Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Mint (Almost Shabby Apple)

Some time ago, Shabby Apple emailed me and asked if I would like to be their affiliate partner. Of course I said yes! I have been loving Shabby Apple clothing, especially the dresses, and as I'm an amateur blogger who blogs purely for fun, it is very important for me to only have sponsors or affiliates whose products I truly like. Shabby Apple's dresses are flirty, feminine, and modest. They feel vintage, yet they are modern.

My parents are visiting my brother in the US this fall, so I thought I would order some products from my favorite online stores, because they can send them over to my brother's address, then my parents will take them back to Indonesia later on. From Shabby Apple, I planned to order this One For My Baby Dress from the Twin Palms collection. I can't tell how to call this particular color exactly. Seafoam green? Mint green? Light turquoise blue? Tifanny blue? I notice that the color, and the chiffon pleated skirt and white collar detail are all very popular right now at various clothing stores here.  Indonesia only have rainy and dry season, so I can wait until fall to wear this supposedly summer dress.

Well, what do you know... My parents just got back from Zhang Jia Jie, China (if you watch the movie Avatar, Zhang Ja Jie is the original place where the real Avatar mountains do really existed here on Earth, just google for it), and Mom got me several lovely things, including this dress.
It's quite similar to the Shabby Apple dress that I wanted to order! I also saw a similar style at Zara and Dorothy Perkins recently. I love all the neat details: the scalop collar with white piping, the smaller polkadot at the top and bigger polkadot for the skirt, the tiny pleats, the puffy sleeve, and how feminine and flowy it is. I especially love the color!
My Mom also got me this 3D Hello Kitty necklace. Thanks Mom! You know how much I love Hello Kitty, even now that I'm an all grown up woman!

This is a picture of me and Mom. We had lunch together at Blacksteer, sharing a bowl of cream soup and ribs.

The only downside of this dress is, my husband thinks it looks like a house dress and not very stylish. "You look like a 50s housewife!" he said. I cheerfully replied "Well, that's the theme on this look!" He shrugged, kissed me on the cheek and said "It's not my favorite look on you, but you always look lovely in anything. Especially since you obviously love the dress." ^_^
If you are interested im purchasing the Shabby Apple dress, visit their website now. The are having August sale going on, with a 20% off many of their clothing collections. I'm thinking of ordering another dress, since I already got this one from Mom.

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Jessica said...

Oh my I love the dress on you and the Hello Kitty necklace! You looks lovely! Check out my latest blog post

Lisa said...

Your dress is so pretty. The color is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Cute... but why no beehive hairdo on your head... :-))

Jersey Blogess said...

incredible dress!! and yes, very similar to Shabby Apple.

Theses and Threads said...

the dress is super cute!!!

Melaina25 said...

Mint is so on trend!

CC said...

Love the dress! It looks adorable on you!

k@ye said...

I'll have to agree with you, that dress is so pretty! Yeah I've seen quite a lot of vintage looking dresses lately especially those with round collars.

Lindsey A. Turner said...

This is such a cute dress! I love the necklace too!


Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVe this teal dress!
-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

Melissa said...

love the copycats idea & this outfit! the dress & accessories are adorable :)
Oh, My

Anonymous said...

SUCH a lovely dress! Beautiful colour and you look beautiful in it! I love the colour coordination with the rest of your outfit- the bracelet adds a nice touch :)

Say x

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe how similar the two dresses are-- both equally adorable! Thanks so much for participating!

Denise Pacurar said...

I love this dress! The color and polka dots are so cute!!! Love your long hair too!

<3 Denise

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