Friday, July 20, 2012

Winter Resolution Revisited

Sometime last year in November, I wrote a post about winter resolution. Fast forward to six months later, which is now, let's revisit and see if I have made it or blown it.

Eating more fiber, daily

I read somewhere on the internet that married people are healthier than single people. Now I know why the statistics show that trend. When I was single, I could cheat my diet, eat junk food everyday, sleep at 2 am everyday if I want to, and freewheeling doing any kind of unhealthy habits imaginable, with no witness. Now that I'm married, I have someone to keep a hawk eye on me and scold me and throw away my favorite instant noodle to the trash can. Who is that big bully? My husband. Yeah. He's into healthy living, eating lots of salmon, less carbs, and exercise regularly. I love junk food, I don't exercise, I eat anything deep-fried, and I avoid fiver like a plague. So he takes over by monitoring my daily intake of food by making sure that we always have some fruits on hand, in the refrigerator. Yep, he buys me fruits every week, just to make sure that I eat some fiber. And since he has gone an extra mile to keep his wife healthier, of course I just have to show appreciation and eat the fruit. So, yes, I keep resolution number one. Hurray!!

Arriving at work a little bit earlier, everyday.

Strange. When I live very very close to school or office, I tend to arrive late because I know it would only take me ten minutes. Now I know that it would take me an hour to reach my workplace, sometime one and a half hours, so I force myself to wake up earlier, and as result, arrive at work earlier. So yeah, I have no choice but sticking to resolution number two. Hurrah, indeed.

Ow, another motivation for me to show more seriousness at work. My boss basically said once that he had had many many excellent female subordinates in the past; but once they got married and had children their work performance went downhill by 60%. I don't want to underestimate the juggling and the busyness of wives and mothers or overestimate my own capability, so I made a pact with myself. Even if what he says has some truth, I'd do my best to ensure that the "downhill" performance is minimum. Very very minimum, I hope. My boss has been so kind to me over the three years I worked for him, I'd like to show him that I don't take his kindness for granted.

Keeping up with my daily does of Bible reading.

I read in a book about single women several years ago. It said that single women should use their time well, because once they are married, most of their time will be occupied by the needs of others. Now, I know that I should put God first before everything else, but in reality I tend to forget, sadly. Yes, I still read the Bible regularly, but I haven't succeeded to make it a daily habit yet. Instead, I even read anything less. Much much less. I used to read a lot. Now most of my spare time is spent for my husband. My husband is not needy or anything like that, but he does need attention. So I have less time to read. I'm trying to balance that, so wish me luck. So, I guess resolution number three goes buzz. Boohoo.

Well, that's the recap of my meager list of resolutions, Friends. I think making resolutions and publish it online for all the world to see is good. It gave me extra boost to keep them. So I think I'll come up with summer resolution sometime in the future. Or should I share my monthly goals and projects with you, Friends?

Blue top: Zara. Skirt: unbranded. Jacket: DKNY. Shoes: Yongki Komaladi. Suede purse: Nordstrom. Accessories: old collection.

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Lisa said...


I notice that you always wear hosiery with your dresses. I am happy to see this because I am a big fan of wearing them. It has become a practice here in the United States to NOT wear them, but I feel more comfortable having my legs covered; especially in a work setting. I think it just looks more professional.

Kori said...

Love your necklace! Thanks for linking up honey! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Diana said...

Hi LeeAnne! I love that you've done a good job at keeping your resolutions! :D I loathe waking up early but sometimes it makes your life so much easier! No traffic jams, not having to deal with no parking too!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I know it feels good to stay on track with resolutions, and eating better is probably one all of us can strive for.

I love the sleek teal top, as well as your accessories. Awesome necklace and bag!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to post your list and check back in with them later. You chose some things worth improving on. I'm inspired by this post, I think I need to set some new goals for myself. You look great too!

Christine Bryant said...

BeYouTiFul necklace...and don't feel bad I haven't worked hard enough on making my bible reading time a continuous DAILY habit either...we gotta hold each other accountable GIRL!

Be Blessed.

From Monday Madness

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Hooray for your healthier eating - I think you are doing really well with your changes. Change is difficult! You look beautiful in this color top, and your necklace is so pretty.

Style Mentor™ said...

Hurray for the husband who helps you to stay healthy! About putting God first, you are doing that every minute, even when you are not reading the bible. The fact that you have faith in the Almighty means you are putting God first. Think of the many people who are not connected at all, they can't possible put God first or last because God is not part of their life. I also agree with Lisa about being more professional with hosiery. It is a lost practice that I wish would return. Have a blessed day!

bailey j said...

I'm always trying to incorporate more fibre! It's so important and I have a lot of belly issues so Fibre helps me out. I totally notice and suffer when I don't get enough. If only I had someone taking care of my fibre needs like you do - I'd be all set! aha

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