Sunday, August 14, 2011

Musing N Pondering

I went to the US for two main reasons:
One: I want to experience living in another country. Speaking different language. Eating different food. Meeting new people. New culture. New way of life. New everything.
Two: A full-time job after graduation with some nice USD salary would be nice. ^__^ Studying abroad is expensive, so I want to be able to at least reaching a break-even-point - with some additional savings if possible - before going home to Indonesia.

I am very thankful for those wonderful years I spent in Texas, and felt that my life had been enriched beyond measure through the experience. Over there, in a country where most of the world calls a secular country, where Hollywood movies are made, where outrageous behaviors of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian dominate the tabloids, I embraced what I never thought I would embrace there in America.






Don't get me wrong. I watch The Simple Life and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Reality shows are my guilty pleasures. (If I ever had a daughter, though, I don't think I'd allow her to watch any of those until she's at least 18 for fear she might think that public nudity and yelling at your Mom are cool! They are definitely not!)

Anyway, speaking of modesty, my friends were confused that after I got back from the US, I stopped wearing micro minis or showing off my midriff. I don't judge others who do. I still follow blogs that feature minis and skintight clothes for inspiration. But I personally don't wear them on daily basis anymore. Unless maybe when I go to the beach or something like that. My rule of fashion is to dress attractive, NOT attract-ing!

About three and half months ago I started this little blog. What prompted me the most to start was the fact that I saw more and more young women, even older women, wear itsy-bitsy mini skirts and very short shorts to Church. And let me tell you, even my male friends, who generally enjoy seeing sexy women, were horrified by that spectacle! So I wrote this post: "Please Ladies, No Showing Off That Body of Yours at Chuch!"

I started hunting for more fashion blogs out there that feature modest, but stylish and modern fashion. I mean, no Victorian dresses or Little House On The Prairie dresses here!

One of the blogs I found is Natasha Atkerson's blog. So I'm so delighted that she just featured me as her Feminine Friday challenge winner! Thank you, Natasha!


Veren Lee said...

congratulations!! :D

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thanks Veren! Sweet girl you... <3

LeeAnne, Style N Season

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