Monday, November 23, 2015

Gratitude Journal: Work, Exercise, Eat, Worship

This month, I'm so thankful for...
Office Gym
Finally, our office gym is officially opened! I'm so glad and thankful for three things:
One. Employees will benefit from this free gym, not only because they can save money that they'd spend otherwise for gym membership, but they will also save time, since they don't need to go somewhere else to exercise. Can you imagine having to drive forty five minutes in a traffic jam to reach the gym? I can't. That's exercise-motivation-killing for this gal!
Two. This non-flexible, no-exercise mommy can do yoga again. Yayyy!! When the Lord is being so kind as to provide a gym with full-equipped yoga and aerobic classes literally a few steps away from where you earn a living, - and it's free - , I don't think even this lazy momma has any excuses left to not exercising! I've been doing yoga regularly twice a week for the past month, much to the delight of my dear husband. He is the sporty type who always encourages me to do some sort of exercise. The reason? Pretty simple? Don't you want to be a healthy, active grandmother to the children of your children one day? Raising my hand here.
Note: yoga class here is 100% exercise, not a meditation or with chanting. The instructor basically only says, "Now right hand.... Up... Down... Inhale... Exhale... Now the other hand..." ^__^
Three. I was responsible to build the gym, and now I am still involved to run the operational of the gym. I always enjoy my work, but when I'm working for the welfare, benefit, and enjoyment of other people, it's a totally different perspective. I feel elated, refreshed, recharged, motivated. I feel like I'm working for a greater purpose than just money and improving myself. It's like making a real contribution to the community. And it feels soooo good!
Praise the Lord that He allowed me to be the vessel of His bountiful blessings for others, as well as for myself.

Office Cafetaria

November has been a truly blessed month for my office. Not only the Management added the perks of office gym to the facilities, but also an office canteen. There are three vendors selling various food with affordable prices, so busy moms can even have a break once in a while by buying some dishes from the cafetaria for dinner at home! And best of all, the menu is all Indonesian menu, which is my dear husband's favorite meal! So even if I happen to run around like chicken without a head one day or another, I will always have the option to buy something from the cafetaria for dinner. It's always great to have other option to ease one's life, isn't it!

Another thing? I was in the Project Team who prepared the cafetaria, and seeing all the hard work came to live and benefit so many people, really makes you feel rich beyond anything. I was there on the first day the cafetaria opened its doors, watching with wonders and feeling of buoyant as people lined up to buy lunch. The animo was much better than expected, and I felt a joyous shutters in my chest. What seemingly mundane to everybody else, to me it's like suddenly the whole world turned from black and white to technicolors.

Praise the Lord for letting us enjoy this new facility, as well as allowed me to be part of its preparation.
 Office Friday Worship
I'm keeping the best for last here. As a background, Indonesia is not a Moslem country, however Moslem is the major religion here. Naturally, all public facilities and commercial buildings are required to have Musholla, a room for Moslem's five times a day praying ritual.
In November, we finally completed the Musholla for Moslem employees, and the Management decided to allow the non Moslem employees to use one of the bigger meeting rooms for Friday Worship! So one Friday during lunch hour, the Moslem employees will have their service at the Musholla, and the non-Moslem ones can use the meeting room facility for worship.
As a Catholic, I don't believe that we should reserve Sunday for worship. Our daily life is supposed to be for worshipping the Lord, as well. Work can be worship. Worship at the workplace is like a cool, refreshing oasis in the middle of the desert. Parch tongues will be cooled with hymns. Tired minds will be recharged again with sermons. Heart will be healed and filled with the word of God. What can be more beautiful for a worker to make his daily labor and toil as worship and dedication to the Lord?
Thank you Lord, for allowing us be your witness and earthly presence here at work. To show that work is not just secular thing, but can be godly thing, as well. The Lord works, so we work! Everything we do, everyday, shall be a form of worship to the Lord.
"So whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do,
do everything for the glory of God."
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

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Saleslady371 said...

And what a strong witness you are! Bless you for all the ways that you help others. I believe every day is significant too, to worship and live out our faith.

Hazel Moon said...

What an exciting post. Your employer will be blessed for granting this gym, the cafeteria, and also the prayer rooms. His employees will be happier, healthier and work better. When you do your Yoga, be sure to hum the name of JESUS instead of the traditional words usually used. The worship time on Friday will give you opportunity to mingle with other Christians, even if they are not Catholic. Perhaps some are worth getting to know better. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Susan Shipe said...

I'm your neighbor at Jennifer's today - in slot 48. Good for you and all these great accomplishments!

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