Thursday, April 21, 2011

Batik Charm

Today is Kartini's Day!

That means wearing batik for work. Batik is fashion that is truly, originally, purely Indonesian, so it's something that I'm very proud to wear. I especially looove this lovely seafoam green Pekalongan batik. I'm an Indonesian Chinese, so Pekalongan/Pesisiran batik is just perfect for my skin tone and oriental feature, since it's a mix between Javanese and Chinese patterns and colors. They are not just the traditional brown or dark blue, they come in vibrant and cheerful colors such as sunshine yellow, rose pink, and turquoise blue.


Salazar said...

Lovely touch with the accessories matching your skirt!

14 Shades Of Grey

LeeAnne said...

Thanks! I used to wear only black and black and black again for work. Lately I've been trying to add splashes of colors to my wardrobe, including with the accessories.

LeeAnne, Style N Season

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