Thursday, November 3, 2011

HERstory: The Autumn (Green) Leaves

There is something very special about wearing vintage. It's like you're wearing something with history. Not just the short story of I-want-it-let's-buy-it-then-wear-it.

Batik has been Indonesia's cultural treasure for hundreds of years. My Mom wore this 50's style batik dress when she was young. And the lovely green fabric with its intricate pattern belonged to my Grandma. So the history of this beautiful piece spans three generations!

How about you? Do you like wearing something with history? Or in this case, HER-story? ^_^

I think in the past women dressed in a much more feminine way with ruffles, puffy sleeves, cinched waist, and billowy skirt.

I feel so ladylike and ultra feminine in this dress.
Or, so old-fashioned and granny-like, some of my colleagues teased.

This is Pekalongan batik, and it was stamped by hand. I could imagine ladies of the house in the old days, spending their afternoons painting or stamping delicate patterns on the fabric. (Ok, I watched too much old movies) Check out the intricate diagonal patterns.
I wanted to wear this dress for work, so I just threw a jacket on to create a somewhat professional attire from what basically is considered a housedress look, an old-fashioned look, granny look, 50's inspired look, a housewife look, whatever.

Batik dress: Mom's and Grandma's handpainted Pekalongan batik. Bag: Guess. Sandals: Yongki Komaladi. Earrings and bracelets: old collection.


Natasha Atkerson said...

WOW! Hand painted?! That's insanely awesome! What a treasure! And so cute too! :)
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DaenelT said...

Love Love Love it!

That dress is gorgeous and, omg, hand painted too? Wow.

ChiChi81 said...

You look absolutely lovely in your Mom's vintage batik dress ;) Love the cut of the dress, the colour is just such a refreshing shade of green and I am at awe at the craftsmanship ;)


A Single Girl's Musings

fhenny said...

the prints of this batik is amazing!

style frontier

Sara said...

I love your outfits and these pictures, you look so good, I especially like that dress, the print and shapes are perfect, also you are really beautiful and that jacket is awesome! Your have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Thank you for all your messages, Friends! I'm sure my Mom and my Grandma would be thrilled to know that their vintage piece receives so many positive comments! ^__^

LeeAnne, Style N Season

Catherine Au Jong said...

nice batik style!! :)


Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

I love how the jacket made your look modern and fashionable! I really admire you for wearing batik! That's a great way of promoting your country's culture :)


Frugal Down Under said...

Beautiful dress.

And the 3 generations of women giving it life, makes it even better :-)

Veren Lee said...

ahh I love that batik dress! reallyyy beautiful <3

Amanda Nguyen said...

gorgeous print!!

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secondhandrose said...

Beautiful dress and looks great with the jacket.

Sophie A. said...

beautiful :D love this dress and your other one...hope u r well dear

Ria said...

What a great dress! I love how you paired it with the blazer - it gives it a very modern, corporate look! You would never guess that it was a vintage dress! Absolutel beautiful!

Visiting from Monday Mingle,
Ria @ (come and stop by when you get a chance)

A Beautiful Queen said...

u look so adorable. :)

Marie said...

What a beautiful dress! And it looks very nice with the jacket over it for work too! :)

Jill said...

Very pretty. I adore the cut of that blazer!

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