Monday, September 14, 2015

Simply Green N Frugal: Reduce Your Water Bill, Save The Environment

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Who doesn't want to do our part to save the environment? No one, I think. But who's got the time? No one! So in Simply Green series, I would share what we do to reduce our waste, conserve energy, and save money at the same time, that require very little effort, time, and money. Thus, we were more compelled to do that on a consistent basis, because it doesn't feel like a sacrifice nor a hassle.

Afterall, we are all stewards of this beautiful planet the Lord has given us, so we'd better do what we can to take a good care of it.

Today the topic is about conserving water.

Tip 1. I read and heard often that you should turn off your faucet while brushing your teeth. Well, in reality, it's not very convenient and sometimes I just forget to do so. But why complicate things when we can simplify?

Here's a tip: use a reusable cup when you brush your teeth.

I use this green plastic cup that I got from the hospital where I gave birth to Michael. Instead of throwing it away in the trash and left it at the hospital, I carried it home and have been using it to brush my teeth for almost three years now.

I fill the cup with water, turn off the faucet, brush my teeth, then rinse with the water in that cup.

As simple as that. I don't need to turn off and turn on the faucet, and I just use one single cup of water per brushing. Easy as pie.

Tip 2. How much water do you use each time you flush down the toilet? According to Wikipedia, modern low flush toilet use 1,2-1,6 gallons (4,5-6,1 litre) of water for each flushing. Older models use 3,5-7 gallons per flush. Let's say you flush five times per day, that's a LOT of water to flush down the toilet bowl per person per day. Try to calculate it times 30 days! Do we really need that much amount of water to flush down the toilet?

My toilet is the older model, unfortunately. And this is my secret weapon:

Here's a tip: fill a used plastic bottle with water, then put it inside of your toilet tank. It will reduce your flush level.
I used a used up body lotion bottle in 600 ml. It reduced my water bill, too, hence I save money while conserving water. Pretty neat, rite. And very easy.
Installing solar panel on our roof top will be very very desireable, but since we cannot do that yet, we do what we CAN do instead.
What is your easy tips to save the environment and live a greener life? Please share in the comment!
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Stasia said...

I have heard about the plastic water bottle thing, but have never tried it. We need to!

Rina I Thee Cook said...

Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!

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