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Simply Organized: Purse Organizing

Hi, Friends!

How many times have you missed a phone call because you dig and dig in your purse and can't find your phone? Have you ever experienced standing in front of the door with a toddler who has to use the bathroom n-o-w and for some unexplainable reason the house keys just disappeared from your purse and you cannot find them though you have searched from top to bottom, left to right?

Well, fret no more! You can avoid all the fuss and the hassle without having to purchase a new purse with gazzilions pockets and compartments. I've been doing it for several years now and eventhough I'm a lover of big purses, I always, ALWAYS, know where everything is inside the huge space.

What is that?

Use small pouches inside your purse to compartmentalize your things. 

I divide things that I carry in my purse into four categories: 

Walking pharmacy/makeup bag 
(white with flowers)
Where I keep cosmetics like lipstick and mirror for touch ups throughout the day, as well as essentials such as tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and vitamins. I also hang a portable astray on the pouch where I keep spare coins. (I'm not a smoker!)

Work pouch
(the pink pouch with Hello Kitty keychain)

This is what I carry with me at all times while I'm at the office. The small pink pouch contains my cell phones - which is a must from 9 to 5 -, a tinted lip balm for quick touch up in the office ladies room, a USB stick to keep important data, a pen, and my ID card.

My black wallet

Quite self explanatory. I like huge one so I can carry all my store loyalty cards at all times. You never know when you're going to need them and which one. It's very convenient to have a wallet that can contain everything financial related instead of several. separate ones. At least to me. Ow, and I've been carrying this wallet for nineteen years now. Nope, I'm not kidding. Nine-teen years... And still loving it!

"Miscellaneous" handbag organizer
(bigger pink bag)

Here I keep a small wallet to keep all my receipts that I haven't had the time to tally, a book to read when I happen to have lunch alone, my work notebook, my digital camera, feminine products, keys, snacks, water bottle, etc. This organizer comes very very handy. Let me explain.

The female coworkers who I have lunch with like to carry a small bag within their big bag with all their must-have essentials: wallet and cellphones. When they go out for lunch, they leave their heavy, bulky, big purses in the office and just carry the small bag. Well, I don't like that. I mean, the purse is part of my outfit and I put thought on which bag to carry for the week, so I want people to see me carrying the purses instead of tucking them under the work desk! So what I do is put all the miscellaneous in the pink bag organizer and when I need to go out and don't want to hurt my shoulder by carrying everything, I leave the bag organizer with all the miscellaneous, not-so-important things at the office instead of leaving my purse. 

Here's something to think about.

You buy a pretty, sometimes expensive, big purse because it can carry everything. Then you carry a smaller purse inside with your essentials, so when you are running errands, you can leave your big, heavy, expensive purse in your car, and only carry your small purse that might not very pretty or complementing your outfit.

What's the sense in buying the lovely, fashionable big purse, then?

Do what I do. Reverse the habit around. Keep everything not-so-essential in the smaller purse, and when you need to run around, leave the small purse in your car, and carry around your big purse as fashion statement, now not heavy anymore since the smaller purse with all other not-so-essentials is left in the car. You can get a pink purse organizer similar to mine here.

Now you see why I always know where everything is? When I need to grab my phone, I know it's in the pink pouch. When I need a dash of lipstick, I know it's int the flowery makeup bag. Housekey? Inside the bag organizer. Also, the pouch system makes changing bags extra easy and super quick! 

What do you think, Friends? How do you organize your purse? Please share! ^__^

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Lux G. said...

Wow, I need this organizer! :)
Looks pretty and really useful.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I use a combination of pouches and purses with divided pockets. I like that your can move from purse to purse, though.

Mrs Tubbs said...

Very clever! #allaboutyou

Natalie Ogbourne said...

I love the reversal you do with which bag to leave. That I'll be trying soon.

Miss Steph said...

I am constantly losing things in my purse - traveling as mom, business owner, and blogger on top of myself personal items - I've tried large purses with lots of pockets, to only some avail. I like the idea of having removable pieces for when they aren't needed. Thanks!

sam r said...

How amazingly organised you are. Great tips thanks for sharing X

Elena @ CreativeTreasury said...

I try to compartmentalise things but I somehow still end up trying to remember where everything is - I love the idea of using different pouches. It's a great tip, thank you.
Happy Pink Saturday! :)

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