Friday, August 24, 2012

Sometimes All He Needs Is Straightforwardness

It all began with a YouTube video by one of my favorite YouTuber, AprilAthena7, in which his husband, Justin, described in detail how he went the whole nine yards to look for an Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallette - knowing how much April wanted it - and when he couldn't find it, he took a great pain to look up for the colors that make up the pallette online and bought them in individual packages. In reponse to April saying "To be a man and willing to go through all those troubles...", to which he said:

"The manliest thing possible is making my woman happy."

I was like: "Awwwwwwww.... so sweeeett...."

Now, inspired by that clip, I sent the link to my husband, then I dropped hints after hints to him that I would like to have a Hello Kitty swarovski pendant as a gift, pretty please, nudging him everyday how much I love to get presents no matter how small or cheap it is, yada yada yada...

Would you think he'll get the message and start flexing his resources to look for the elusive piece of Hello Kitty jewelry I coveted so much?



Day after day, I just noticed him going home from work, took a shower, polished off his dinner I had prepared, then fell on the bed playing with his beloved iPhone, Blackberry and Instagram thing-y. I can't tell how much I hate those gadgets, they were the last thing he caressed prior to falling asleep and the first thing he says hello to the first time waking up. Sometimes even in the middle of the night!! Perhaps that's why I refuse downpat to have anything more than just a plain cell phone. Because gadgets are like a much sexier mistress to my husband! But hey, I guess he feels the same way about my laptop, my blogwalking and beauty video surfings on YouTube activities! Do you know that a good book (for me) and an Instagram picture (for him) could be more interesting than a spouse? Ho ho, I learn something new everyday in this marriage adventure!

Anyway, enough with the rambling. After a while I realized two things:
  • Comparing my husband to other woman's husband is like growing roots of bitterness. The grass next door often seems greener. Every human is unique, with its high and low points. It's like comparing a rose to an orchid, or a Mercedez with a BMW. The comparison is endless. You know what I mean. Instead I chose to remind myself of his good qualities, like his faithfulness, his trying to provide a better life for us, and his accepting me for who I am with all my flaws.
  • If I still want that Hello Kitty necklace, I need to take drastic measure and take the matters into my own hands.

So I went online and searched on Ebay, until I found the one Hello Kitty crystal pendant I love best, made sure that the seller ships to Indonesia, then emailed him the exact link with straightforward request that said no less clearer direction than this: "Dear Hubby, I really really want this necklace as a gift. Please go to this link and purchase this for me from Ebay, and I will be very happy. Thank you. PS: Ow, and please do it asap, like within this week, not like, two months after this email." Yeah, something like that.

And he did. And boy, how happy I was to receive it in the mail about three weeks later! And you know what, he was so darn proud to see me wearing it, he said the nekclace is very pretty, and he wore this smug face when I went to the mall wearing it and some strangers complementing me on it and asked me where I got it. You would think he went all the troubles to get me the necklace, when all he did was clicking the link I provided and paid with his credit  card! AND, he even begrudgingly said that there's no way a necklace that cost less than USD 10 could look decent. (He finally admitted that it looks grand and super sparkly, like it a real Swarovsky!)

Oh well... I guess some men can take hints and notice what particular girlie things, makeup and jewelry their women want, and some just... don't. In the case of this man of mine, I found out that sometimes, all he needs is a little - or sometimes plenty of - straightforwardness! I have learned my lesson!

Anyway, this is the Hello Kitty crystal pendant he got me. Isn't it just so cute!! And very sparkly! Love it! Thank you, Hubby!
We went to Marche for lunch today, and it reminded me of how much I wanted to travel to Europe, especially Italy. I planned to backpack accross Italy with two friends several years ago, but it got postponed over and over again. Since I got married, I know that each of us could go for a fun weekend to a nearby destination or country with friends, like Singapore or Bali, but there's no way any of us would spend a fortune traveling to Europe if not with the spouse. (Except later on, mebbe, when we get very very rich, and traveling to Europe is just like another trip to the mall, hahaha!) Now that I know how my husband's brain operates, I know exactly what to do.

Tomorrow, I'll send him an email with links to beautiful sites of Cortona and Positano, then I'll type: "I really really want to visit this paradise on Earth one day. Will you take me there with you, Love?"

I'm pretty sure he'll get the message this time. ^_^

Jeans, striped tank, sandals: unbranded. Purse: Stradivarius. Hello Kitty necklace: Ebay. Belt: Charlotte Russe. Bracelets: Claire's Store. Earrings: Singapore.

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Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Pretty outfit and the Hello Kitty necklace is really pretty.
My husband gets the coffee ready for me in the morning. That is one of my favorite things he does that says he loves me.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

you have amazing hair!!!

LV said...

You make a cute model. I am glad you finally got the necklace you wanted. It is very pretty. It just takes some men a little longer to see the light.

Diana said...

Hi LeeAnne, I love your post its soo funny! :D I agree! Men can be so lazy! I like the necklace he got for you haha~

chubskulit said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
Have a lovely Sunday!

Jeanine Byers said...

Cute outfit!! And I what a cute necklace!

Jennifer said...

It would be nice for hubbies to get a hint every now and then!! When I take matters into my own hands I'm spending my own money for what I want! Ha! Cute necklace!! You can never go wrong with anything pink in my books! :) Thanks for linking up to Chic Couture! Have a great week!

WendyB said...

Smart not to compare family situations. You never know what's going on behind closed doors, after all!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

You look so adorable in your new necklace and cuffed jeans. My husband, like Debbi's, makes my tea for me, and oh boy, I do love that. Thanks so much for linking up with Visible Monday.

Haley said...

I honetly think that my husband PURPOSELY does not get me things I want if I beat around the bush. Every man is different and I know that if I want something from my husband I have to tell him and he will give it to me. He would give me the world, but not if I don't tell him I want it.

Your husband seems similar in that fact but I am glad you got your ADORABLE necklace!

Found you through the YOLO link up!


Style Higher™ said...

This post is so CUTE! I loved it and laughed out loud more than once. You are so adorable and that Hello Kitty pendant is just precious. So nice of your hubby to take ALL THAT TIME to search eBay to find it for you too. :-)

April said...

Awwww how cute your necklace!!!

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