wanted to do something nice for Hubby, so during lunch time, I went to the nearby mall where they have a BakerzIn branch, and bought him a piece of tiramisu cake. Then I snapped a picture of the box with tiramisu and the resturant's neon sign and posted it on Facebook, tagging Hubby with message: "Buying tiramisu for DH". He was ecstatic!

Meanwhile, my parents stayed at our home until Wednesday before going back to my hometown. It did my heart goof to see this when I returned home from work: Michael was playing with Grandpa!
And he got a new set of clothing:  a pair of long pants and a new T-shirt. Actually, I knew that Mom planned to go to an outlet during the day, so I asked her to buy a new pants for Michael, his first long pants. The pants were in the laundry, but Michael refused to take off the shirt! The shirt is super cute because it has a mock backpack like a pocket at the back.
Well, nothing much happened afterwards during the week. I just wanted to highlight this picture that I snapped during lunch hour with my coworkers. A friend, Attary, wanted pick up her dry cleaning at this place called Aqualis. While waiting for her, we realized that the big building with many windows houses a drycleaner, a ramen restaurants, a spa and beauty salon, and rooms for rent! Surely it's a house that pays for itself! Haha! How inspiring! How nice it would be if you could have a property that generates enough money to pay the monthly mortgage! Wouldn't it be nice!
Lastly, here's another necklace I wore last week. A garland of colorful flowers. I love! And best of all, by the time I'm finished writing this recap, I know that another weekend is looming away right ahead. Hurray!

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