Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week in Recap: It's All In The Family

About a year ago, I wrote about having a sanjit (proposal/engagement party in Chinese tradition) for Hubby's cousin, Tommy, in this post. Tommy's mom - Hubby's auntie - had been in wheelchair for about twenty years, due to a car accident that left her paralyzed for life. Over the years, several times she was taken to the emergency room and the family thought that we would have lost her, but turned out she was a strong trooper and survived. So it's so sad that in October, she finally passed away, as I wrote here.
In May this year, her son, Tommy, got married to her fiance, Inge. It was a Saturday, and we planned to attend both the Holy Matrimony at Church, as well as the reception in the evening. My parents just got back from a trip to Lourdes, France, and they were resting at home before leaving to my hometown, so they didn't come to the wedding.
The wedding was held at St. Theresia Catholic Church, which a church I used to go to mass to when I was living near downtown area, since it's located near the city center. So it was nostalgic for me to go there again. Unfortunately, Michael was rather ill that day, so he couldn't come. The initial plan is for him to come to the reception so Hubby's relatives from out of town would be able to see him for the first time since his babyhood, but oh, well, we've got to be flexible.

The wedding was beautiful, but I couldn't help thinking about Tommy's mother, Aunt Edith. Before the mass, I prayed at St. Mary's chapel, and asked Mother Mary to pray for the couple and for the late Aunt Edith. I guess Hubby felt the same way. "I wish Aunt Edith were here to witness her only son gets married, " he said solemnly.
After the matrimony and mass, we had a baloon releasing ceremony outside the Church. The mass didn't last as long as we expected, so after the bride and groom left, Hubby and I decided, since we are not often go out far from our neighborhood, and we are already in the city center, we should take advantage and have a lunch date at a famous old-time restaurant that happens to be located right in front of the Church, called Cafe Pisa.


We arrived back at home around noon, and my parents are supposed to leave for the airport at one o'clock. Hence, I said they could just cancel their taxi reservation and let me and Hubby give them a ride instead. We even still have time to take a little nap afterwards, before preparing for dinner reception.
I didn't take many pictures at the wedding reception, but I'd like to highlight that the wedding souvenir is one of my favorites. They are hand sanitizer with the holder in different color and scent, and I got the pink one with rose scent. It's not extravagant, but so practical and useful and pretty. I immediately take off the packaging and just hang it from my clutch.
There are many times where the wedding souvenir is some knick knacks or decorative items, and at the end, people just throw them away because they cannot make us of them, which is too bad. My other favorite souvenir is a package of envelope with pretty note cards in it. Simple, useful and consumable.



After the reception, Hubby asked if he could invite his cousins to hangout at the hotel restaurant where his out-of-town relatives (and the bride and groom) stayed. I said of course. I know Hubby loves to chat and spend time with his cousins. He's the eldest, so he becomes sort of big brother to them all. The groom, Tommy, even came down from his bridal suite and joined us for a bit, but he didn't stay long because he was tired, I guess. Both he and Inge has been up since dawn that day. And all afternoon, instead of napping, they were busy with traditional wedding ceremonies, photoshoot, videoshoot, touch ups, etc.

Congratulations, Tommy and Inge! May God's light and love shines upon you all the days you both shall live!

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