Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week in Recap: Blessing is...

Domestic romance is...
Having dinner by beachfront, eating seafood and watching the glorious sunset; then going home to our sleeping toddler and having dessert while watching a funny movie on DVD and cuddling snugly!
Hubby and I went on a datenight last Saturday. For once, we would like a change of scenery. Instead of going to the mall or the post restaurants Kemang that is lined with expensive (but great) restaurants, we opted to go to restaurant by the beach called Jimbaran, where they serve fresh seafood straight off from the harbor fish market. The tables and chairs were arranged right on the sandy beach by a little bay, and watching the glorious sunset in an experience in itself. Living in a big city like Jakarta, it was very refreshing to be able to have an unobstructed view of the sea meets the sky, and watching how the sky gradually changed in beautiful colors during twilight. First, the golden rays of sunshine bursted through the clouds, creating a hallo of goldish white and pink and a little bit of blue. Then slowly but surely, the rays were getting lower and lower, and the sky turned into a darker purple, deep orange with reddish tints, and dark blue. Then the moon appeared with all its glory, to replace the sun. It was magnificent. Daily occurence, yes, but somehow totally different viewed from the beach. So serene and majestic.
Unfortunately, the food was just so-so. We decided that the price is not worth the experience for us to become regular patrons of this establishment. Next time, if we want to eat good seafood by the beach, we would go to Bandar Jakarta, not far from Jimbaran. Nevertheless, it was a nice dinner with Hubby, with romantic setting and all.

It was only a little bit after eight pm when we reached our neighborhood. We decided to close down the evening with DVD night at home and having some sweet martabak for dessert. I forgot to take pictures of the martabak to share with you, but sweek martabak is basically like a pie with pancake-like texture with chocolate filling. Yum. We bought the martabak at a shop called Martabak San Fransisco. The story was, the chain of martabak stores was originated in San Fransisco, USA, where some Indonesian people who live there missed eating this Indonesian pie and decided to open a martabak store themselves over there. 
Here Hubby and me took a selfie while waiting for our order. My Mom always complains that I'm, well, we're too old to take selfies and act like teenagers, but what can I say, I know all about discretion and keeping your family matters to yourself, but I'm also a big believer that showing the love between husband and wife, as well as a little tiny wheenie of vanity, in proper portion, is good. I myself love seeing selfie pictures of my friends and how happy they look, single and couple alike! They give me positive energy! ^__^
A delighful surprise is...
Receiving a package in the middle of week on a work day!
This package arrived by JNE courier service some time last week on my desk, and I wondered what was inside.
It was full to the brim! Loaded with tons of cute necklaces and some earrings! Well, not tons, but quite many! I cleared out and organized my jewelry box several months ago and got rid of my things that were no longer wearable and broken. I contemplated to buy some new necklaces, but kept postponing until last week. After making my order online, I totally forgot about it, so I didn't expect this package at all!
I was really glad with my purchase and couldn't resist to try on one of them. Well, two of them: these dainty, multicolor flower studs in pastel; and this happy flower necklace with sapphire-like blue diamantes. They are just gorgeous! Totally a great buy! I don't wear expensive jewelry because I like to change my jewelry a lot. I believe in spending more for leather purses, but not for fun jewelry for daily use.

A good time is...
Having lunch with good friends and trying out new a restaurant!
I went with two coworkers to this restaurant called Kedai Opa, which in Indonesian means "Grandpa's Eatery". The food was good but in much bigger portion than three girls could share among them, so we ended up carrying home doggie bags!

Luxury in life is...
Being a working-outside-the-home mom and be able to come home for lunch and tucking my son  in for his nap! Aaaah... the luxury of a ten-minute commute!
Seeing that Mommy was home, Michael kept saying "Sleep with Mommy... Mommy sleeps here..." and patting the pillow. So I snuggled close to him and sang him to sleep. Pure bliss. I returned to the office feeling blessed and thankful after taking this picture.
Blessing is...
Going to the doctor expecting the worst and being told that your mioma has actually shrunk in half its previous size.
I have mioma - some kind of supposedly not-so-dangerous tumor. It had caused me major bleeding on my pregnancy, and this month I suffered another abnormal bleeding during my period. Last week Hubby and I visited the doctor to get the miom checked up. I missed two days of work the week before, because the bleeding was so bad and I was so scared to have lost that much of blood for almost three straight weeks. It was no picnic, believe me. I could not eat weel because I felt knot in my stomach. Not because of the mioma, but because I kept thinking of the worst possible scenario. Like, who would take of my family if it turned out to be a dangerous disease and me dying? Something like that.
I was scared.
From the USG, it turned out that the miom has shrunken to half its size than two years ago. I should get it checked again in three months, to check the size, the doctor said. My dear husband insisted to come to the doctor with me, bless Him, and I was so thankful that he was there to hold my hand. I was so anxious. The abnormal bleeding was caused by the miom, but it was also because the month before my period came with very little blood, which is also abnormal the other way around. There has been some thickening on my womb because last month's egg did not "fall" down, the doctor said, that's why I have "double" period this month.
Hubby asked if I should have surgery to have the miom removed, but the doctor didn't recommend it. There is no guarantee that after the surgery the miom would not grow again, and it's not good to tamper with the womb. Removing the miom is no small surgery, and so far the miom has turned out to be harmless. I agreed 100% with the doctor, and so does my husband.
That night, we thanked the Lord that Mommy is OK.
This is a picture of me wearing thick trench coat and cashmere scarf at the office. I lost so much blood and I felt weak and cold all the time, so I had to wear layers of clothes as if snowy winter has hit the tropical Jakarta! Nevertheless, I cannot thank the Lord more that it turned out to be okay.


Last week's to do list:

  • Read Chapter 1-4 of Beverly Lewis' The Sacrifice, a story of an Amish family.
  • Read and contemplate on Matthew 20:1-16: The Workers in the Vineyard, AGAIN, because I was pretty much touched by the verses eversince I heard it during mass two weeks ago!
  • Renovation project: putting up roof foundation, week four of renovation permit.
  • Upload one more of Michael's videos on YouTube.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Pay monthly utility and credit card bills, as well as other monthly bills.
  • Purchase baby girl pajamas as present for a friend's new daughter, as well as new shoes for Michael. (His old pair is already tattered and the material gets peeled off)
  • Edit some outfit pictures, at least for two fashion posts, for this blog.
  • Visiting our doctor for health check up.
Next week's to do list:

  • Read Chapter 5-8 of Beverly Lewis' The Sacrifice, a story of an Amish family.
  • Read Chapter 1 of Kitami Masao's "The Swordless Samurai": My Name is Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a historical story of how a Japanese "warrior" who could not fight rose into power and unified all of Japan with his power of mind, interpersonal skills, and shrewdness.
  • Read and contemplate on Philippians 2:12-18 "Obedience and Service in The World".
  • Renovation project: putting up roof foundation, week five of renovation permit.
  • Upload video of Michael's play soccer with Grandpa to YouTube.
  • Purchase baby girl pajamas as present for a friend's new daughter, as well as new shoes for Michael. (His old pair is already tattered and the material gets peeled off).
  • Hubby's friend wedding.
  • Top up family investment plan.
  • Scan family insurance policies.
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    Hazel Moon said...

    Your outing at the beach sounded very romantic. The surprise package was nice too and full of new jewelry. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/

    Bekki@a better way to homeschool said...

    It was a blessing to have a peek at your week. You have a sweet family! Continue to trust the Lord about the tumor. he is so faithful and trustworthy!

    Charlene@APinchofJoy said...

    I am glad that things will be okay after all the worry! Prayers that you will soon feel much better!

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