Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thus They Call It The Promised Land (Part 7): An Unexpected Blue Ocean Twist

"Life is full of unexpected turns and twists.
That's what makes it so interesting."

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Let me share with you Friends about some odds happened during my Holyland trip a while back.

On the first evening in Cairo we decided to pay an extra USD 35 per person to join this Nile cruise. I was pretty excited and thought it would be very nice, watching the view of historical Nile river at night, but it turned out I didn't really like it and the money was not worth it. I should have been staying at my nice Le Meridien room and rested. That's one.

Jeans: old GAP. Green top: Tommy Hilfiger. Nude cropped cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger. Pink belt: unbranded. Dangling earrings: Claire (USA). Blue striped bag: just bought it in Cairo. Sneakers: Nike (gift).

And second, on the last day in Egypt we supposed to go to Sinai where Moses received The Ten Commandment. Lo and behold! There was a local Bedouin conflict going on, so the road was closed and we were stranded in the desert in the middle of nowhere. Worst yet, our bus got hit in a slight accident in the morning and the AC didn't work properly, so there's no way we could go back to Cairo because it will take four-hour drive and it was already 8 pm. So we took turn and stayed at this beach front hotel cottages instead of the one we already booked at Sinai.
It was almost midnite when we reached the hotel and we were very exhausted so I didn't pay much attention to the surroundings.
Then morning came and I felt like I went to bed in a black and white world the night before and woke up in a multicolor one the next day! Look at these pictures! Who would ever thought we would  end up staying at a beach front hotel in Egypt!

Turquoise earrings: from Sydney. Straw hat: Mom got it for me from Jogja, Indonesia, especially for this trip. Thanks, Mom! Sunnies: Oakley. Colorful beaded necklace: DIY project. Red bag: from Philippines.

After breakfast we continued our journey on the bus across the desert. Our destination was Taba, the border crossing between Egypt and Israel. It was sand, sand, sand, everywhere, and we drove for hours so it was really boring after a while, as you can see.

So imagine my delight when the bus made a turn and suddenly we saw this unbelievable spectacle right in front of our tired eyes. It's the Red Sea near Taba. I saw pictures of deep blue sea like this before, and I always thought they were photoshopped. When I saw this I knew that it really exists! I think it's because there's no corals or rocks or anything on the sea bed, so the waters really reflects the pure blue color of the sky. Or maybe it's the planktons, I'm not sure.
But hey, I never thought that at the end of looooooong journey across the desert, we would ended up seeing this gorgeous blues. That's the third twist.

And, after looooong hours spent in the border crossing, our first stop in Israel was at this cooperative shop where they sold the most delicious ice cream you could imagine after a long, hot, and tiring day. Hmmmmm... what a treat! That's the fourth surprise of the day, because I expected a religious experience one I stepped on the land of Israel, not the tingling, cold, delicious sensation of eating ice cream! Not that I complained, of course!
Chambray shirt: Nautica.

So, yeah, when life seems odd or challenging or confusing or whatever, do not despair, dear Friends. You'll never know what God has for you in store, and it might just be something wonderful right there after that unexpected turn!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


laura said...

Oh wow! the water looks so inviting and the landscape is mesmerizing! You take such amazing pictures-- and you're so lucky to have gone to see all those sites!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

AndréiaFSalim said...

Your blog is awesome! ;)) I love this post, beautiful photos! :) You follow each other? I hope your answer on MY BLOG ... And then I'll follow you BACK !!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

The Fancy Drifter said...

Wow, this place looks amazing! That island seriously looks like gigantic sand castle - so awesome!!


Carly said... throws you unexpected twists and turns..but look at the amazing ocean and scenery you ended up enjoying/discovering.
Hope you have a happy monday.

Jill said...

These photos are AMAZING!!

AndréiaFSalim said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog !!!:) I'm flattered:)
Followed you, you are very dear !;)

A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

Elizabeth Georgian said...

Thank you for linking up with #reasons2travel! I'm very unfamiliar with this part of the world, so it is great to see photos and a positive travel post!

Angela Reasonstodress said...

I totally love the way you document your travels and show the ups and downs of traveling through North Africa. It sounds as though you have to "go with the flow" and that's exactly what you did. Thank you for linking this up with the #REASONS2TRAVEL linkup and feel free to also join my mom style linkup!

Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

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