Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chill Out N Have Some Lemonade

Note: I'll be on vacation from August 24 until September 5 with no access to internet, so please forgive me for not responding to your comments or emails during those dates. Meanwhile, please enjoy some scheduled posts that I have prepared. Where am I going? Uh-uh, can't tell you now, but I'll be blogging about it when I get back. ^_^v

Call it the multiplier effect.

The funny thing about money.
When you don’t have any, just the smallest amount to provide food on the table will make you happy. But once you have a little bit more, then you just want more and more.

If you're already a happy person with sweet disposition, money will make you happier and more cheerful. But if you're already a sad, miserable person, money will increase that misery to an even higher level.

So, I agree with the saying “Money can't buy you happiness.”

But it can do wonders to increase what’s already yours.

So it's not the money.

It's the person.

On a random note, this is a delish kuetiao dish for lunch today!

Canary yellow top: bYSI (Singapore). Yellow tank top underneath (for modesty reason, of course!): unbranded. Black slacks: Invio (office uniform, so it's free!). Teal n silver sandals: Voir (Malaysia). Tosca blue bag: Stradivarius. Turquoise blue earrings, pendant and necklace: gifted by friend, from Bangkok. Tosca blue bracelet: from Shanghai.
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Catherine Au Jong said...

nice color combination!

michelle_ said...

nom nom nom.. your food looks really good !
and abt ur comment on my independence post.. yes im familiar with the trickle down theory ! and i actually don't have any problem with that as long the wearer admits wherever they buy their bag from.. i know Gaudi greates "fake" (or trickle down versions ??) of balenciaga bags.. but as long as the person states that they got the bag from Gaudi, I would happy enough.. but i also wish that Gaudi should stop creating those balenciaga-like bags (i mean they're almost 100% the same except the quality is super bad).. Gaudi is a pretty famous brand here, so why create something that's a copy of a high end brand? why cant they create something new? that's what disappoints me the most i guess..


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