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Never Thought I Would Go Kate Spade, But I Did! (Kate Spade Cedar Street Elissa Review)

Goooood day, Friends!

You might know from previous post that May is my birthday month. I wrote about my birthday weekend here, and how many surprises I got during my birthday week here. Now, I will tell you the last birthday present that came my way, almost at the end of May, from my dear husband. 

So on Saturday morning, a package with USPS stamp on it came. I, of course, am familiar with USPS, since I lived in the US for several years for college and work afterward. But never a USPS package got me so giddy and excited as this one, because I knew what was inside. My birthday present from Hubby that he specifically ordered from a friend of his who moved to New York, since the company that sells this thing doesn't ship to Indonesia. What is that? Kate Spade, that is, Friends. Hear that, Kate Spade? You should ship to Indonesia!

kate spade, cedar street elissa

You can find it here if you are interested to own one!

kate spade, cedar street elissa

Kate Spade Cedar Street Elissa (find it here)

Now, I never ever thought that I would buy any Kate Spade bag. I think they are cute and fun, with all those funky, cheerful colors and girlie girl designs. Still, I'm not a fan of spending big money on expensive bag that I cannot carry for a loooooooong time. Yes, a couple of hundreds dollar for a bag, for me, is a lot. If I'm going to spend money on a purse, real leather is needed to warrant such an extravagance. Saffiano, cowhide, suede, whatever, as long as it's real, genuine leather that will last year after year after year. I have bad experience with PU aka syntetic leather, they start ripping and peeling after only a year's usage. I expect more-expensive-than-usual-Target-bags will last longer, like my Mom's Aigner that just looks better with age after more than twenty years! And from what I had seen in the store, most of Kate Spade bags are not made of leather. They come in either canvas, nylon, PU, vynil or fabric. They are trendy and fun, they weren't made to be classic. And this girl loves classic!

However, I changed my mind after I saw this picture of Kileen, from Cute & Little, carrying a gooooorgeous reddish Kate Spade beauty some time ago. It was a structured shaped bag which I love, and prefer to floppy or hobo bags. What really made the tote extraordinary is definitely the unique color! Frankly it's not the color that I normally would be attracted to, but somehow I fell in love with this one. It's not red, it's not pink, it's not orange, it's not really neon either, it's like combination of all. Kate Spade's website called it red geranium, and I think it's a very suitable description. I looked it up online, and it said the tote is made of leather. Perfect! That nailed it. That really gave me an excuse, sort of a valid reason to justify this purchase!

It's very rarely that I covet something that I only see on the internet so bad. It's 
very rare that I would covet something, period. So, Hubby jumped in and offered to buy it for my birthday. Still, I hesitated. Then one day, we went to the mall and saw the real , Cedar Street Elissa, with all it's red geranium glory. I decided on the spot that it's worth the investment. Unfortunately, the store only carry it in medium size, and I always, always go for the large size. AND Kate Spade doesn't ship to Indonesia. So, how am I going to get one for my birthday? My Mom can carry it for me during her annual US trip, but that would be in September and my birthday is in May. What's a girl to do?

The answer is, she doesn't have to do anything. Hubby made contact with a friend who moved to New York and asked her to buy me one and ship it all the way to Indonesia. And here it is, a little bit late, but still in the month of May.

The bag is a nice size for my need. I love large purses that can carry all of my daily essentials. I also love the fact that the design is simple enough for work, classic enough to last for many years, but the fun, edgy, funky, cheerful, happy, unusual color is what made the purse really pop. You can dress it up for work, or to go to a cocktail party, you can dress it down with jeans and a T-shirt. I found it very versatile. 

kate spade, cedar street elissa

My only dislike about this bag is, it doesn't have zipper on top of the main compartment. In Indonesia, it's a must to have your bag fully closed so pickpocket cannot reach inside and take your wallet or cell phone too easily! It's also one thing that I dislike about Prada Saffiano!

kate spade, cedar street elissa
kate spade, cedar street elissa

Another dislike, thr brand Kate Spade New York is debossed on the leather. I mean, they used hardware thing for the logo, why can't they do the same thing for the brand to make it look more elegant and classy? It's not a thirty dollar purse, they can add something extra, can't they? AND, in terms of quality, I think Michael Kors' is better, the leather is thicker and sturdier than Kate Spade's. Michael Kors feels heavier, too.

kate spade, cedar street elissa 

Despite my two dislikes, I really love this purse and cannot wait to create an ensemble adorned with it! Thank you, Hubby, for such a thoughtful gift!

kate spade, cedar street elissa

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Carylee said...

As a Kate Spade addict, I approve of this message. Haha! Congrats! She's beautiful! Http://

Unknown said...

It looks cute!


Porcelina said...

What an utterly fabulous present!! I love girly styles and shades, so that would be right up my alley. I do always have that practical voice in my head though, so I too would be concerned about the main compartment not zipping closed.

I hope you enjoy your new bag, Visiting today via 'I Would So Rock This' P x

Kelli Woodford said...

Oooh, I can see why you fell so hard for this bag. Adorable!

Madaline said...

I love this bag! It's the perfect size and the color is great!!

Madaline said...

I love this bag! It's the perfect size and the color is great!!

Madaline said...

I love this bag! It's the perfect size and the color is great!!

Jessica Jannenga said...

I love this color bag, Kate Spade, I actually have asked for one of her bags for my bday. Pretty
Have a great weekend, jess
from the link up,

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Thanks for joining Fashion item Friday! Great info about Kate Spade.

Lorna mai ltd said...

I love the colour of your bag. I think bright coloured bags are on trend at the moment, they are so eye catching, especially when used with a neutral outfit.

The Real Arnolds said...

Beautiful! What a fun and special addition to your wardrobe. Thanks for linking up with us!

xo, Amy Ann
The Real Arnolds

Katherines Corner said...

lovely purse and it has plenty of room too. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Your participation helps to make it extra special ♥

Charlene@APinchofJoy said...

Gorgeous bag -- love that color!!! Birthday wishes to you just a little late -- still May here (for a couple of hours still!)

Jessica K Smith said...

It's gorgeous!! I love the color! I totally agree with you on wanting something that expensive to last forever. Someday I might get a fancy expensive purse...I will hold it to very high standards before and after buying, just like you did.

That's so sweet that your hubby got it for you :)

I found you through the Penniless Socialite link up.


simply bliss said...

I agree, I prefer bags with a zipper on top as well!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bag!!

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