Friday, April 22, 2011

When in Rome...

Happy Good Friday and (almost) Easter!

For church, the name of the game is neat, sweet & modest.
My personal belief about church clothes is simple:
  1. If a girl can primp and fuss for a date, she can also make the same effort for a "date" with the Almighty at chuch!
  2. The rule of a "proper" girl: you don't want to show too much skin on a "proper" first date with a "proper" guy. The same rule goes for going to church or any other religious functions. Be polite. Be considerate.

Vice versa, how does a girl know that her clothes are proper for a date? The answer is: if she is comfortable enough to wear them to church.

Example: if a girl doesn't feel comfortable to wear hotpants to church, it means she should not wear them for a dinner date at the mall.

No invite the devil here, Ladies!

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Natasha Atkerson said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
You have a great start for a fashion blog! A couple of suggestions:
add a blog followers gadget to your sidebar! Otherwise, people have to add your blog manually to their dashboard, and it's much easier to just click 'follow' *GRIN*.

And ALWAYS be yourself! :) (and maybe add an About me page so people can get to know you)
I'm adding your blog to my blog roll!
Good luck and I look forward to future posts from you,

Style N Season said...

Thanks Natasha! I need tons of advice on this blogging thing. Still learning the ropes here. I'm technology and IT challenged :( so I'm struggling with all the technical stuff. I plan to add About Me page, too, but still haven't got to it yet. Thanks again for the comment and suggestion, not to mention the inspiration to start this little blog. :)

Gabrielle said...

What a neat blog! That's a pretty skirt!
I write a blog also! It's more of an art and Christian teen inspiration blog, but occasionally I post on fashion. If you are interested, the link is
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

What a neat blog! I LOVE that outfit! Wherever did you find that ADORABLE skirt?

Marie, Chelsea, Buff said...

thanks for linking up! love this outfit! i totally agree with you last post as well, i am all about dressing modest! you can be just as cute covered up!
keep up the good job!


Leah H. said...

Like your outfit, so cute:)

Visiting for WW- hope you can stop by:)

Mai said...

Great advice, LeeAnne. Very well said. Visiting back for Wednesday Whites. Thanks for visiting us.

wifetoalineman02 said...

I love your church outfit, simple but beautiful :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.

raya said...

yes, you look great in your outfit-- thanks for the fashion tips, by the way! thanks for joining and so sorry for this late visit!

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