Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not The Biggest Fan of Harry Potter, But...

... still dragging myself to finally watch the latest and final installment of Harry Potter movie!

Ten years ago, I was a fan. I love to read more than anything, so I bought the first book and read it cover to cover. I thought it was really amazing. Then came out the second book. And the third. By the fourth book I stopped reading the series altogether, opting to just watch the movies instead. So the first Harpot is the only Harry Potter book that I own.

Don't get me wrong. I stop reading not because the books are too thick. I read Lord of The Rings and the whole Chronicles of Narnia series. I read ALL Little House the original and the additional series and combined together they're even more voluminous than Harry Potter books. I stopped reading because I no longer interested to read any further.

After reading the history of both Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, I think I understand why. Tolkien wrote the whole LoTR in the camps during The First World War. At that time, he just wanted to portray the ugliness of war and the reason to live, and since he was a literature professor, what better media he could express himself with than jotting the thoughts down on a piece of paper? He had no idea it would be a huge hit. That's why the whole story feels so genuine and beautiful to me.

Rowling wrote the first manuscript of Harry Potter when she was a poor single Mom slash waitress. The lady truly has amazing imagination, and for that I give her four thumbs ups (Yep, four, arms and legs, haha!) Then Harry Potter the first book became a hit. A HUGE hit. Rowling became the richest woman in England, richer even then the Queen, I heard. After that she wrote the second, third, and next volumes. So, with all the media and the success and the frenzy, I think somehow the story becomes more commercialized and is no longer as genuine as the first book. At least to me.

I realize I might put myself in jeopardy for writing this, so for all Harry Potter die-hard fans, please don't get mad at me! This is only my personal opinion! ^0^'v

However, I still want to know how the story ends and all. Not to mention that I loooove Emma Watson. (The girl has style!) So of course, I can not NOT watch the final movie. I purposedly waited until several weeks have passed after it hit the theater, so the queuing is no longer crazy. You know, Hollywood movie-lovers in Indonesia have been having a movie-fasting for about six months or so because the movie importer had some tax problem with the government. Since the beginning of the year most Hollywood box office like Pirates, X-Men, etc. couldn't get to Indonesian theaters. Some die-hard (and moneyed) movie-lovers even chose to book a ticket and fly to the nearest countries like Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand just to watch the latest box-office movies! So after the six-month ban, you can imagine the craziness when Harry Potter finally arrived in Jakarta cinemas!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the movie at Blitz Pacific Place.

I always wear an extra layer for the cinema because the AC is freezing cold!

Some funny art work at the mall lobby. The cheerful colors match my outfit, and the polkadot on my top and shoes, so I took a picture!

Yellow polkadot top: Abercrombie (gift, bought at an outlet in San Fransisco). Nude lacy tank top: unbranded (Mangga Dua). White crocheted long cardigan: unbranded (Plaza Semanggi). Bag: Esprit (gift, also from San Fransisco) Jeans: forgot the brand, they're old. Sandals: Orange (USA). Pearl necklace: gift from a friend. Bracelets: Debenhams. Earrings: Diva.

I love how the polkadot top matches the polkadots on the sandals. Even the heels got polkadot pattern!

A friend brought me the yellow Abercrombie top and Esprit bag for my birthday last year. At that time, he gave me a lot of pink stuffs because he knows I love anything pink, then he presented the top and the bag and said: "I know your favorite color is pink, and you prefer feminine look instead of sporty, but I saw these at an outlet in SF and thought you'll look great in them because they're so happy and fun and sunny and cheerful just like yourself!" Awwww! How sweet! He didn't need to say that, of course. What girl doesn't like birthday presents?

I love the yellow peekaboo under the flap.

Another pose at Pacific Place lobby.

Now you know why this mall is called PACIFIC Place. Can't you believe that I've been here like a hundred times and never took any pics with the miniature sailing boats before!

After brunch and movie (yep, we went for matinee show), we went to Kem Chick supermarket downstairs to buy some fruits, and look what I found. Cool huh! That's a saying dear to my heart, I carry my own reuseable plastic bag everywhere so I don't need to ask for store plastic bag to the cashier. I mean, do I really need to ask for plastic bag when I only buy a pack of chewing gum? Hello!

And as an end note for today's posting, the final Harry Potter movie is cool, but boy, I'm so glad that it's finally over!


Grammy Goodwill said...

Love the polka dots, esp the shoes.

Rachel said...

Those polka dot shoes are soo cute!! I love the yellow top too. It's so funny that you can say '10 years ago I was a fan' about Harry Potter - it's been around so long!!

Mongs said...

haha...I love your yellow top, shoes and bag. So bright and cheery, so perfect for the summer (?) weather, at least it's still summer here. I always like these bright color accents on your outfits. Bright colors makes your skin glows.

Thank you for your sweet comments! Really appreciate it!


Kristy said...

Yeah I heard about the movie ban from Inti. That sucked, huh? Good thing is over now so everybody can enjoy great movies in Indo :)

I also stopped reading HP by the time it hit the 4th book (I think I read it 1/4 way through?) The books indeed became thicker than ever and as a self-proclaimed lazy bum myself, I'd rather pay to see the movie version than finishing up an entire 1000-page book. Anyways... :p

I think yellow should also be your favorite color. It really suits you :)

Gabrielle said...

Love the purse and yellow shirt!
What's your favorite store? Can you sew clothes or do you buy all of them?
Congratulations on the winning the contest on Natasha's blog. I voted for you. :)

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thank you, All! I'm glad you think yellows are not mellow on me. Perhaps I should wear the color more.

@Kristy: Yep, so no need to go Singapore just to watch movie! That was a bit crazy, but after 6 months of movie ban, many people did!

@Gabrielle: Ow, thank you very much for your vote, Gabrielle! Really appreciate it. I don't really have favorite store, really. Anything nice, comfortable and affordable will do. I limit myself to do major shoppings only twice a year during sale season. I generally take a good care of what I've had, so they last longer even if they're unbranded stuffs. I also "shop" at my Mom's closet. Unfortunately I don't sew, though I really want to learn. I tried to learn online, but I guess I still need someone to show me how. Do you sew? Perhaps you could give me some advice?

Mimi said...

Im not mad, I never got that into the books, although I know a million people who did! I love the cheeriness of this outfit! The shoes and the bag are so cute! I love that you love to layer and thank you for linking up with me in Many Layers Monday!

Courtney said...

I love the locations where you took pictures. I don't think there's anywhere that visually interesting within 100 miles of where I live.
And I love the shoes!


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