Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine or Champagne?

Style N Season mengucapkan selamat hari raya Idul Fitri bagi semua rekan yang beragama Muslim.
Style N Season would like to say happy Idul Fitri to all my Moslem friends.
Are you a sophisticated lady, say, a wine connoisseur? Well, I'm not. Eventhough I take a lot of pictures at wine cellars or wine shops, I actually don't drink. I'm a hick who basically only drink water, iced tea (no sugar), chocolate milk, and orange juice. I don't drink coffee, softdrink, nor alcohol beverages. And not for the reason that you might think. I just don't care for the taste, that's all. However, I do love to hangout at places that serve wine. I like the calm and cozy ambiance of these posh establishments.
Anyways. What do you think of my dress? At first, I was going to wear a matching black lacy tank top underneath, but then I thought, why not showing a bit of color? So I end up with this electric pink tank, instead, and totally love the result. Well, I guess the word "elegant" will never define my style...

Dress: Macy's New York. Pink tank top: unbranded (ITC Kuningan). White bag: Cole. Pearl necklace: gift from friend. Silver sandals: Mom brought them from Spain, forgot the brand. Bracelets: old collection.
This evening it's dinner at The Cellar, at Four Seasons Hotel.
Behind me are the Italian wine collection.
We sit at The Library Lounge in front of The Cellar, but order the food from The Steak House, a restaurant also inside of Four Seasons. I order BBQ lamb chop with mashed potatoes. Notice the cashew nuts and green olives platter at the center.

Cool pictures, rite. If I didn't tell you, you would think I know so much about wine, haha...
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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like the pop of color under your dress.

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