Monday, August 31, 2015

Simple Pleasures in Life of Abundance

Waking up with a hazy, lazy state of mind, I kept thinking of how nice it would be to just skip work, call in sick, and curl back under the duvet. Then as part of my morning routine, my hand automatically grabbed my still in plane mode cell phone to read my daily portion of daily bread, aka the Bible, and the apps opened up to this page:
It's a neat little reminder that I was to get up, do the work that has been assigned to me by the Lord, use the talents that He has given me, for His glory, for His name sake, which He deserves. With no complaints. With a joyful heart. With a cheerful disposition. I was blessed to be alived, awakened, and healthy. So I hauled off my lazy bones out of the bed, took a shower, and prepped for the day, which, I must say, felt so great and rewarding afterwards!
This is a picture of me and my friend, Fitri. She was an old coworker of mine at my previous office. When I moved to my current place, my company were looking for someone in Procurement, so I submittted her resume (with her consent, of course), and she got in! So once again she became my coworker, twice over! She had been staying with the company until about two months ago, when after five years, she finally resigned and moved to a better opportunity in a multinational company.
Last week was her birthday, and I posted this picture of us, taken during a reunion dinner last month, and wrote her a happy birthday post on Facebook. Good friends are hard to come by. Much success for you at your place, Fitri!
One of my current favorite YouTuber is Elle from Elle is For Living. She is a fifty-something lady who looks beautiful, always fashionable, and offers a lot of wisdom through her channel, including loving the make stash up that you have (contrary to all the haul videos on YouTube), saying a kind word, be content, and live happily. Her videos are such a breath of fresh air amongst all consumerism-style videos around the internet that promotes continuous buying and shopping habit. Now, this is a lady who has something worthy to talk about other than stuff, stuff, and more stuff!
However, in one of her video, she shared about this gorgeous, geometric, silvery necklace that she purchased on Ebay, and I was hooked. The geometric design is not my cup of tea, and if I had not seen how beautiful the necklace looks when she wore it on the video, I wouldn't have even thought to own such a piece. The price was less than two dollars, so I snatched it, and it came even better than the picture!
It's not a style that I usually wore, but I totally love it! I especially love that the patina has a textured finish to it, hence the patina catches and reflects light beautifully.
We can learn a lof from children and how joyful they can be with just about anything. Look at this pictures. I guess Michael looked at his reflection on the mirror, and was pretty pleased with how handsome he looked wearing his new "hat"!
Yep, it's an old plastic bucket, that he was wearing as a helmet. I don't know how he got the idea, since he usually use the small bucket to play many other activities, but never before he wore it on his head!
Happiness can be as simple as dancing around with an old plastic bucket as a hat to the theme song from the King and I playing on CD player! Good for you, Son! Always keep that positive attitude with you all throughout life, and you'll live a much happier life!
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Anonymous said...

Great post, do you want to support each other by following each others blogs?, let me know by clicking the follow button on my blog and I will follow you right back! :)

Colleen said...

Happy birthday to your lovely friend. :)
Thanks for the reminder to be content, joyful and do my tasks without complaining, areas I really can struggle with! God bless!!

Beth Willis Miller said...

What a joyful eclectic post...lots of topics...all interesting! Many blessings to you!

Hazel Moon said...

That was so thoughtful for you to submit your friend's resume to your company. It is also great that she is going on to better things. I know you will miss her. Michael is so cute. Children can be happy with things we wouldn't even think of. Their minds are going 90 miles an hour it seems. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a True story.

Katherines Corner said...

What a sweet post and the photos made me smile,Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

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