Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let’s Join The Party: Winter Resolution

I know, I know, it’s not New Year just yet, it's only after Thanksgiving, but I’m not the kind of “New Year Resolution” type of gal. I believe that if you really want to start something new, something good and fresh that will improve you and make you feel good about yourself, you can always start TO-DAY. Yep, today. We live in today, everyday, not tomorrow, not next month, not just on January 1. So let’s live and celebrate!

I decided to write a post about it to share with you, Friends, because I think many of us also have something or things or good habits that we would like to start with, so I’d like to invite you to join in the party of Winter Resolution, TODAY. Also, by sharing it here for all of you to see, I thought it might give me some extra boost to really keep the commitment. As you know, keeping a commitment, any commitment, is not easy, and I need all the helps I can get. So, please help me, Friends!

Anyway, these are my Winter Resolutions.

Eating more fiber, daily

I don’t eat fruits nor vegetables. I just don’t. I know that’s bad, but I’m too lazy to shop and keep produce that don’t last forever, and too lazy to peel and chop the fruit and remember to eat it after each meal.

Plan: Preparing some fruit, just a little bit, not too much, every evening and bring them to work the next day, so at least I eat a little bit of fiber everyday after lunch.

Arriving at work a little bit earlier, everyday

Now, this one is really tough. I’m not a morning person. I always arrive late at the office. Mind you, I never late for any appointments or meetings, but when I don’t have anything specific going on, I wake up late and arrive at work late. Luckily my boss doesn’t mind because I always arrive before he does, but I still think it’s not good that my coworkers see me being late everyday. Also, I always rush every morning because deep down I feel guilty for being late, and it’s not good because I always get very anxious as result!

Plan: Waking up half hour earlier every morning, and not hitting the snooze button!

Keeping up with my daily dose of Bible reading

Over the years I’ve learned that keeping commitment to those who matter most is the most important, yet the most difficult. Why? Because we know that those who love us will always forgive us when we’re slacking off. Therefore we take them for granted. Which is bad, I know.

For example, I strive to keep a work commitment to my boss, because I know that if I fail, he will chop my head off. Many times I found myself trying less hard when it’s something to do with my parents, because I know that they would be much more forgiving to my excuses. The fact is, I can always find another job, but I can never find another set of parents, so the priority is somehow misshapen, don’t you think?
And of course, the one who loves me most, the one whom I should love most, the one who matters most – if I say so myself – is God. And yes, sadly, shamefully, He is the one most easily neglected by me, when in fact He should come first in my life, not second, not third, and definitely not last, as I’ve been doing lately. So uncool, so ungrateful me.

Plan: Reading a short passage of the Bible every night before bed time. No, I don’t plan this huge project of reading Bible cover-to-cover unless I get overwhelmed, just a small passage, or at least one phrase, every night. That’s not asking too much, is it? Not for Him who has been loving me that much!

So, that’s all, Friends. My small project of Winter Resolution. It's nothing big, nothing fancy nor overtly-ambitious. If you have any resolutions too for this colder season, please share and let’s do it together. Should I write an update post sometime in the future on how I would have been doing? Perhaps I should, that will motivate me more to stick with it. What do you think, Friends?

Butterfly top: Roxy Wear by Roxanne Heptner. Avocado green vest: a Japanese vintage, used to be Mom's. Black slacks: office uniform (not shown in the pics, but believe me, I wore pants, hahaha!). Earrings: old collection. Butterfly necklace: bought online. Shoes: Voir (Malaysia). Black blazer: Brooks Brothers Woman (USA). Brown suede bag: Nordstrom (USA).


♥♥ (Jasmine) said...

loving your butterfly shirt with the mint vest. you look feminine and chic. :)

Trendygemm said...

love your necklace and your bag!! great blog, if you want we can follow each other!
I´m waiting your next post:)
You can see me in

dunia kecil indi said...

awww, suka banget dengan vest hijaunya. u look fresh :) semoga resolusinya tercapai ya :)

Joellen said...

One Teaspoon Thousands and Millions Dress

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are soo cute! and i could def arrive at work earlier most days.. haha!

AndréiaFSalim said...

I loved her look, especially the butterflies!
Very cute !!!:)

S said...

Your butterfly shirt is so lovely!
Pretty color combination, so sweet and delicate!

Anonymous said...

Awwww totally agree with your sentiments hun. I never make resolutions myself since you can always 'change' one any given day haha. It almost gives you an excuse NOT to start today if you DO make resolutions dont you think? ^_^

Anyway my own? Start looking after myself physically. Been a marathon runner for years and had to cease training because of schoolwork but now since thats all done and dusted I have no excuses! haha.

Cute outfit you're wearing too missy :P LOVE the colour green on you, it is very sweet ^_^


look-scout said...

Really love your ideas. Especially the eating one :) Love your blog and your style. The butterfly top looks fantastic. Hope you visit me and we follow each other if you like :)

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

Awww...I love all your resolutions! And I especially love your optimism and perspective on life! Have a great TODAY LeeAnne! :)

Loveforfood said...

i like your top. nice colour, green apple.

Pola Katelu said...

wow awesome! <333


Pop Champagne said...

the butterfly top is cute! i can't believe you get to wear that for winter while I have to get all bundled up in layers when I go outside now haha

ThinkGreen LovePurple said...

Love the necklace!
And I have to add getting to school (I'm a student) onto my list of new years resolutions...

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