Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cherry, Ham N Grapes With No Turkey

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,
For this wonderful life I live everyday
For tiny things and big things
Small packages of blessings and all the extra toppings on top
That you send in your daily love mail
Sent with love by the first ray of morning sunshine everyday
For the people that you have placed in my journey
The loved ones, the nice ones, the wicked ones, the annoying ones,
All who teach me something along the way
For the world and this lovely planet that I live in
With all the comings and goings and the good and the bad
All of those and even more
I thank you.

But most of all,
I thank you for being You
For being the loving, wonderful, magnificent God that You are
For being my God
For seeing me as worthy to make you my God
For seeing me in that much regard
And for loving me that much
I thank you

With lots and lots of love and gratitude

Your daughter

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Magenta top: Banana Republic. Black wrap skirt and jacket: tailor made. Red obi belt with nautical clasp: Mango. Lace black tank top: unbranded. Gold shoes: Voir (Malaysia). Red earrings: old. Bangles: from Shanghai. Black necklace: vintage, used to be Mom's. Brown suede purse: Nordstrom (USA).
A box of chocolates from some Japanese guests we received at the office today. Aren't they pretty! I've never had Japanese chocolates before, so I'm really excited to try them! No, it's not a holiday here in Indonesia on Thanksigiving day. Business as usual...
Went to this Italian place called Trattoria for Thanksgiving dinner, with no turkey!
The appetizer consists of various slices of delicious cold hams, and they taste just grrrreat! So I'm not sad anymore for not having any turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, haha!
Such a nice ending for such a hectic day!
What about you? Wha menu do you have for Thanksgiving?


Kristy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving a month prior to the American Thanksgiving. But we eat the same bird, so yeah, hahahaha...

On a more fashiony note, LOVE YOUR BELT! :D

just tututiny said...

I love the belt on this outfit, so pretty and unique. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving as well.

Fabrizia said...

Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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mirjam schuurkamp said...

you look beautifull woman!

New outfit post; Fake fur it is!

Catherine Au Jong said...

nice belt :)

happy thanksgiving with love,

Miss Kwong said...

lovely use of colours!
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Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

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