Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Simple Gal's Journal: Nutella Week!

Hello. Friends!

I forgot how good it feels to record your daily lives in a journal. Well, not everyday, of course, because some days you are just simply too busy to bother writing anything, and there are some days that you can't think of anything to write.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At 5.30 in the morning my son awoke and refused to go back to sleep, so I took him out of his crib and took him to sleep with us on our bed. Well, he didn't sleep actually, he just cuddled and cooed and hugged and kissed Mommy and Daddy in turns. It was so cute. I was still sleepy, both of us were, but Hubby and I considered it an early morning blessing. Such a warm feeling to start our day!

After work, I planned to go shopping for some staples of undergarments and nighties, because I needed some new ones, but Hubby called and said he was going to be home earlier than usual.
The conversation went on something like this:
M: "I plan to go buying some new underwear, remember?"
H: "Oh,"
H (disappointed tone): "Well, that's OK. I'll just play with the baby." (Hubby always called our son "baby" eventhough Michael is a toddler now.)

I guess that man of mine wanted to spend more time with me by coming home earlier. So, I finally cancelled my shopping trip for another day and went straight home.

"You don't need to do that." Hubby said sheepishly. "I don't mind your going shopping."
"Yes, but I know you. You will call me every ten minutes or so. It won't be a fun shopping for me," I said, and he laughed and did not argue.

Anyway, last year for our wedding anniversary, Hubby got me a pink egg-shaped mini speaker for my laptop. I was so happy, because though it's not the most romantic anniversary gift of the year, it was thoughtful. Hubby knew I love "listening" to YouTube videos, ALL THE TIME. Including when I'm in the shower. My old speaker broke, and he noticed, so he got me a new one in my favorite color. Well, one year later, again, the new speaker broke, so for this year's anniversary, again, he gave me a white doubel speakers! I hope they won't break again by next year, so I can expect something else for anniversary present. Haha! Nevertheless, I'm so happy with my new speakers. Thank you, Hubby! ^__^

There are so many cute and fun mini, portable speakers available nowadays. Some of them are unbelievably cute and affordable, too! These are some of my favorites. Aren't they totally adorable?
House of Fraser Kitsound Ladybug. (find it here)
House of Fraser Kitsound Owl. (find it here)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After work, I went shopping for undergarments and sleeping wear, and I got the most exquisite sleeping wear ever! You can read about my finds here.

Thursday is of course, Labor Day, so I don't need to work and can spend the day just playing with our son. That little dynamo is so active now that he needs constant supervision. I don't really childproof my house to the extreme, such as covering every nook and corner edges of my furniture, because the real world is not childproof afterall, but we did some in moderation. Luckily all the power outlets are located high up so there's no way he can reach it. The only other thing we did is install a gate in front of the stairs area, and that's pretty much it. As naughty as Michael is, he understands that when Mommy says no, she means no. He knows that he can chew on things to pieces, but he's not allowed to put little things inside of his mouth. And somehow he knows how to be careful with Mommy's crystal knick knacks, though up to this day I don't understand how he's supposed to know that some things are breakable and he can only touch but not play with them. God is really amazing.

Nevertheless, parents can do only so much, and the safety of our children is in their own hands and in the hands of The Lord. Michael is only allowed to climb the stairs under adult supervision, where we would stand by behind me to avoid falling out, and he complies with the rule very well. Still, accident happens.

Michael cannot walk up the stairs yet, he crawls up. I'm teaching him to walk up the stairs, but he still hesitates and prefer to crawl up. Today, he crawled up too fast, his little feet missed a step, and his head dived down to the corner of the stairs. I was behind him, so I didn't have enough time to help him. It was only like several inches "dive" but he got hurt anyway. His eye area got swollen and he got bruise under his eye socket up until today!

After a quick checkup and medication, he stopped crying and again asked to climb up the stairs. I was like, "Enough stairs for today, buddy! You look OK, and Mommy thank God that you are, but Mommy's nerves cannot take another stairs climbing today. We'll do it again tomorrow!" I'm so thankful that Michael's guardian angel was watching over him. I mean, it's near the eye, and eyesight is extremely important! Thank God.

Here's the little boy, looked as happy and joyful as can be, though he looks like someone has punched him in the eye. Look at the bruise! The bad experience didn't discourage him from trying climbing up the stairs again, more carefully this time. I'm glad that he's shown such brave character and learn from his mistakes at such an early stage. Yet my heart is constantly beating with worry. Oh, the bittersweet of being a mother! Mommy also learned that human can only do so much, God will take care of the rest. ^__^

Other than that, the week has been pleasant enough. Hubby just heard that a childhood friend of his moved back from out of town, and he and his wife just welcomed a baby girl, so we are happy and excited for the good news.

Today is Friday when I'm writing this, so I'm excited for the weekend, though yesterday was an off day.

Work has been extremely stressful for the past couple of months. After some roller coaster, ups and downs, high and low, I finally decided to do the best thing I believe one could do in similar situation: do my best, and let God takes care the rest. Hubby said that we should trust the Lord, because He wants what's best for us, and He knows what He's doing, even if we don't. Also, I have a natural sunny disposition and positive outlook. Hubby always says that I am the sunshine and the pillar of stability in the family. I am determined not to let what is going on in the work place influences me to be negative or moody. It's just work, not family, not life.

I often say this prayer over and over since I was very young:

"Dear God, please let my life be like a sweet song, a sparkling jewel, a breath of fresh air, a warm ray of sunshine, a beautiful scented rose, a warm comforting tea in the middle of a cold day, and a glass of refreshing iced lemonade in the middle of a hot day, to the people around me.

Let me share joy, happiness, hope, friendship. laughter, positivity and love to the people you have placed in my life.

Let me be more and more become the woman that You want me to be: a gift of love and a vessel of love.

Let me live the right and happy kind of life."
I always believe that is my role in life. And if I turned sour and sarcastic and negative, I cannot live according to that role. So I am determined that I will not, with God's grace, let bad and stressful situation get to me. Sometimes it's very difficult, but I have The Lord, I have family, I have this wonderful blogger and YouTuber community (that's you all, Friends!) who got me inspired and refreshed everyday.

And, thank God for Nutella! That's a splurge that I don't often have in the house, perhaps only once a year, but this time I let myself indulge and got a pot of Nutella that I finished - with a teaspoon - in just three days. All of it. And that's THE ultimate comfort food of all.

My, that feels good! ^__^

What is your ultimate comfort food that you let yourself indulge from time to time?

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Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday. I am so glad you joined us this weekend, and I hope you will be back often. Thank you for making Pink Saturdays special.

I enjoyed reading your journal. I agree it is a very good thing. Your little guy is darling.

Ivy and Elephants said...

I had no idea they had such cute speakers. This is such a great post! I would love for you to share it at our What's It Wednesday Linky Party. I hope you can join us.


Kelli Woodford said...

What a blessed life you lead! Thanks for linking with Unforced Rhythms!

Hazel Moon said...

I believe your hubby was glad you decided to come on home and not shop that day. Yet you were rewarded when you did shop by finding the special nighties you discovered. Sorry about baby taking a tumble, and your hubby was thoughtful to get you new speakers! Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At:

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. At 55 I just discoverd Chocolate. I've created a Nuttela Monster. ;)

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