Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flowers In A Candy Shop, Or Vice Versa

Busy day ahead! I have so many things to do today: going to church, a lunch date, going to money changer, buying some travel supplies, packing, picking up my parents at the airport, going shopping with my Mom, etc-etc.

Anyway, I can't decide whether I should call this look "flower in a candy shop" or "candies in a flower shop". Hence the undecisive post title. It's so bright, and cheerful and colorful, it just makes me smile.

With so much going on, the burst of happy colors, the flowers, the lace, the layers, I keep everything else in neutral color: white. The sandals, the bag, the accessories. I decided to wear this yellow skinny belt, though. Fashion expert says, take off one thing before going out the door. For me, I add something before heading out the door! Hey, those experts can make rules, so, even if I'm not an expert, why can't I make rules for myself, right.
This is how it looks without the chrocheted layer top. Still nice, I think. I have this thin, skinny body, so I layer not only for the sole purpose of modesty, but also to camouflage my paper-thin figure. The media is not being fair by screaming that weight problem and body image is an exclusive problem exclusive to the overweight. My friends have been making fun of my being a stick thin underweight since I was in kindergarten!
So, if sometimes you wish that you have more lustruous hair, smoother skin, slimmer body, more voluptuous curves, whatever, no need to feel bad, Ladies. It's what makes you human. It's what so deliciously makes you a woman. Loving oneself doesn't mean seeing oneself as perfect! Embracing oneself with all the flaws is much more exciting, because it gives room for self-improvement and creativity. As well as a little bit of vulnerability, which hints that je ne sais quoi that makes women even more mysterious, adorable, and completely human!

After Church, we crossed the street to have lunch at Pisa Cafe. Unfortunately I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of that heavenly Italian dishes and homemade ice cream! Well, maybe next time. Next, dashing off to Plaza Indonesia to money changer and FoodHall! See you next time!
Crocheted short-sleeved cardigan: Say What (JC Penney USA). Coral top: Catch My I (JC Penney USA). Yellow belt: unbranded. Flower skirt: Dorothy Perkins. White bag: Cole. Bracelets: Debenhams. White sandals: Aily (Malaysia).


dunia kecil indi said...

rok bunganya cute, dipadu dengan belt kuning cocok banget. love it :))

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

I vote for flowers in a candy shop!--it's more unusual! :)

love the colors of your outfit! pretty!

Sophie A. said...

Love this look!!

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