Monday, February 15, 2016

Purple Rain: A Simpler Life

Hi Friends!
Rainy season is visiting us again here in Indonesia, hence the title, though it has nothing to do with what I am about to write.

Lately I've been loving following some glamorous mommies on Instagram, who looks like being fashionable 24/7 in 4-inch stilletos and being followed by personal photographer everywhere they go while carrying a newborn baby is as easy as a duck jump into a pond.

I know these glamorous pictures are not real. Or at least for most of us. The only way I can achieve all time perfection like those pictures, I would imagine, it to have a small army cater to me at all time: photographer, hairdresser, make up artist, personal trainer, chef, cleaning lady, chaffeur, manicurist and full-time nanny! Long, manicured nails with dainty sophisticated design doesn't go well with cleaning, cooking and potty training. If I'd like to be glamorous 24/7, I need to outsource a lot of daily duties to third party.

I love seeing those pictures for inspiration and motivation. Some lady bloggers are so angry at Megan Fox being featured on magazine cover, looking slim and fresh as a daisy just several months post partum. Well, I admire her hardwork and want to get to the gym! Not neccessarily to get Megan Fox body, come on, her body is her asset to make a living and it's not the case for me, so two-hour workout daily is not worth it for me. I'd rather spend the two hours for, well, for living! Yet, to me, the pictures are inspiring.

My look and wardrobe had become much more streamlined and simpler after having a child. Looking good and presentable is a priority to me, but looking smashingly flawless and dolled up is not. I'm striking a balance among a lot of people and things that need my attention.

I learnt to say no not only to bad things, but also to good things. Being fashionable, included. I still dress up everyday. I still wear makeup everyday. I still take a good care of myself everyday. But I no longer change my purse nor my shoes and accessories everyday. That's just an example.

And that's OK. I deliberately make my whole life simpler, so I'd have time to take care of myself, because when I'm running on 100% or close to 100%, I'd be able to give as much to the people around me. 

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