Welcome to Style N Season, where it's a year-round celebration of life, beauty, faith, family, and femininity.

WHO is Style N Season?

My name is LeeAnne. I'm an Indonesian-Chinese living in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the temperature is either spring or summer pretty much all year round.

I spent thirty something years living alone as a single woman, then in 2012 I got married to a wonderful man and we welcomed a baby boy named Michael in 2013. I am working-outside-the-home mom, and have been climbing the corporate ladder since graduating college, both in the US (where I went to school) and in Indonesia. Currently I work in one of the biggest blue chip companies in Indonesia. Right after giving birth to my son, the company awarded me with my own corner office. I'm so blessed since now I'm in the position where I have more responsibility but also more flexibility, and flexibility helps a LOT when you're a wife, a mother and work full time outside the home.

I love fashion and dressing up (almost) everyday. I am a Catholic and have come a long way in personal faith journey, and still work in progress every second, everyday, to become more and more the kind of woman that God wants me to be. I'm good in finance, so I take care of family budget and investment. I love being a homemaker - though I'm not a stay-at-home mom - and create a home and safe haven for my family. This gal enjoys frugal living, recycling, and repurposing - in moderation. Basically, I'm a girlie girl with extraordinary love for anything pink, feminine and Hello Kitty. And I love writing, and much better in it than verbal communications.

WHAT is Style N Season?

The name says it all. This blog is a chronicle for every season of that great, wonderful celebration, called LIFE. Fashion, decorating, art, colors, food, family life, frugal living, faith, inspirations, etc. All those beautiful things that bless and enrich a girl's daily life. The ordinary things that make life so extraordinary.

Now that I'm a wife and a mother, I also write about family life, marriage, thoughts on singleness (I lived a loooong time being a single woman who lived alone), and motherhood. This blog is also a family journal, a personal weekly  journal, as well as fashion journal, all rolled into one.

Warning: This blog is by an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. No professional retouched pictures, no all-designer-brands outifts, no rigid fashion rules. Since I'm not in the fashion industry anyway, I think it's perfectly acceptable. ^__^

What is STYLE in the world of Style N Season?

3F&M: Feminine, Fun, Frugal & Modest.

WHY do you create Style N Season?

Several years ago, I changed into a woman whose only fashion rule is to dress attractiveNOT attract-ing. Kindly read my post titled "Please, Ladies, No Showing-Off That Body Of Yours At Church!" here.

Also, over the years, I have read blogs and watched vlogs on YouTube where a lot of wonderful bloggers and YouTubers document their lives and their family lives in such a beautiful way. I have learned and got so much inspiration from these lovely ladies' sharing their home, their lives, their crafts, their how-to, DIY and tips and tricks. I hope I can share something, too, with my friends on the internet. Also, I think it's the perfect way to sort of scrapbook my life and my family life, to create memory and keepsakes, to be treasured many many years to come. (I hope Blogger will exist until wayyyyy long... ^__^ )

Writing for me is a NEED as well as a hobby. It keeps me sane. Style N Season is also sort of my creative and feminine outlet, because as much as I love my job, the cut throat corporate world and office politics bring out the masculine and aggresive side out of a woman. My world outside of the office keeps me balanced.

Please note that:
  • I'm not a professional blogger nor photographer nor Chictopia/Lookbook gal.
  • I'm basically technology-challenged, hence the amateur-ish look of this blog. :(
  • English is not my first language. And yes, I often use present tense, deliberately.
Having mentioned it all, please be patient while this new girl is learning the ropes here, verrrrrry slowly...

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy browsing around the blog.

LeeAnne, Style N Season
Instagram: @stylenseason

Life is a celebration. So let's celebrate life, and all the great and wonderful blessings that come with it!

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