Monday, March 16, 2015

No More Dresses (At Home)

First of all, thank you for all your support and kind words on my previous post about not-so-perfect motherhood. I was hesitant to press the publish button, fearing to receive backlash of looking like an unloving or uncaring mom. Instead, I got all kinds of positive feedback and messages! Thank you, and I hope my blunt confession of my early motherhood journey will encourage other new mothers who also deal with similar situation.

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Good morning, Ladies!

This morning, I wore black pants to work, and my two-year-old son asked me: "What are you wearing, Mommy?" That's when I realized that I very rarely wear pants or slacks to work. Sometimes I would wear jeans on the weekends, or colorful cropped pants, but most of the times I wear dresses or skirts. I much prefer dresses over anything else because you don't need to mix and match, and it's a practically fuss-free - no tucking in required - , lovely, feminine outfit. Also, because I love wearing flared dresses, I can move freely and easily in them. Dresses are much more comfortable to wear than a pair of jeans. Not to mention more flaterring.

At home, I used to love wearing housedresses. I said I used to, because several months ago, I stopped wearing them and started wearing shorts. Not short shorts, but shorts whose length hit about two or three inches above the knee. You might wonder why did I change my house uniform?

The answer is, I do it for my son.

I found that whenever I played with son on the floor wearing dresses, the skirt will hitch up and Mommy would accidentally flashed her underwear! Now, I always wear short tights underneatch a skirt whenever I go out, and mostly I won't roll over on the floor when I go out, so wearing dresses is never a problem before. Only inside of the house.

I want to bring up my son with manners, dignity, and modesty. I realize that I'm being an example of what kind of girl he will seek out when he's older, so I want to set a good example as much as I could. So, I made a decision, goodbye housedresses! I went out and bought myself some baby-doll sets to wear at home. I bough sets, because they cost similar to a pair of shorts, and I get one short and one top per set. Some might ask, why don't I wear longer skirts instead of changing to shorts? Because I asked, and my husband - while he doesn't approve on his wife wearing anything immodest like a micro-mini skirt - also stated very clearly that he doesn't like to see me wearing long skirts. Midis that hit right on my upper calf is the maximum length. He thinks long skirts on me - except evening gowns - look unappealing and too-matronly. Now, I don't mean to make any judgement or even opinion here about long skirts, it's just a matter of taste of one's husband about what his wife is wearing.

I still prefer dresses over pants. But for now, I'll just wear shorts and colorful tops at home instead of skirts or dresses, until I can figure out a way to wear them modestly while playing sumo match with my son on the floor. ^__^

These are some of my babydoll shorts. I try to buy some that are colorful but not too much sleeping-wear looking. And I don't wear the babydoll top, I wear cute top in solid colors instead. I'm not interested to look like I just roll out of bed, even if I just stay at home all day.

This is what I'm wearing today. 
It's gloomy outside so I'm wearing this panda print shorts in greesn with neon green T-shirt.

Out of topic, I really love this Kate Spade geranium red bag that I got as my birthday present last year. Since it is made from saffiano leather, it is pretty much scratch resistand, low maintenance, and very sturdy. The bright unique pop of red can look a little bit too much at times, but somehow it always manages to boost the look of almost any outfit combination!

I also really like this white daisy stud earrings. I don't like studs, I prefer dangly earrings, but somehow this pair look so pretty against my dark hair, so I snatch them.

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Laura Lane said...

It seems you've found a sensible approach that will work for your family.

Pamela said...

I am seriously in love with your red bag. I love that you are raising your son to appreciate modesty (even though he may not know it now).

mummy's got style said...

Looking beautiful. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

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